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When I refused to go to Nam! A repost.

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The Wrath of The Lamb.  (At least, that's what I call this picture by anonymous found on the vast wasteland which is the internet, if you know who took it please advise.)


hell yeah   

Photos, video, clear and cited Wikipedia cribbed notes and obvious copy are not mine, all narrative however is---that's why it's all in different fonts.

©2010 Fred Hallman


I had married my teen sweetheart at eighteen. 

I had a good job at the local phone company as a technician, and she was working for an insurance company.  

Maybe we were just starting out but our auspices were good. 

We had purchased a brand new VW bus and had it paid for in a year and a half.  But this was later, here's the before part.

The year was 1969 and the following is an abbreviated list of events of that year until December that I remember occurring. 

The details/dates and such I cribbed from Wikipedia, but I lived through and remember these times very well and just offer them as the setting for the narrative to follow.

It was a very busy and influential year.

Things that I remember happening in 1969

"********************************************************** January 12, In Super Bowl III - the New York Jets of the new A.F.L. beat the mighty Baltimore Colts of the N.F.L. by a score of  16 to 7 ushering in a new era in pro sports. 

Led Zeppelin released their 1st ever album made in a real studio, “Led Zeppelin 1” ushering in a new era in rock-and-roll. 

(I saw Zeppelin later that

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