Just got home from the hospital yesterday-mild heart attack on Monday.

I've been blessed with quite a few things to write about stemming from the experience....but in catching up on the writing on OS, I find one question formed over the topic of Racism ( as in the Ferguson business)......

One of my nurses was a Black gentleman of about 40. His name was Isaac. He had a somewhat lilting accent. On meeting him, I immediately formed a “Prejudice” about him.

In 2007, I had taught an SAT preparation class at a summer school run by a Gahanian Seventh Day Adventist Church in Columbus. I was the only white face present in a community of people who had migrated as a community from Ghana ( Where Seventh Day Adventism is the major Christian religion- go figure) I thoroughly enjoyed the experience- particularly the fact that, if I experienced any disciplinary problems with the adolescent boys ( Many named Isaaac) ( and, adolescent boys being adolescent boys, I did) ,- I had only to summon one of the elders and, after a short ( and loud) conversation in Twi ( Gahana native language) I would have no more trouble.

The “Prejudice” I formed about my Black nurse was that he was Ghanian ( Dark Black, accent, named Isaac) and thereby a jovial individual to be counted on for compassion and character, as well as Humor.

Isaac turned out to be Ruwandan rather than Gahnian, but otherwise proved as expected. He was a large part of making my stay, if not exactly enjoyable, at least tolerable.

So tell me- If I am so bigoted based on SKIN COLOR, why was I so delighted to find myself ministered to by this very dark complected gentleman?

It isn't the color of the skin that is the determinant

It is the expectation of the culture that has formed the character of the individual.

I find the Ghhanian/ Ruwandan Christian culture wholly admirable and reassuring, -delightful to be around and trustworthy in performing their vocations.

American Gangsta ( Black or White)-- Not so much.

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Comment by JMac1949 Memories on November 29, 2014 at 4:24pm

R&L... black,white, brown, yellow, red, green or blue... any shade or hue, it makes no difference... what is important is empathy and compassion.  Hope you're recovery is uncomplicated. ;-)

Comment by Zanelle on November 29, 2014 at 5:43pm

Healing touch is an amazing thing.  Glad you found some.

Comment by Arthur James on November 30, 2014 at 2:26pm


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