In Dallas last week I acquired a Canon G10 'powershot' 14.7 megapixel digital camera as partial payment for helping Barry (bbd at OS) rebuild his back deck. You may know, Barry is a professional photographer, so when he told me it was a great camera and made the offer, I jumped all over it. 

These are a few shots taken by myself, Eli, and his friends over the last week. . .





  Eli and girlfriend Holly





 Holly on Nick's boat at Wyandotte Lake-- check out those water droplets











 This one, I shot at Melvern Lake Tuesday morning during a short rain storm  (old farm pond adjacent to the lake in the background)



    The brothers Finck, Nick (driving) and Syl, at Melvern Lake.

Cool story here... that boat was Eli's grandpas, inherited by him upon Ed's passing. When E was leaving for the Navy, he sold the boat to Nick for one cent. Nick and Syl then hunted down the motor you see- a 1957 Evinrude thirty-five horsepower outboard which they bought some parts for and worked over. Now it runs like a champ and was part of the two boat fishing attack earlier this week.

I'll be doing a separate  post about the fishing trip in a day or two, probably titled something like "six swinging dicks having too much fun in the land of OZ."

One of the dicks was my brother nanatehay to whom I would like to wish a happy birthday. 48 years old today... Whoa!



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