Obama administration delivers a devastating year of 2012

As we look back at the year of 2012 here on the eve of a new year there are many things that we can proclaim that were regrettable for the United States as we review the actions of a rogue Obama White House. We have lost patriots, Constitutional rights, and our cherished heritage to due process in considering the lawlessness of the current administration. If it couldn’t have gotten worse, it actually did in view of the fact that President Obama was re-elected using tactics of voter fraud, refusal to prosecute that particular crime, not to mention reports of widespread voting irregularities that, no doubt, aided this presidency into repeating another destructive term in office.

US lapdog media

In 2012 we witnessed more scandals, more violations of the US Constitution, and a complicit US media that was more than happy to black out inconvenient truth while broadcasting anything told by the White House to release to the public. This effectively defined the mainstream media as simply a state run propaganda news agency much like the old Tass and Pravda used by the Soviet Union during the cold war years to regurgitate the Communist party line. In doing so, the American public was not only denied the truth but was subjected to millions of dollars of free air time awarded to President Obama for re-election that never could have been afforded by his opponent, Mitt Romney, who racked up more than 800 million in personal campaign funding.

Corrupt state election boards

Fraught with scandals and a refusal by prosecutors to put a stop to the law breaking, President Obama and his Democratic machinery ran full steam across the checks and balances intended to negate corruption and succeeded in further driving the US Constitution into irrelevance. Despite perfectly legal challenges to Barack Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to hold the office of the presidency several secretaries of state and their voting committees upheld the President to remain qualified to run as candidate once again for the Democratic Party. Attorneys Larry Klayman and Orly Taitz presented their cases to numerous states such as New Hampshire, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, in an effort to use valid evidence they had obtained from the findings of Sheriff Arpaio’s cold posse team that the President has not only failed to present a valid birth certificate but has committed forgery and obstruction of justice in refusing to do so. Yet, in cowardly fashion state enforcers refused to uphold the law.

Documented ineligibility

To further flaunt his lawless holding of office without adhering to the law, it was found by one investigative news agency, World News Daily, that the Social Security Number used by President Obama fails the E-Verify system, which complies demands by US citizenship, Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, and the IRS. With private investigators confirming that there are too many intentional evasions of truth, with former CIA intelligence officers stating that there is no existence of a Hawaiian birth certificate, and the same controversy exists over the President’s fake Selective Service Card, it is a travesty of justice that nothing is being done to bring this impostor to justice.

Obstructing energy and employment

In January of 2012, President Obama rejected the permits to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. An estimated 40,000 jobs, much needed state revenue taxes, and a secure source of domestic energy from Canada was eliminated at a very inopportune time for America. The President once again proved that his political decisions have little to do with the best interests of Americans or the fledgling economy. This would seem to be the decision of a traitor sabotaging the employment and energy needs of the nation.

Murder of Breitbart

In March of 2012, conservative activist. Millionaire, and publisher, Andrew Breitbart died suddenly on the eve of exposing film that he alleged was damaging proof against Obama that would derail his chances at re-election. A witness that reported the strange red skin and a white band or ring around Breitbart’s scalp and forehead suddenly vanished after testifying to what he saw. Michael Cormier, the forensics expert working for the LA Coroner’s office who worked on Breitbart’s body was poisoned to death. Do any of these occurrences lead to suspicion due to the fact that Andrew Breitbart was a pivotal figure in the case against President Obama’s doubtful past? Perhaps. Does the combination of all these instances of untimely death and disappearance raise grave concerns? Most definitely. Did the President get away with the ordained murder of a potentially devastating political opponent? Suspicions remain very strongly confirmed. Does this point to President Obama’s inclination to use assassination as a way of averting political disaster? More on that further in the article.

Sadly, after Andrew Breitbart’s death, the surviving staff of his news organization publicly stated they would no longer pursue the Obama eligibility question. Were they intimidated? Do you think?   Sheriff Arpaio, who spoke with Breitbart a short time before his ill-timed death said that he found it disturbing and more than coincidental that the untimely fatality occurred. Sheriff Arpaio stated that in his years of working at Washington in a federal capacity that certain things could not be ignored. Was Breitbart’s untimely demise a warning shot aimed across the bow at all journalists pursuing the wrong doing of President Obama? Take a guess.

Congressional refusal to impeach

In March of 2012 President Obama violated Constitutional procedure that called for Congress to authorize any declaration of war and ordered US military attacks as part of a coalition with France and Britain on Libya. This was an impeachable offense. Democrat Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, supported a campaign to have the President impeached over the deployment of US forces in a foreign war without Constitutional due process. John Boehner and the GOP never purposely pursued this course and allowed this criminal act to go unpunished.

Using debt ceiling crisis to fear monger

After allowing a credit downgrade of the US the previous year, President Obama, refusing to adopt a budget for more than 800 days of his term in office allowed another debt ceiling crisis with his incessant spending. Although the GOP demanded spending cut agreements within the federal government before allowing a debt ceiling increase, the President continued to fear monger retirees over their social security checks and blame Congress though it was his spending excess that had surpassed the proposed spending limit. Making untrue public statements and even trying to campaign for another 50 billion dollar jobs bill, the President pushed John Boehner and Republicans into approving further deficit spending with minimal spending cuts. Meanwhile Harry Reid, Senate majority leader, tabled every viable and sensible budget plan that was proposed by Republicans. Still the Obama White House had not adopted a budget!

