Officials Remove Eggs of Deadly Snake in School Sandbox

Officials Remove Eggs of Deadly Snake in School Sandbox:  An animal rescue crew was called to remove 43 reptile eggs from which are believed to be eggs from the world’s 2nd most venomous snake - the eastern brown snake - from seven sandboxes at an elementary school in New South Wales.  Why what an interesting, unique idea these snakes have come up with to teach our children firsthand about the wonders of nature.

Scientists Find First Asteroid That Has Rings:  In a first, scientists have detected rings encircling a 155-mile-wide asteroid that orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus, which they say is the first object they’ve found besides our solar system's giant gas planets that have rings.  Astronomers say they’re also a bit baffled as to why it would have rings, in that the asteroid appears to be unmarried.

Humpback Whales May Lose Endangered Status:  Alaska’s humpback whales are close to losing their federal endangered status as their numbers continue to grow.  Wow, sounds like these whales are finally over the hump.

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Comment by Boanerges on January 3, 2018 at 2:35pm

Far as I can see, every bit of flora and fauna in Oz is trying to kill you. Red's cousin in South Australia won't drive any more for fear of wrecking her car by running into yet another 'roo. Don't blame her, not one bit. Maybe if she had a Hummer 'stead of a Holden....

Comment by Johnny Robish on January 3, 2018 at 2:51pm



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