My New Movie Heartthrob...MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS!

Boy, that's a mouthful - well, not literally!  His name, his name!  ha ha

I first saw Belgian Actor - Matthias Schoenaerts in the romantic bodice ripping period film, "Far From the Madding Crowd", as Gabriel Oak - with his highly restrained portrayal of a vitally indispensable sheep herder; while holding silent his deep adoration of his wealthy employer.

Movie Review – Far from the Madding Crowd (2015)

Actually, there wasn't any bodice ripping that I recall; maybe it was just me after watching him!

Okay, his smitten-kitten was British Actress, Carey Mulligan & she was good too.  Too good!  In fact, they brought the best out of each other; while keeping us romantics busy in alternating sighs & sexual tension.

Unashamedly, I saw this on HBO multiple times & I'll keep watching; until the freakin' actress becomes me!  ha ha

But, that's what these love stories are meant to do; like "Batman" action flicks do for guys - transference.  Well, until we start writing articles about them & then we know; we need therapy!

Oh sure, back in the day; I've had Paul Newman & Omar Sharif - and I guess Tom Berenger; but he doesn't write, he doesn't call!

Tom Berenger | Tom Berenger | Pinterest

Like all lovesick puppies before me; I've checked out all of Matthais' other films & his private life; to see if I fit in.  Don't laugh, this will pass like all the other times; but I'm not finished with him quite yet.

I found out Matthais' mother was a Costume Designer & his father Julian was a well known Belgium Actor & in 1992, saw his son debut at 15 in his first foreign film "Daens".  Curiously, not really planning to be an actor; his star has shown in movies like "Loft", "Bullhead", "The Drop", "A Little Chaos", "The Danish Girl" & "Rust & Bone" which I just saw & recommend.

He plays an unlovable brutish boxer with a neglected young son who crosses paths with Marion Cotillard; who a few years back; won an Academy Award for Best Actress as soulful French Singer, Edith Piaf.

In this film, she's a Killer Whale Trainer & after losing her legs; his roughness softens & his mastery of understated acting presents a tender portrayal of a new kind of love; while still keeping his edge.

And, being a foreign film; there's just enough sexual eroticism to make a grown woman cry - for more.

But, I'm warning you; he looks nothing like the sheepish sheep herder or any of his other parts & said he bulked up for this role by eating a lot of Fast Food - duh, I can do that without being in a movie!

But, underneath all that muscle & fries - I recognized his awesome talent...& others have too. In his neck of the woods; he's been called "The Belgian Brando".

His latest film playing somewhere near you this week is "A Bigger Splash"; an erotic thriller which looks good; if only there wasn't that "50 Shades of Grey" star with a new hairdo; fooling around with him!

I hear his next film will be "Lewis & Clark"; straight from the pages of our history books & hopefully in it, there's a shrill & shrewish Mrs. Clark; so I can at least have Schadenfreude...and, in Flemish; that means...

"I can't breathe - help me out of this Frigin' Bodice"! 

victorian bodice

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Comment by Foolish Monkey on May 4, 2016 at 8:49am

 I'll keep watching; until the freakin' actress becomes me!  ha ha

HAHAHHAHAHA!!  so true.

Marilyn, I LOVE this post.  I'm not hot for your schoenaert guy (yet) but I've had a few of my own over time. Russell Crowe comes to mind.  my god, does he ever.  not now though and not because he's aged, but he's too....I don't know...vocal now.  I don't want to know what he thinks because he's not my type when he talks.  so that's cooled down on this end.

I like Belmondo, I loved Connery as Bond..he was pretty hot in those films, but again, once these guys start talking offscreen in interviews and whatever...and revealing who they actually are, most of the time, I just wish they'd STFU and PLEASE not say another word.  PLEASE.  

Comment by marilyn sands on May 4, 2016 at 9:23am

Thanks so much FMonkey!  I agree with you about all this talking - but now-a-days they have to promote movies somehow - they cost an enormous sum.   Yes, there should be more mystery & that goes for women stars too. 

Comment by JMac1949 Today on May 5, 2016 at 8:28pm

Thanks for the giggle.  BTW don't forget Jean Paul Belmondo, who still looks good for a geezer.

Comment by marilyn sands on May 6, 2016 at 12:14am

Thanks jmac!  I never went for "Belmondo" or Sean Connery like so many - but I surely have a trunkful of other hunks!


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