Nothing, that's the deal: Nihl to meddling vs. terrorUSt$' terrorism, inhumanity

Nihl to Meddling vs. terrorUSt$' Terror, inhumanity

But for Tel Aviv and London, our terrorUSt$ bow to no one, to nothing,,  not the truth, not the health of Humanity, not to universal morality or ethics, or laws, or justice,, to Nothing, that's the deal.

except London finance, Zionazi morality.

Has there been an election anywhere in the world since World War II that could have turned out wrong from the standpoint of America’s political and economic elites that the United States has not at least meddled with to some extent?  Could any of those smug former intelligence mavens on MSNBC and CNN come up with a single example?  And what about the pundits and presenters on those sources of “objective” commentary and news?  Give every last one of them a week to think about it, and they’d still come up empty.

.. ..

The Dirty Hand of the National Endowment for Democracy in Venezuela

Anti-government protests in Venezuela that seek regime change have been led by several individuals and organizations with close ties to the U.S. government.

Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado- two of the public leaders behind the violent protests that started in February (2014) – have long histories as collaborators, grantees and agents of Washington. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have channeled multi-million dollar funding to Lopez’s political parties Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular, and Machado’s NGO Sumate and her electoral campaigns.

These Washington agencies have also filtered more than $14 million to opposition groups in Venezuela between 2013 and 2014, including funding for their political campaigns in 2013 and for the current anti-government protests in 2014. This continues the pattern of financing from the U.S. government to anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela since 2001, when millions of dollars were given to organizations from so-called “civil society” to execute a coup d’etat against President Chavez in April 2002. After their failure days later, USAID opened an Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) in Caracas to, together with the NED, inject more than $100 million in efforts to undermine the Chavez government and reinforce the opposition during the following eight years.

At the beginning of 2011, after being publicly exposed for its grave violations of Venezuelan law and sovereignty, the OTI closed its doors in Venezuela and USAID operations were transferred to its offices in the U.S.. The flow of money to anti-government groups didn’t stop, despite the enactment by Venezuela’s National Assembly of the Law of Political Sovereignty and National Self-Determination at the end of 2010, which outright prohibits foreign funding of political groups in the country. U.S. agencies and the Venezuelan groups that receive their money continue to violate the law with impunity. In the Obama Administration’s Foreign Operations Budgets, between $5-6 million have been included to fund opposition groups in Venezuela through USAID since 2012.  ... contd : By Eva Golinger


/\ Economic Evolution under the aUSpice$ of economic $abotage

/\ The latest putchUSt$ realignment of others' best interests with our plutocrUSy'$ oligarchs' best interests.


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Comment by moki ikom on January 29, 2019 at 10:46am


/\ Economic Evolution under the aUSpice$ of economic $abotage

/\ The latest putchUSt$ realignment of others' best interests with U.S. plutocracy oligarchs' best interests.


Why is there any wonder other cultures' social experiments with an overall economic system differnt from Capitalism cannot thrive.  The United States is above any law, is indisputably the baddest of bad, biggest of big bullies in the playground it rules over as would a voracioUS beast who kills for sport let loose in a room of toddlers.

Comment by moki ikom on January 29, 2019 at 2:09pm

Debunking A Century of War Lies

Published on Aug 6, 2018  316K TRANSCRIPT :

In the modern age of democracy and volunteer armies, a pretense for war is required to rally the nation around the flag and motivate the public to fight. That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies. From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the "enemy," here are all the examples you'll need to help debunk a century of war lies.  24:08


comment by David Baron Stevens

5 months ago

This should be required watching in every high school American history class.


It doesn’t have to be a history class,, i would show the video in all my ninth grade science classes were i still teaching high school and not k-5 and no other department teacher was ensuring this video aired at least once.

Comment by Robert B. James on January 29, 2019 at 11:11pm

After the 2000 “election” ...if there was any doubt that the US was gonzo, the blown  Chavez  ouster, that iced it.

What I like most about the US is still being alive after decades of openly opposing policy for decades. Ain’t that great? My whole life is just one great big stupid I TOLD YOU so.  

Spoiled prep school, not brilliant, fascists ..that’s who inherits the power. They get to play spy games after Latin, Greek, and a few trips to London. I’ll take my chaos over fascism, thanks. 


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