NSA election hacking leak. Smoking gun? No There there? Evidence if you can see it?


Just wanted to point out for those watching the NSA leaked voter hacking story. This misinformed or woefully ill informed or just plain obtuse journalist just claimed in wonder that the Russians, by hacking into the voter registration system where they could easily have removed voters names, so when voters went to vote, they wouldn't be able to, was a chance the Russians seemingly passed up since no one was unable to vote because no one was removed from the voter rolls in 2016. Head knocking against wall.

Ahem...so what about the 200,000 African Americans in Wisconsin who showed up to vote but their names were gone? Or, the 90,000 people of color in North Carolina? Or, the 50,000 Latino Americans and African Americans in Arizona who also had the same experience? Or, the Latino Americans in Florida? The African Americans in Pennsylvania? - All being inexplicably tossed off the voting rolls without notification? Upwards of 3 million voters illegally tossed off the rolls. That's Democratic voters by the way.

That new rule Republicans used after the gutting of the Voting Rights Act so no one including the Office of Voting Rights in Wash DC had to be informed when you suppressed votes came in real handy. People tried to vote. Their names were gone. They went to court. Some got reinstated in time. Some didn't. These many events were interpreted as Republican acts of voter suppression. Now I wonder.

If I wanted to hide my voting roll hacking crime in plain site? I'd boost those numbers of suppressed voters. Mix mine in with the suppressed votes the Republican election boards were already committing. The Republicans suppress, say, 40,000 which goes to court, much fanfare, meager efforts made to restore those voters in time for the election...while I suppress a further 20,000 undisclosed names. Given how cursory the inspection of the vote was, I just got away with election hacking piggy backing upon another's intended electioneering. Do that in 4 states where no-paper-trail Diebold electronic machines are used along with a history of electoral votes skewing the outcome against the majority of voters in a gerrymandered state, then I don't need to be too obvious cuz I can suppress fewer votes, the right votes, and still win the electoral votes by a hairline margin. The 5 machines in Pennsylvania with their tamperproof seals broken comes to mind. The machines were never inspected due to Trump's successful court injunction against Jill Stein, thus stopping the recount and any inspection of foul play. It really couldn't get much simpler.

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Comment by Maui Surfer on June 5, 2017 at 10:20pm

People who are skeptical of Russian hacking are rarely Internet professionals, in fact, if they could tell you the first thing about Web Protocols, much less the old ARPANET, well, than they wouldn't be so clueless. Ah, good old 1990. Old Internet goes out just as Soviet Empire collapses. All scientists that could around the world were already online through UNIX shells, including Ruskies of course. Unemployed ACTUAL Rocket Scientists suddenly have an Internet to hack, they need no training, have already run their own networks for years. Fascinating how many refuse to acknowledge this, Math don't lie.

Comment by MV Neland on June 6, 2017 at 12:37am

Maui Surfer, interest history. Makes sense.

My frustration is that virtually no investigations were done regarding the integrity of voter rolls, I believe because it is a racially motivated issue controlled by a majority of Republican governors.  As we've seen, few Republicans have shown themselves willing to admit to Russian hacking, let alone racial voter suppression. The courts could, and did, rule repeatedly in favor of voters but there are no oversight mechanisms save for double checking that election officials comply with court rulings adequately. And, with Trump's firing of Dir. Gupta, the civil rights/voting rights agency director, immediately upon his taking office, there is no longer any where to file a voting rights violation complaint in any timely or coherent manner.  Widespread coordinated voter suppression muddied the water, I think, enough to allow all manner of undetected hacking in many states that impacted both congressional and presidential elections, much as Trump's use of chaos now disguises rollbacks to a myriad of our government protections and services.

Your point that all these old guys already knew well how to do just about anything with UNIX gives a whole new insight. I, personally, can barely operate a computer. I'm as liable to want to throw my @$#!! smart phone out a window in frustration as to realize there are actual ways to learn apps and platforms and ice cream sandwich as a metaphor rather than a treat.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on June 6, 2017 at 8:06am

Republicans have been repressing the minority Democratic vote since 2000... that they've done it without the help of Russian Hackers is well known and I seriously doubt they need any help in 2016.

Comment by MV Neland on June 6, 2017 at 9:02am

Terry, real politiks. Very Good point.

JMac, i agree, also a very good point. Yet, while the Republicans didn't necessarily need help cuz they were compentent, underhanded, and prepared to steal an election all on their own thru gerrymandeering, voter suppression, missing ballots, and Diebold voting machines, WITH help, they would guarantee the entire sweepstakes.

It may be coincidental that several Republican senators and congressmen had recently attended "religion camps" in Russia prior to the 2016 election. These were conferences focusing on white Christians seizing government to take back their nations, be that America or Europe. And, large amounts of Russian campaign contributions made their way into some of these gentlemen's war chests for 2016. They may NOT have colluded with Russia to hack the election.  But these meet-ups certainly softened these self-called conservatives towards Russia who were already not overly fond of democracy and may have predisposed them to accept the treason of their newly elected as a necessary step in their religious cause.

Comment by Maui Surfer on June 6, 2017 at 9:25am

"I believe because it is a racially motivated issue controlled by a majority of Republican governors." BINGO.

Anyone who believes otherwise is either brainwashed and operating at less than true human capacity or is actively trying to continue the whitewash.

As far as the continued skepticism regarding whether or not the Russians hack, see above comment, re-read, repeat process until your head clears, accept that this has made Putin the wealthiest man in the world, learn his agreement with Russian hackers is they get to steal credit cards in the off-season, then have to do his bidding when asked.

This is a tough world, no breaks are give- most Americans are soft, intellectually and physically. That's intentional. When I was young I used to laugh at what I thought were conspiracies, not so much any more.

Comment by MV Neland on June 6, 2017 at 10:00am

Maui Surfer. I hadn't heard about the hacker's pay-offs. Now THAT is interesting.

I've work or volunteered for social justice issues for so long, that i see systematic injustice permeating all our institutions - perpetuated or alleviated in a great swinging pendulum back and forth, awareness and unawareness in a blind dance together- and the drive to keep one's privilege, of course, which undermines many decent people from becoming better people capable of creating fairer societies.

I tend to recognize (some would suggest "see") conspiracies, too...especially wherever there is money, power, and status quo. Gradually moving away from feudalism, the West has come to overly believe in their democracies and rule of law as inviolable, eschewing the idea of internecine power conflicts that were the daily bread of monarchies in favor of the outside bogeyman as the culprit and threat. I think it is often both. Rarely just one or the other.



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