My Ex-Husband is Here -- a Saving Grace (OS Archive - 2010)

I saw you last night, for the first time in years.
You turned up unexpectedly
although I knew you were coming to town...
You look older --  
your hair is thinning, your middle's thicker.
 We had just come back from the lake, the house was a mess.
I just couldn't spend a minute getting ready for you.
I'd spent the previous week talking to myself --
reminding myself --
"It has been a very long time,
we've visited many times back and forth now,
we have come a long way..." 
I came outside to say hello, where you and our son,
and my husband and our son,
stood laughing . 
Our eyes met, expectant smiles on our faces...
and then
The Saving Grace.
Your eyes looked gentle...
So felt mine.
It was good to see you.
After initial greetings, you turned to me and said, 
"I have to compliment you on these two sons of yours..."
Time stopped, I reeled -- internally.
I have no idea what I responded with.
I looked over at those two grown sons, 
each one wearing new collared shirts they'd quietly and
separately bought for your arrival,
each one shining and happy, chatting together
with you and my husband
and me...
and I looked back at you. 
And for the first time in many a year --
many, many a year
I saw the smile on your face
that I first saw on a boy, so long ago.
The smile I'd fallen for.
Agghhhh, my ex-husband is here!
How I've felt for so long -- 
is finally,
No More. 
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JUNE 28, 2010 6:07PM
Congratulations, it's so good to have closure and a reconciliation of the heart!
This was wonderful. I can relate. Closure & "You Did good"!
Anne: Thankyou, sorry for leaving a shriek on your comments --surprise!
trilogy: thanks for your kind comment, I wasn't sure I'd write about it, but am glad I did...
Awww...SO happy for you. I long for the day for myself and my ex. What a weight off your shoulders and your soul this must be...congrats to you!
j lynne: I wish that for you too, I feel so light and's been a long time coming.
This is how it should be when children are involved. Great job, wonderful discovery.
This is wonderful.r.
Lunchlady, hugs: Thanks for reading, I appreciate it ! ...and am glad you liked it.
Maya: So glad you came by : )
This sounds like a beautiful example of the best parts of a relationship surviving the wreckage and coming full circle. How wonderful for your sons, too! I'm smiling for you.....
I can relate, from the other side. R-
Yeah! How fortunate for the both of you....all of you.

Jonathon: I'm honored, thanks!
Susan: You're describing better than I how I feel's always been about the sons : ) Thanks for coming by!
Dave: It is partly the relating to many stories here that I felt willing to jump into writing about this...first there were a good fifteen years or more where I daily consciously worked on having a smidgen of this feeling now.
Appreciate it Joy, thanks...
That is beautiful. I wish the same, some day, for my brother and his ex wife.
I, too, loved that moment!
I love strong people like you. I'm sad for him after reading this. How much he missed out on. r
froggy: I hope so too for their sake -- and thanks!
mypsyche: It sounds as if you've been here : )
Bonnie: Thanks Bonnie....and my husband is cool.
Nicely done. You expressed some complicated feelings in a fluid and quite wonderful way.
This was a wonderful piece of humanity. I admire this conclusion and wish it for others involved in similar situations. R
emma peel: Thank you for a lovely compliment, very appreciated...
Sheila: This is a healing all former relationships could use, I'm not sure what happened......time? deciding to? Grace?
I love the way you describe the meeting. I hope I will feel that way some day, but I guess more time needs to pass. Thanks for making me hopeful that it will.
What a blessing, what freedom. Congrats to you.
Romantic: I wish this for you as well...time, deciding to, Grace --- I think I mentioned in a comment--- this morning I think all three were very involved...
l'heure: Thanks for coming by, glad you found me...

...and boy you both were up late!
This is beyond awesome!!! If only it could be that way for all divorced couples with children. Loved the tone you emoted in this poetic form.
Just Cathy: There are small little miracles still happening in the world !
I had to update the title...better? 

@ sheepdog: I'll say : ) Thanks !
I'm sure you can now breathe a sigh of relief, having at last found closure. Good for you! rated
fay: well I did wake up and am 50 pounds lighter this morning : 0
Thanks !
I enjoyed reading your story of renewed kindness. I wish all our broken relationships will heal.
just thinking, 
Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier because now I've found you too.

This is a beautiful moment. To let go of the old and and hold on to the things that sustain and remain ... And I felt your sons pride at is parents acknowledgment of each other. How great!
oh boy, this one gave me chills. rated.
This is beautiful, both the words and the experience.
Thanks so much for your comments, we've seen each other since-- it's still working : )
And now I'm crying. I wonder if I'll feel that way one day... can't even imagine it.
It's so much easier that way--especially for the kids. My ex and I are best friends and so are kids know divorce doesn't have to be ugly and hateful.
Awesome and perfect, thanks

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