N{OS}stalgia Food Tuesday Chicks' Night In Comments (cameo by Jem) #7

My mask has hardened, gotta wash it off. I smell like artificial peaches (=). 

Julie, did you enjoy yours?

Is Erica still here, she's been awfully quiet. What about Ferns?
I think STATHI took a beauty nap and she's up, all freshened - it must be tomorrow in Greece.
Libby: Okay, I just paid a visit to Hulu, and I gotta tell ya, it's a mishmash of various clips playing at various places. YouTube offers only what YouTube has, but there's no wandering all over the internet in pursuit of (only possibly) a film's entire content. I'm sorry, butI found that off-putting. I actually really have little time to keep shopping around for whichever place is best that Hulu presents in their line-up.

FOr example, I added "Elizabethtown" to their search window, and the response seemed so confused. Trailers mixed in with clips mixed in with what may or may not be the film's entirety. I know I sound severe, but what with moving, packing, cleaning, and keeping my blog's content fresh, i just don't have all the time in the world to spend looking around till I may or may not happen to find what I'm actually looking for.

I think you'd be surprised at how nice the YouTube site is. I never have paid to sign up, and only pay for the occasional really cheap movie, at my discretion. And it's all right there, no confused line-up. as trailers are kept separate, as are clips.

Tyr it! It may surprise you!
Hey, Pea Dubb, am I too late to the party? I went to take a peek at Charade, which I loooooovveeee, and got all wrapped up and forgot to show up! I wanted to bring some escargot, but the damned snails don't seem to appreciate this Georgia climate.

Fusun, here in Greece is 05:00 in the morning, no I have not been to sleep yet but I had nothing to say, after all the drinking I had. I am dizzy. I need a strong coffee!!!
Thank you for missing me...
*hands Bleue the tube of cucumber ginsing* Want me to Hask your hair? I'm doing mine.
KALIMERA, Afrodite! I learned that from your lovely sister. :o) 

One coffee on its way. Would you like some croissant au beurre avec tartinade framboise with that?

Lezlie, welcome dear lady! You bring us joy with your presence.
PW, np. just thought if anyone was reluctant to do a formal sign up.
Kalimera, Fusun but today we are in French mood, so

"" Bonjour,oui,je veux un café ''

and this I found through google translator. Oh, coffee and croissant au beurre avec tartinade framboise ... just delicious!! 

You are too good to be true, my friend!!!
Yay, party still happenin here and I'm outside to cool off (and smoke). Hi Stathi in the morning, sleep is over-rated!

Julie, have you ever shaved anyone's head? I have an insane urge to shave mine.

Fusie, if you are co-hosting again, this is just like the good ol' days!
Bleue, imagine me with you out, cause I too smoke. Who else is smoking in here.. I am just curious... Yes, I agree Bleue, it is overated...but to honest, I like the silence of the nights.
Bleue...if you were a patient, you'd be getting 2mg of Ativan and a warm bed right about now
Not that it doesn't grow back, but... your hair is gorgeous, don't be silly *puts Hask on it, a heating cap, and hands you a decaf cuppa*
Lezlie: I never know who's going to show up to one of these shindigs, but I'm awfully glad you came by!
As for the escargot, we're actually into the ice cream portion of the evening!
as for me, I've been busily resetting the sprinkler so the grass out front will stay nice and green. I've just accidentally BROKEN said sprinkler, dunno what I'll do now.

STATHI: As everyone comes and goes here always at her own discretion, I try never to pressure anyone into remaining. We all have blogs to tend, and we also keep differing hours. I'm sorry if you felt you were not really missed by us, but I assure you you have been. As I was saying, I try never to pressure anyone into remaining for the whole of the experience. And most of my guests come and go and return or may not return. They have duties to perform, and their worlds are different than mine.
We all really like you, and we also wish you to please yourself, and not feel as if you must stay awake too long or stay with us all the time. It is the kind of party one walks away from, and perhaps may return to....or not. We may miss each other's presence, but we are loosely allowing for varying time zones and schedules.
Does that help?
I do hope it will.
Fusie's coffee should help as well. It's always excellent!

Julie: Oh! Aren't you sweet to offer to do that for a friend!

Fusie: You always know just what to say and do, and at the right moment. How gracefully gracious you are!

Libby: Nothing's "forma" at YouTube. And it's all quite simple. If you have gmail address, you may sign in that way without creating a a separate account. i suppose I really ought to have mentioned it.
Once signed in, al's so simple and easy to use, very self-explanatory. Ad while some films do cost, the fees are seldom over $2,99 for either 24 or 48 hors of viewing time, depending on what's offered. You pay per movie, at your discretion, or not at all if all you want to se are their Freebies.
Really very clear cut and simple, simple, simple.

How's your ice cream?

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