Much ado about nothing much, as Jakespeare say, a distillation of such.

Fingerprint, like an IUD, crop circle, or bedbug; the d.n.a. appears as it lays.


IN DOHA, DUBAI:  shopping is more than hobby; it is more a necessity.  Summer is long, five months, with the average temperature 100-113º F.  Malls offer food, world-class entertainment, and interaction.  And they are becoming bigger, better, and shinier, with plenty of money going around in this oil-rich country, making them a haven for residents and tourists alike.  

BESTS:  start at Pearl-Quatar, Doha's answer to Dubai's Palm.  The Pearl is a 400-hectare manmade island, built over a former pearl-diving site!  Luxury shops, cafès and fine restaurants offer forget-without-regret inceptions of what comes new from old! 

The Italian-styled VILLAGGIO MALL offers the familiarity of the Mediterranean to new travelers, hosting a 15-metre canal inside replete with gondola rides, and a 22,000 square-mile Theme Park with an Olympic-sized skating rink for an exercise-oriented cool-down in this desert nation.  

Souq-Waqif Market, a remnant of 19th-Century exploration trade, is now a Bazaar, still recognized for the exotic spices that are cultivars of this area, but now also offering the crafts of handmade shoes and jewelry, enticing and exciting the mystery of lore with the wants of the future it embraces.   

Trade, itself, remains on the waterways that interconnect these peninsulas, in Sampan-style vessels that float alongside the impressive, rising architecture of the City above, giving a vision of the juxtaposition of these old and new worlds, conjoining.  

Inside the City, Doha boasts some of the best Museums of the Indigenous cultures of the area, with the Museum of Islamic Art hosting an impressive collection of the world's oldest Korans, and the Mathaf, the Arabic Museum of Modern Art, curating and preserving the iconography of the cultures that are being built over.  Admission to both is free, as is allowance of ponderance on this crossroad of place, and time. 

There is no shortage of accommodations  in Doha, and the list of hotels is ever-expanding, with offerings of 30,000 more rooms by 2030.  Even economy-minded hotels tend to luxury amenities like rooftop pools, saunas, wine, and juices made of indigenous lemon and mint.  

The best time to travel into this desert area is from October to April for travelers from colder, northern climes, so they can experience respite from the cold, while embracing the hub of the intersection of what has been, into what is Becoming.  


Graphic: What Pertains to What Remains?

Overviews of the Port of Doha

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on June 5, 2017 at 1:55pm

Sounds like Vegas with no booze or show girls.  Only went to Vegas to play Blackjack then I switched to Tahoe. 

Comment by The Songbird on June 5, 2017 at 4:15pm

I thought that too, Mac.  All the outer trappings of Want, built over what was underneath.  I'm not much of a gambler myself, but enjoy numbers, so have always liked watching how things play out.  Tx, pal. 


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