The U.S. Constitution’s designation of the country’s president as the armed forces’ commander-in-chief was an obviously well intentioned move to be sure that the country would be and always remain under civilian authority.

Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama has the distinction of being the first sitting (and boy does he know how to sit) president to call this decision gravely into question.

Forget that Obama’s background as an affirmative-action academic, community organizer, and half-assed legislator has nothing to do with the military. Admittedly there have been other presidents with no first-hand military experience, and some have done OK.

But Obama? Not only has he, time after time, exhibited the ego-driven arrogance to ignore the advice of his military advisors, not only has he exhibited a degree of inconsistency that should be made into a logo for Waffle House eateries, but, more fundamentally, he is trifling with the lives of military patriots that, incredibly, have renewed their fealty to their country despite the total lack of intelligent support from its leader.

The latest example is Obama’s decision to send a limited numbers of special ops into Syria for “support.” Does this man have the capacity or intellectual honesty to call a spade a spade? We know he doesn’t know, or, more accurately, chooses not to know, the difference between a spontaneous uprising and a planned attack, but to characterize facing ISIS bullets, and losing the fight, as “support” is nothing short of obscene. It’s even more of an insult to the fallen’s survivors than Obama and Clinton telling the family members of those slain at Benghazi that, fear not, the videographers would be brought to justice.

Most contemptible of all is Obama’s tokenism. Send a bit, but not a bit more. Has he any understanding at all of what a loyal soldier feels when he feels unsupported? Soldiers are trained to win, not to be used  as political pawns by a CinC that has no view wider than his own legacy.

Of course, the irony is that Obama’s legacy will be more infamous than famous, more notorious than noteworthy.

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