Ohio Woman Finds Millard Fillmore Image in Her Grilled Cheese

Ohio Woman Finds Millard Fillmore Image in Her Grilled Cheese:  Mildred G. Higgenbottom, of Canal Fulton, Ohio was all set to dig into her traditional Saturday lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup when she noticed what can only be described as none other than the image of former President Millard Fillmore - toasted right into the bread of her grilled cheese sandwich.

Well, as one can imagine, Ms Higgenbottom felt immediately felt torn between the need to show President Fillmore his due respect and her extreme hunger for grilled cheese.  Sure, part of her knew she should immediately take the necessary steps to preserve the sandwich for all posterity.  I mean, how often does a Millard Fillmore show up in a grilled cheese sandwich?  I don’t care what kind of bread you're using.  

On the other hand, she was feeling incredibly hungry and, let’s face it folks - Fillmore did croak one helluva long time ago.  If she gobbled that sandwich right down, who the hell’s gonna know the difference?  Besides, you don’t wanna just waste good Velveeta cheese.  As most everyone in Ohio knows, a brick of that stuff ain’t cheap.  Now the question is, who’s gonna show up next - Rutherford B. Hayes?


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