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. Worshipping @ Our Lady of Instant Gratification


. We're Volunteers of America! [With Donna Carbone and FeelNoShame Rape/Assault Victim Advocacy in Florida]



. "What if Terrorism's Not About Us?" [Clayton, Georgia's Dr. Rodney Roe on the Consequences of Hubris]


. Your Own Private Holocaust


. "Hear/See No Evil" [Boston Writer, Ted Frier, on the Right's Distortion of Faith]


. To Third-Partiers


. Muslims, Jews, Some Good News from Norway


. "Corporate-Dodge": Star Com Media's Bob Williams Takes on Business & the ACA]


. Religion's Best Ideas [Valerie Tarico on What Faiths Teach Well]


. Quick Voices from the House

[House of Public Discourse Contributors Claire Connor, Laura Marutz, & Martha Benner on anti-Vaxxers and...Hand-Washing...?]


. "50 Shades of Rape" [Donna Carbone on the Film and Its Critics]


. Hot-Date: Trends 4 50-Fans [Florida's Paula Lowery Clears It All Up]


. How To Read & View Film


. Doing Something Small for Justice



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