Painting v. Politics, or Nero’s Got Nothing on This Administration

It seems to get harder every passing day, to watch the blatant and irrefutable insanity emanating from within our government, and see it exacerbated by every elected or appointed government official who allows it to continue.
I simply don’t understand why they do.

I feel helpless against the tide of humanity pushing us toward chaos. Society seems more broken than ever. The troglodytes get braver and ever more righteous. Nature herself seems to be responding as well, with hurricanes and earthquakes that rival the worst of the last century.

I do what I can. I donate. I call my State officials and leave messages, and I email them. I even emailed every sitting Senator a few weeks back, and it took me days. I mostly got stupid form letters back, and even though I expressly checked the box to NOT receive messages via their mailing lists, I now get junk emails from Senators and States from whom I would rather not hear. Arghhhh.

It seems as though I am constantly talking with the BLP and with my friends about the state of society and all the factors that brought us to this terrible place. Did I say "seems"? I really am. 

One friend told me to just keep painting and making music, and he’s right. He also said, laughing, that “It worked for Nero. Oh. Wait…” and that made me laugh, too. Our very own Emperor Nero-Wannabe unfortunately has access to enough firepower to destroy the world, not just Rome. I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and go through each day with as much positivity and joy as I can muster. Some days are easier than others.

Anyway, I’m still here painting and making music, and I just spent $100 on art supplies, so I guess there’s still some optimism left.  

This painting is called Low Tide at Yukon Harbor; Sunrise. It is another local scene in a community known as Southworth within the city of Port Orchard, WA, where I live. The Puget Sound has many inlets and harbors, and each one has its charms for me.  We went out early one recent September morning, the BLP and me, to catch the sunrise. (He is such a trouper when it comes to keeping me company for these jaunts!) We were rewarded with some lovely vistas, and this is the one I chose to paint first. I hope there will be time enough to make more.


                              Low Tide at Yukon Harbor; Sunrise © Rose Guastella 2017. Oils on canvas. 18” x 24”

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Comment by Rosigami on September 20, 2017 at 2:48pm

I changed the title a few minutes after posting. I'm tired of politics.

Comment by alsoknownas on September 20, 2017 at 6:19pm

It's good to have friends who can make us laugh in these times.

You just keep getting better at these landscape paintings. I've told you about my friend who is well known across the Pacific Rim for his corporate sized abstract works. It's harder than hell to sell abstract in chaotic times and you're on track here with the soothing feel of landscape. I'd tell you the sky is particularly done well, but it would then seem I might be saying the rest isn't. It is spot on all around.

I have my eye on a different guitar and I wake up thinking about it. Because I need more of them. Ha! Not.

Look forward. That's what we need to do.

Comment by nanatehay on September 20, 2017 at 7:41pm

I love the sense of openness and light you captured there, Rosi, and the merging of land into seascape. Your writing too...

We are no longer the nation or the people we used to be. It wasn't always this way, I know it wasn't, because I remember a time, back before 9/11 I guess, when we didn't as a general rule attack nations which had never harmed us and our presidents didn't act like two-bit thugs while speaking at the UN.  I dunno, maybe I'm looking back through rose-tinted nostalgia glasses here, but didn't we once view fear and selfishness and ignorance as bad things rather than as virtues? I think about this stuff every day even though I try not to, but looking at and making art seem like more productive uses of one's time in this era of idiocy and retreat masked in juvenile bragaddocio. 

Comment by cheshyre on September 20, 2017 at 9:29pm

Whole point of what they do is to try and divert your life, being the life vampires that they are. That said, all you need for your painting to be perfect is a North Korean missile launch right in the middle :)

Comment by Rosigami on September 20, 2017 at 11:42pm

You're so right, alsoknownas, about laughter between friends. And looking forward. Both are important, and I don't plan to stop doing either of those things.

With every painting I learn a bit more about what makes a sky work or wet sand or fog or water. Not just those elements but the sense of place and the time of day. This one is of a place I really love, and it came together faster than some others I've done. It was intense. 

New guitar? Whether or not you get it, I know that much of the fun is in the dreaming about it first. Looking forward.

Comment by Rosigami on September 21, 2017 at 12:04am

Nana, thank you. 

I agree with your observations, about how things used to be. Even the last administration, no matter if you agreed with his politics -not you personally bc I don't know if you did or not- but Obama had grace, dignity, and seemed to have a genuinely good working relationship with his advisors, his cabinet, and could hold his own amongst the world's leaders with intelligence and good humor. 

This past election circus, fueled by the media, and ensuing abominations since the inauguration, has served to embolden those who now feel free to express their ignorance, misbegotten attitudes, bullying and bombastic rhetoric because we now have a president as the role model for all that and more. The assholes were always there, I guess, but now they're out of the muck and sitting at the table. 

And! This faux-prez, he has absolutely no sense of humor, unless he is laughing AT the real or imagined suffering of another. I hate that.

Comment by Rosigami on September 21, 2017 at 12:21am

Cheshyre, I answered your comment and oursalon lost it. Grrrrrrrrr. 

The life sucking vampires may get a little piece of me almost every day, but no missiles can exist in the tiny universe of my studio. It's one of the reasons I go there! and while there, the missing pieces are restored. 

Comment by koshersalaami on September 21, 2017 at 5:04am


Your observation about what Trump laughs at is a good catch and a great indicator of his character.

Comment by Steel Breeze on September 21, 2017 at 5:07am

nice painting,but,not concerned bout the politics....

Comment by Rosigami on September 21, 2017 at 9:59am
  • Thanks, Terry. I am familiar with Kent, but it's been a while. I will look at some of those landscapes


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