New Conspiracy Theory About Da Vinci's Last Supper

New Conspiracy Theory About Da Vinci's Last Supper:  While Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code may have fueled the fires of conspiracy on the issue, some scholars now believe they have new evidence indicating that the folks who attended “The Last Supper,” may have stiffed their waiter for the tip afterward.  

Of course, in His defense - Jesus apparently did offer the waiter a shot at “ever-lasting life” in lieu of a a tip, but still.  And while I’m certainly no Biblical scholar, I’d say that oughta count for something. 

That said, it’s also important to note that should servers ever find themselves waiting on a party who’s reservation reads something like “The Last Supper,” it might be a good idea to add the gratuity in prior to presenting the check, if they don’t wanna to get stiffed again.  I mean, this is just a thought, but come on!

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Comment by Ron Powell on May 3, 2019 at 5:39am

If there was a woman present at the "Last Supper",  as depicted and deciphered in this scene, there's no way the server would have been 'stiffed'. Studies have shown that women tend to be much more generous than men in such circumstances. Mary would have made sure that a collection was taken up for the server's gratuity:


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