Never To Be Forgotten Just Before Thanksgiving in 1963 Part II Anatomy of an Assassination

Kennedy Assassination Revisited Part II

The disturbing fate of President of John F. Kennedy just prior to Thanks Giving Day in 1963 compels us to further re-examine what most would consider an unsatisfactory explanation of the surreal events that ended a great era for this nation. The loss of innocence is a far greater implication than most might consider even with the death of a great president. Quarterback, Don Meredith, for the Dallas Cowboys remarked that after the assassination it seemed his whole world exploded and was forever changed as it was for many Americans. The Cowboys were scheduled to play in the Cotton Bowl stadium, a traditional Thanksgiving day game, just two days after JFK met with his mishap.

The Fall Guy

If one takes an objective look at all of the events that led up to the hasty conviction of Lee Harvey Oswald in a short time after the shots rang out and just how it all begins to take on a very illogical outcome, one could speculate that perhaps he was an intended fall guy, who had been used to throw off the investigation from the true perpetrators. Asking the simple facts such as how did Oswald with no car manage to get to Oak Cliff so soon after JFK’s demise in order to shoot Dallas Police officer, J. D. Tippet, not to mention witness testimony stating that he did not at all resemble the shooter, and then drive away from the scene of the crime?

Who snitched?

Oswald was then apprehended at a movie theater due to an anonymous tip received by the Dallas police who immediately responded. If Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone disturbed gunman than how was it that an unknown caller turned him in? It would seem that a set up had occurred and that he was the sacrificial lamb that would throw the investigation off the trail of the true killers. Once captured, Oswald continually maintained his innocence and seemed unaware of just why he was being arrested and under what charges. Of course this could be expected of any criminal, but if one looks back at the film footage of the press coverage and the question and answers Oswald did seem unreasonably cool and seemingly uninformed about the events that led to his arrest.

Forced to act?

Was it just the pressure to come up with a culprit, the hysteria of that terrible moment, or a plot that had implicated a man that was following compartmentalized orders not knowing the exact role he would play in an intricate scheme? It would seem that the events were orchestrated to immediately mislead the investigators, confiscate the president’s body beyond jurisdictional protocol of local authority, and to have the actions of embedded operatives who would work from within to redirect the local police and sheriffs from arriving at conspiratorial conclusions!

Impossible feat

Even the time it took for the bullets to hit the President along with Texas Governor, John Connolly, were in dispute.  The very fallible Carcono hunting rifle, considered to be a substandard weapon made an already narrow task of getting off 3 shots accurately within less than 6 seconds confounded the re-enactment by trained sharp shooters much more skilled than Oswald who had been a US Marine and had the credentials of a marksman before defecting to the Soviet Union. Even the Soviets seemed surprised at how little intelligence value Oswald presented when he was interrogated about his desire to be a Russian citizen.

Inept procedures

District Attorney Jim Garrison three years later amidst the disapproval of many began his investigation reviewing what appeared to be intentionally flawed techniques with details that were simply overlooked in an attempt to rush to judgment and quell conspiracy theories. Of course, the federal government could have been trusted to suppress any evidence beyond the tried and true explanation of the “Lone gunman” which used in familiarity alone tends to deny a body of contradictory evidence and makes for an excellent distraction from the truth.

Prevailing conditions

In the very tense atmosphere of the “Cold War” both the Soviet Union and the US were locked in a struggle over control of third world nations from Asia to Central America for the political ideology and balance of power throughout the world that would lead to many more assassinations. Germ warfare labs for US intelligence had allegedly created a rapid acting injectible cancer serum that would provoke terminal malignancy very quickly. The Soviets had concocted a fast acting deadly cigar that when lit would deliver a fatal toxin that would mimic heart attack symptoms. The illusion of death by natural causes had obvious intelligence value in concealing the identity of the perpetrators.

The kill zone

So it was in the assassination of JFK. Investigators wondered why other more clear routes had not been chosen by the perpetrators, but quickly realized that the thoroughfare used passing by the Texas Book Depository building presented a three-fold killing ground that provided concealment and visibility for multiple shooters to set up their sniper nests and be assured that 3 possible assassins would have a better chance at an assured kill as opposed to a single gunman perched from an obvious site.

Rehash or reality?

In Oliver Stone’s direction of the movie “JFK” actor Donald Southerland playing a military intelligence officer exposes just how the routine undercover reconnaissance of the planned route of the motorcade while maintaining a presence among the crowd was inexplicably ordered to stand down by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. District Attorney, Jim Garrison, in his investigation did find evidence of this fact regardless of the resistance and skepticism that he was met with as he conducted his probe into the suspect circumstances that pointed to a full fledged conspiracy to kill John Kennedy.

Impenetrable complexity

There is no doubt that the Kennedys made many enemies in the course of the administration from members of the mafia furious over brother Robert’s pursuit of their illegal activities as Attorney General, JFK’s abandonment of the mercenaries deployed during the “Bay of Pigs” disaster in Cuba, not to mention the President’s affair with a girl friend of a powerful mob leader who had made threats toward the philandering Commander in Chief. The assassination is a maze of suspicious and unholy alliances between enemies of the US and of the Kennedy clan that will likely never be solved. It was not until 1978 or 1979 that the federal government finally acknowledged that a plot to kill JFK involving more than one gunman did probably exist, but by then it was late in the game for such a revelation.

Fate of Ruby

Lee Harvey Oswald never lived long enough to be cross examined in a court of law when he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby, a local strip club owner with ties to the mob, who ambushed the suspect as Dallas detectives escorted him to another secured facility. Ruby pleaded with federal judges and law enforcement agents to be extradited to the jurisdiction of Washington DC where he could finally expose the entire story, but instead he would be relegated to a Dallas jail cell until he died of supposed natural causes (cancer) three years later.

Disturbing summation

Mark Lane in his book, “Plausible Denial” corroborated the notion of a rogue element within the federal government that had either committed the crime or had somehow aided and abetted the assassination of JFK. Lane’s efforts to retrieve files and documents from archives and to interview witnesses were definitely obstructed. Cooperation by the Feds was grudging at best. When one considers that Vice President Lyndon Johnson ordered the original records and testimony to be sealed and sequestered from examination for the next 70 years one can easily see that this must have been in an effort to conceal the true identities of those involved being that no one would be alive by the time that the public in general would have access to the possible truth. It seems the evidence had been buried on purpose thus leaving numerous questions unanswered for decades to come.  



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