I  posted this about six months,ago on March 13th:

Nothing can test governmental administrative competence like a weather related natural disaster.

If anyone here remembers how Bush handled Hurricane Catrina, watch, and compare, how Trump handles this.

If you live in or near the track or path of this potentially disastrous winter weather event, my advice is do what you can for yourself NOW to make sure that you can get through this and come out of it OK.

As it stands Trump and his 'administrative deconstructionists' are preparing to blame whatever comes on the heels of this monster storm, and the storm itself, on Obama...

If you don't believe me just watch.

'Nuff said...

I was way ahead of  myself on this issue:.

Mother Nature is About to Put The Trump Administration to It's First Major Test: A Monster Snowstorm Forecast for the Northeast - Our Salon


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