New Research Finds T-Rex Was As Smart As a Chimp

New Research Finds T-Rex Was As Smart As a Chimp:  While the Tyrannosaurus rex is commonly known as the greatest predator, its never been known for its intelligence, but a new book by paleontologist Steve Brusatte claims that the beast was a smart as a chimpanzee.  Come on, we’re supposed to believe that?  I mean, who the hell’s gonna give an IQ test to a Tyrannosaurus?

Leopard Snatches and Eats Toddler at National Park in Uganda:  Authorities say a leopard who snatched and ate a child at a National Park in Uganda - will have to be removed from the wild - because once it has eaten human flesh, the temptation is far too high to eat another human being.  Why do they always say that?  We can’t be that delicious!

Nationwide Thefts of Tide Detergent Reported:  Authorities nationwide are reporting a huge spike in thefts of Tide detergent which are then sold on the black market.  Its believed the money being laundered, but authorities are hoping the thieves will eventually come clean.


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Comment by Ron Powell on May 9, 2018 at 7:53am

Leopard Snatches and Eats Toddler at National Park in Uganda

I read the report in USA Today and the CBS News...

Couldn't find anything humorous in the story at all...

Sorry John, as far as humor goes, this one is a complete dud....

I'm sure the child's mother would agree with me on this....

The park officials didn't seem to be amused either. ...

Why do you think there is anything funny to be drawn from such a sad and grisly tale?


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