My friends have teased me in the past for listening to—what they call—obscure music groups. I don’t think of these artists as obscure, though. They may not have had the longevity of, say, The Rolling Stones, but many of them are still around despite not having released many albums. The reason I bring this up is because music has always been a tremendous inspiration for me when writing. It keeps me fueled. And the reason it even got brought up at all is because I was listening to a podcast called The Hustle this weekend and the host was interviewing a favorite singer of mine, Fiona.

No, not Fiona Apple.

I first heard Fiona on a Battle of the Songs part of a radio show back in 1985. Her track, Love Makes You Blind (which was featured on the No Small Affair soundtrack) was up against another song I don’t remember, but I got up, wrote her name down and the name of the song. Then, the next time I was at the mall, I bought her debut album, and followed her releases until she left the industry, then emerged again.

Anyway, she was being interviewed on the podcast and was asked who her peers were during the height of her music career, which was during the 1980s. Fiona happened to bring up Sandi Saraya, and I darn near fell out of my chair! A little digging and I found out that Fiona and Sandi both hail from New Jersey, so that may be the connection. Still, Saraya only released two albums—yes, I have them both—and are considered a bit obscure today. Ugh.

But you know what? Who cares? I’m a music lover and I like what I like. Ever heard of Robert Tepper? He had a hit on the Rocky IV soundtrack titled No Easy Way Out. I own all four of his album and am even Facebook friends with him (and Fiona). Robert has a hell of a voice and I absolutely love his brand of rock! Giant was another favorite of mine from this time. Their first album is still a solid release, especially with I’ll See You In My Dreams, It Takes Two, I’m A Believer, and Innocent Days.

Who else? How about Corina? She had a dance song in the eighties titled Temptation. Love her album—there was only one—and it’s extremely rare to come across these days. Andy Taylor—the former guitar play for Duran Duran—had two incredible albums, plus a handful of songs spread out over three soundtracks. Love those! Remember Escape Club with Wild Wild West? They still exist and occasionally put out an album. If you’re curious, you might Google their song Diving For Pearls, which is a lovely little tune.

How about Boys Don’t Cry, responsible for unleashing I Wanna Be A Cowboy onto the world. I have most of their releases. Baltimora anyone? There were more great songs by them than Tarzan Boy, but you have to dig for them. Transvision Vamp, Vicious Pink, Kon Kan, Pepsi & Shirlie, Romeo’s Daughter, and even Space Monkey (don’t laugh, and check out the VERY eighties song On The Beam).

So, tease me as my friends do, that’s okay. I’m still listening to some fun music.

How about you? Do you have any favorite bands you enjoy that your friends probably never heard of?

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Comment by Zanelle on August 1, 2016 at 10:04am

I like that you listen to odd groups.  I dont listen to music.  It breaks my heart.  sigh.  

Comment by Kage Alan on August 1, 2016 at 2:02pm

It's not for everyone. =) I have some author friends who absolutely cannot listen to music when they write. I have to. I'll carry an MP3 player with me when I travel, or I'll load up my laptop with whatever I'm listening to at the moment, and bring headphones. Love the stuff.


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