Nathan Phillips and the Hostile Washington DC Environment


All it took was a 20 second clip of an edited video and suddenly innocent kids from Covington Catholic High School were receiving death threats, being admonished by school administrators, and facing being permanently ejected from school attendance. Thanks to Nathan Phillips a 54 year old paid protester and a band of Black Israeli thugs who made threats and insults against a class who took a field trip to Washington DC to support the Pro-Life movement. It wasn’t long before they were exposed to the hostile DC environment that ironically is anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian, and anti-Conservative, all three principals were core beliefs supported by the Founding Fathers! Not anymore, not by Democrats, leftists, or the minorities who have been conned into believing that their interests are being represented by the Democrat illusion.


After a little investigation it was found that Nathan Phillips, the poor Indian held in such high esteem is not a Vietnam veteran, is a paid protester, and has made other such appearances before trying to once again use victimization politics as leverage over public opinion. The man walked up to the Covington High school boys, surrounded them while beating on their drums and in their faces, and then claimed it was the kids who were harassing them. Nathan Phillips being the lying coward he is appeared on CNN with tears in his eyes claiming he felt so threatened! This is the kind of cunning deception used by the left to sell their empty bag of good to the gullible as believe anything churned out by the fake news media!

Legacy of hatred

Sticking to their Saul Alinsky playbook of Marxist tactics. Nathan Phillips and his entourage of embattled Indian warriors are acting no differently than the late Communist advocate did 50 years ago who wrote a tribute in his book “Rules for Radicals” to Satan, the very first subversive! Alinksy marveled at the mob whom he followed admiringly as they intimidated and tortured people into submission to the point where people were afraid to say anything in opposition of the mafia! Alinsky would go on to organize socialist labor union demonstrations where members would be given a piece of iron rebar rolled up in a newspaper to break jaws and crack skulls with when the violence they started broke out! These kinds of brutal tactics are at the core of the left intimidation tactics today.

No credibility

Why is it that the left must resort to such tactics? They can never win on a level playing field of debate that’s why. They are intellectually dishonest believing that any lie, act of violence, or subterfuge is justified if it brings about the desired result. Therefore they have no ethics or mutual respect for anyone they are opposed to and in their animosity creates division-the very division they blame others for! How can one sell the proposition of higher taxes, more government intrusion in our private lives, and giving away taxpayers money to groups and nationalities not ideologically aligned with America? There’s no way to. So, they use subversion, misdirection, and lies to persuade the unwitting so they can harvest the low information voter. Class warfare, victimization politics, and identity politics all designed to sway opinion using false narratives. This is all the left has, the illusion without the facts.

District of infanticide

Why would high school kids visiting Washington DC ever have to face death threats, bomb threats against their school, losing their attendance at Covington High over 20 seconds of edited film due to the slick lies of some leftist pundit seeking an opportunity to create more division? In the hostile environment of Washington DC if you are against abortion and the US taxpayer footing the bill for half a billion a year so that Planned Parenthood can butcher 328 thousand unborn a year while hundreds of cases of emergency room visits are hushed up as a result of a perforated uterus and infections caused by botched procedures and health code violations while baby body parts are sold on the open biological research market then you are the target! What an irony where the hateful minority rule on the streets of our nation’s capital!

The snake pit

The hostile environment of Washington DC has a long history of criminality going back to multiple offender and drug abusing Mayor Marion Barry. With more violent crime in the DC area than just about any city in America, the District of Columbia is typical of a Democrat haven of flawed policy, failed government programs, and hatred for those who seek to liberate the corruption. The will of the people is an irrelevant echo from the past as the aggressive socialist tactics of the left are common on the streets even using taxpayer dollars for government printed literature promoting all tenants of Communism under the new tag “Progressivism”. It is from here the malignancy of lies has made those like Nathan Phillips, a lying protester, the victim when he victimizes the innocent! The very epitome of liberal run city government greets the shocked visitors asking, "is this what America has descended into?"


Having personally attended 2 Tea Party rallies myself where more than a hundred thousand people from all over the country arrived to show their support for smaller government and fiscally accountable policy I have seen the lies of so-called journalists practiced here in DC. Just minutes after leaving one rally and before it had even ended an articles was already printed in the newspaper claiming hardly anyone had showed up and that the rally had been a flop! These are the lies practiced regularly in Washington DC and as a rule by the fake news media. If you are not aware that America is under siege from propaganda, diabolical orchestrated public incidents, refusal to protect our borders, and a drug epidemic that has been legalized by the FDA than you need to re-evaluate your version of reality!




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