Obama’s Mess Pile

“We/I inherited from Bush the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.” Sound familiar? It should. Obama and his minions uttered it continually throughout Obama’s long tenure to apply a magnifying glass to the tepid economic recovery of the U.S. that occurred during it.

The economic disarray that Bush left Obama is a molehill compared to the mountain of mess that Obama is amassing for Trump. And he’s doing it with shocking disregard for the democratic process.

Embarrassed to the quick by his failure to keep his first campaign promise to close Gitmo, Obama is doing what he probably thinks is the next best thing by releasing some of the worst of the worst into the wild so that they can make it even wilder with ever increasing threats to innocent men, women, and children around the world.

Faced with a fading presidency, Obama decided to take off his gloves and fail to veto a virulently anti-Israel UN resolution. This gesture exposes the phoniness of Obama’s prior solemn pro-Israel pronouncements and has been roundly criticized by Republicans, Democrats, and, most recently, by the British government. So, while pandering to Iran and other barbaric regimes, Obama has managed to hack off not only intelligent Americans in and out of Congress, but also BOTH of the most admirable and moral overseas countries—Israel and the U.K.

The recent land grab in the West is another example of Obama making a last-ditch effort to shore up his “legacy” among the greenies, and again without benefit of congressional sanction. He’s made a similar effort to protect Planned Parenthood from the inevitable slashing that Trump and the Republicans have in mind for that murderous organization.

The thread that runs through all of these actions is Obama putting his bruised pride above both the democratic process and the best interests of the United States.

These childish tantrums on Obama’s part have been met with remarkable calm from the towers of Trump. Rather than whine about what a bad hand he’s being dealt, he says, in effect, “Fear not, these silly antics on Obama’s will be dealt with come January 20.

The world is waiting, no, panting, for that blessed date.

Obama’s delusions continue. He’s said that he intends to keep a “low profile” after the Inauguration. I have the distinct feeling that he’ll have no trouble with that. After all, when a page has been turned, the messy drawings on the previous one are no longer visible—high, low, or medium.

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