Mueller Probe Reaches Into Trump’s Business Interests

Mueller Probe Reaches Into Trump’s Business Interests:  With the subpoena of the Trump organization’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, federal investigators appear to be increasingly delving into the president’s personal business interests - an area where Trump has repeatedly said he will “draw a red line in the sand.”

One thing’s for sure, drawing a “red line” shouldn’t be all that difficult for anyone in the Trump organization - given their familiarity with using “red ink.”  Ironically, its really beginning to look like that “red line” may one day turn into an orange jump suit, but I digress.  Can we say money laundering people?

And to think much of these festivities are taking place because Vlad thought it might be a real hoot to see if he could actually install a bankrupt, con man, grifter family into the White House.  Now my guess is that a detailed look into Trump’s finances will reveal his actual net worth to be in the neighborhood of around 500 to 600 bucks - and most of that derived from a stolen credit card. 

Is it just me, or does this case just seems to be growing bigglier & bigglier all the time?  My word, this is turning out to be best episode of The Apprentice - EVER!  And, unlike the poor immigrant families Trump is splitting up at the border - many of Trump’s family will likely go to jail with him.  Talk about family values!  

And - if that isn’t exciting enough, we all know how much the Donald loves those ratings.  I think its a pretty safe bet to assume he’ll garner the largest audience ever recorded for anything when it finally comes time for his sentencing!

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Comment by moki ikom on July 28, 2018 at 12:25pm

Maybe we'll find out who owns a lot of Trump enterprise's condos should Congress vote for the U.S. Treasury to seize more Russian oligarchs' assets.  Prior to such seizure, the unloading price of such potentially seizable units could follow a 20% drop similar to Facebook's inflated stock a couple days ago.  American oligarchs could then get a chance to launder their of some of their tax-evading wealth through the Trump organization.  Trump corp was doing so well money laundering before its namesake won the presidency it's inconceivable that Trump really wanted to be elected President when he had to know that his winning would shine the floodlight on his crooked financing.  

As for Fake News' fake revelation that Putin wanted Trump to win it's a bit like if one only had two choices of having one or another creature sharing the warmth inside one's sleeping bag, would one choose a garner snake or a black widow.


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