New Beginnings and understanding the falsities of the past....

He demands another blog entry due to no lack of striving forward to attain that ever needed show he has going on.  The continual intrusion that isn't.  So here it is all ready and such as if there was anything new to put...... huh, I went and played guitar in my living room and danced on the corner.....

The first day exercising with the Lawrence Bike Club with the Javorek crowd and training program went splendid.  I couldn't believe how fit the people there were.   I was so happy there was a man and he showed up and he sat on the bench spot next to mine.  When they said to get the light dumbells for high reps he grabbed the heavy one and a few minutes later he was telling me how his arms hurt.  I was so glad he showed up.  It was funny. 

Private  First Class Doty showed up to tell me about how funny it was while we did our exercises.  I am so glad I sat down and the next person from class joined me. 

Sometimes when someone presents a situation as such; it is more the  perspective they come from than what the situations actually consists for far before the grasp of one individual to give the true account with all facts ready and considered they might set forward to understand their own being.  So as time passed this individual have to give an account over and over again of the same 'situation at hand'.

I had fine time at the ball the other day; there were plenty of girls to dance with and plenty of drinks to be had.  A true toast to the man of the hour though.... whose party it always is and always will be.  A party I fare I hardly feel a part of; yet here I am.

Roxy and the Wild Oats bunch.  I savor for the day when I could breath through twenty year old legs and run the distance it takes to your hearts with colored pencil stenciled embroideried cards and sock looms in hand with bows presented so.  I say I see the twins and one has a perfect smile wondering and she is going to draw perfect circles every time.   She will bound a glory glows as the sunlight fades and the evening shows. 

Tanner had said it himself, "We are wild oats and you don't understand why..." As the girl I bare not to mention any more was with them all that time.  Tanner got left go and I still work at Wild Oats although I guess I never should have.  But besides not go into the ROTC program at Pitt State what should I do.

So here I go doing the same old song and dance routine. 

Give'em the cane and hat trick with a riff here and a tap to the shoe there.   I am lost abound in their glory as they sit across the street from me in the house watching me on their monitors.  It is 1992 and they sure like to watch me toil in my poverty and lack of exposure.  Here I grow in front of their very eyes the doll like child at 45 years and then some they are.  I wonder at the age of 22 what had happened had I not been eaten by a vampire by the age of 19 or maybe it was 22.  I can't recall it has been so long I have been dead I can't tell which of them got me.  I just know my corpse is somewhere nearby as I hear him howl at the moonlight.  Wondering what all the children think of my fat belly bouncing all over the dance hall.  Oh well, some live life for some purposes.  I am not sure how the rest of mine will pan out.  I guess craziness instead of much else.  I am lost amid my thoughts trying to hide them from his distraction. 

What in the fuck happened after 1993?

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