...Except the one placed in my head.

        I did not put  a clock in between my own ears. I don’t wear a watch, but I’m obsessed with time, nonetheless. There is no clock ticking but I know I have to be at the Lion’s club by 6:30 a.m. to serve beverages tomorrow, and next Saturday too. Veterans eat free, as do the homeless, selectively, get fed. I’m not the decider. 

        I’ve long argued that service is an art form. Chicago decides where our dues money goes, but our pancake money finds its way mostly to scholarships; about 3,000 when all was said and done last month. I’m a big fan of education...never got a scholarship myself. State schools got me 20,000 dollar MA, full retail.  

         I try to ignore the clock. My body is much harder to ignore. Nature tells me what time it is, and I listen. I’m damn delighted to be able to answer her calls, considering. I’m glad to still be of service, and that my worn out parts don’t need immediate service. A broken hip could bankrupt just about anyone my age, and I have health insurance. 

          All of this has taken some getting used to, but I’ve adapted,  am adapting to not driving, and doing half as much too. No clock is ticking, except the one I am ignoring- today; tomorrow I will be long gone by now. 

          I like the way life has been flowing around me since I’ve chosen to detach myself from half of what I was attached to. Not driving and letting the kids run the show seems to be working for me. This week’s trip to their world for a look see came and went. I’m happier here, far from the belly of it all, and the traffic too. They know how and where to find me, the newly emerging MIC, with all their gadgets and applications. 

           I’m an entropy guy, sold on technology. I’m sold on tech because technology gauges reality, and will continue to rule culture as those tools become impossible to ignore. I see technology as saving us from ourselves, as we grow beyond this unsustainable moment of adolescence. 

            The truth is that the only clock ticking is the one in my head as  every cell in my body clamorous for my attention. I have been conditioned ignore reality and have to remind myself instead to ignore the installed program, and hear Nature’s own breath, the miraculous evidence of eternity humming away; reality, always there for those who choose to breathe consciously  in concert with Nature.

             I hear the spirit of eternity in Nature’s breath when I remember to; when I can ignore the ticking,  push myself beyond my programming, and cut it loose.  When I can, I can look back at it all from far away, or listen to and feel my own cells at work, just as happily as I am. 

         Today is already an easy day. I’m going to do my best to enjoy it.             


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Comment by J.P. Hart on May 24, 2019 at 11:07am

Provoke thought not violence. I'd dreamt along with all the other rainy day people. What if, this that. O!swell! Just caught up to my last comment wherein I thought: vertical rain and typed windless horizontal rain. Why is windless spell checking to windlass. And I'd intended to learn about leukemia. Thirsty, I opened a well frozen can of lemonade as the peel did not peel off. Lights on. Fanfare! There was enuff metal ferrous haloed gleaming enuff of it to press a finger print(whoops. could have typed: enuff of it to imprint a fingerprint) what the tarnation sneaky-freaky alliteration! And no, the sun has not been quite kind, I've LO;} hung thunder and the the firewood is uncanvased from yesterday's soft-breeze sunlight. So I rinsed the can lid. And where'd the particulate go? Yet I'm hanging in there like Harry Truman. Maybe review the Victorian sociological trend for order. Maybe roll and rant 'bout what is omitted from the news. O!Did 'ya hear the one about the girl who sang the blues? We'd met at the downstairs pub. I need miracle drugs, she said after I told her a dull anecdote how the only thing I was good at in my glory days was rope climbing. It's the bell of freedom she said whatsamatter 4U! Miriah was one of those girls who seem come in the spring. Liz Taylor! My uncles said.
RBJ: Did I mention the Lion sleeps tonight? One more question: would James Holzhauer be a good 'dark horse' presidential candidate?

file: uncannily fast, first and last
question: if there's no business like it shouldn't one keep the adages straight? LO;}break a leg NOT break a hip??

Comment by Robert B. James on May 24, 2019 at 9:41pm

Dr. Hart...the clock in my head ticks an election cycle defeat yet again, as 2015 ended my six years of openS, now 2019 seems to be the last of kind Lorraine’s service to this now tiny but comfortable community, for which I am now and will be forever grateful. 

Her project enabled me to pull out of a SCOTUS pick tail spin, that left me blocked half way through MAHI ...a chance to peck myself out of a trench. 

I have no idea how to, or if I even want to salvage my posts...I did not save the vast majority of my Open bits, and I have no place else to rant...I rant no place else.  

Any ideas? 

Comment by Robert B. James on May 24, 2019 at 9:47pm

Sorry about the spelling Lorianne. My spell check turns it into Lorraine. 

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 25, 2019 at 3:06am


Comment by koshersalaami on May 25, 2019 at 7:14am

We’re looking for ideas. If anyone has a suggestion I assume a lot of us will consider it. We tend to like the community, faults and all. Just not Facebook, some of us aren’t on it and won’t be. 

Comment by Robert B. James on May 25, 2019 at 1:39pm

Kosh: Im thinking Facebook. I like the feel here with old friends (even under a new pseudonym) I have several face book friends from OSalon who never came over here. I do not post on face book, I just read and comment. Maybe I will create a page under Robert B James? 


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