Gun walking and killing Americans

Although the Fast and Furious investigation had been held for 18 months by Darrel Issa and Charles Grassley as AG Eric Holder continued to stonewall the GOP over subpoenaed documents. These records would have established who, where, and when over the responsibility of gun walking to Mexican cartels and the resulting deaths of US border agents, innocent American citizens, and Mexican civilians. President Obama issued an executive privilege to relieve Eric Holder of any criminal charges over the information contained within the documents that had been requested. First US Attorney General ever to be held in contempt of Congress, Eric Holder, remains in office. The White House had once again escaped legal responsibility for deaths suffered as a result of its actions!

Although I could go on and on with other related derelictions of duty, and violations of law, articles limitations force me to detail just one more transgression to this list of abominable acts by our President, and that is the Benghazi attacks. Never has there been a more incriminating act by a US President who made efforts to hand over a foreign regime to our enemies, who allowed his ambassador and staff to be intentionally murdered while ordering a stand down on rescue operations, a President who authorized secret weapons sales to nation states hostile to the US using his ambassador as the arms dealer. This President and his administration have obstructed investigations, evaded taxes, given away US resources to foreign countries like Russia, and have lied to the American public with impunity using the US media to aid in the travesty of justice violating all Constitutional bounds.

The top it all off, the year of 2012 was tainted with President Obama’s obsessive campaigning over running the country. From refusing to attend early morning foreign intelligence briefings to neglecting his meetings with the press corps and other officials, this leader has been arrogantly neglectful of his duties.

A devastating hurricane becomes a publicity opportunity

Let there be a painful reminder to the way in which the year of 2012 ended. Even with the devastating hurricane Sandy disaster that left destruction all over the northeastern seaboard, the President paid little attention to the struggles of Americans who had lost so much. Even the US media made no mention of only the one single token visit that the President made with a calculatedly political move to inspect the hurricane damage alongside Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. Once the photo shoots were done, the President was off on his campaign trail again. As the US Press made snide remarks over Mitt Romney who personally delivered bottled water to disaster victims and carried boxes of it from delivery trucks. The President wasn’t criticized at all by a lapdog media that protected his image and suppressed all scathing reports that didn’t flatter the oval office executive as he vacationed and  dined spending taxpayers money to do so on his frequent vacation get-aways.

Murdering in order to strike down our 2nd amendment rights

Now on the eve of 2012 as the year closes out America endures the deadly gun fire of lone disturbed gunmen who fire upon innocent Americans all over the US in meaningless acts of murder. From Aurora, Colorado to Sandy Hooks Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama, the Democrats, and every liberal Hollywood actor calls for shutting down the Second Amendment rights of millions of non-criminal gun owners. With one of the most distressing years for this nation in memory, the Obama White House seeks to deliver the Constitutional rights of US citizens beneath the foreign banner of UN gun control. Are these deadly acts of violence just the sudden outbreak of unexplained mentally ill gun toting wackos who just recently decided to take it upon themselves to act up and inadvertently contribute to the legislation of gun restrictions? No, I don’t think so. This has been just one more in a series of despicable false flag operations carried out to force the issue of American citizen disarmament.

As, Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasurer under the Clinton administration observed, you can’t have a well armed society that coexists with a police state, just one more disturbing revelation of the year 2012.


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Comment by MarkinKentuckiana on January 1, 2013 at 1:08am

I really do know better than to engage you but...God you are stupid!!

Comment by Patrick Frank on January 1, 2013 at 3:54am

The problem in the USA stems largely from the extreme right, certainly not Obama.

Comment by Doc Vega on January 1, 2013 at 10:40am

MarkinKentuckian, go over to a mirror, stand in front of it, now peer into it, it is there you will see someone who is stupid. Now, if you bothered to educate yourself on the facts, stop listening to the mainstream media, and do some honest investigating then you wouldn't be such an idol worshiper oblivious to the destructive measures carried out by your messiah. You can access all of my articles, read them, and for the first time in your life learn something!

Comment by Doc Vega on January 1, 2013 at 10:49am

Frank, this is what the right, and I assume you're referring to conservatives, advocate. The right, as you put it, promotes federal government compliance with our US Constitution there is no room within the interpretation for the socialist policies perpetrated by the Obama White House. 2)The Right, advocates a balanced budget with cutting unnecessary expenses and waste instead of tax hikes, the right does not engage in class warfare as that is a manifestation of the Saul Alinsky type tactics that people like yourself have been indoctrinated by. The right believes in allowing the private sector to be the engine of economic productivity not the lumbering and inefficient federal government that must be supported with even more taxes. Smaller government, less taxes, relying on American employment of private businesses, and running a Constitutional republic the way its supposed to be run including forcing a president to comply with the Constitution. I don't see a problem at all with this model. Why would you?


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