Move Over, Luke. Trump Is My Father. NOOOO!

Actual picture of Nero.
Notice the Trumpian resemblance??

It bugs me every time I see President Nero or hear his reasoning, it echoes my father in deed and rationale. My father had a lifelong love affair with lying. Gilding-the-lily, deceiving, exaggerating, prevaricating, propagating, obfuscating - he did it all, and with great glee. Needless to say, he was a lifelong Republican down the line, never deviating. He created a world of his own making and perhaps had he been a writer like he wished that would have served him well. Maybe one could say this all comes down to a misguided passion for fiction. We all suffer from this to some degree, we love to believe our big screen heroes are that way in real life too.

I only lived with him for a few months as an adult. His constant bullshitting drove me crazy, giving me the basis for my "White E" character in my novel. (Though not spelled out in the book, in the movie version we see he's a black man wearing white face as he sees that as his ticket to success.) Truth and reality mean nothing to self-promoters like President Nero and my Father. And the more upset you get by it, the more they love it! It's a form of control and pseudo-power. I never argued with my father on any point. It would have been a waste of time and an insult to my intelligence.

Yet my father was highly intelligent in many ways. He started in the computer industry by accident, back before there were really many careers in that field, when you had to rewire a machine to program it. He showed a gift for understanding computerization and since so few else did he skyrocketed into management at an early age peaking as the head of IT for the city of Phoenix (until his drinking parties after work got him fired). But his taste in art differed from mine. He loved propaganda in film much more than an illumination of a truth. He never "overcame", to use Jesus's word.

The force of lying is strong in my family. We are each weak in that way, loving to create imagery and illusion, pretending things not to be as they are. We are helpless to its call and it can be really sickening. Seeing the Fantasist-in-Chief in action is not new behavior to me. You see, my father loved a good story, just like President Moron does (a recent NY Times article on Trump's habitual lying proved excellent reading). Speak - or write - the things that make you feel good. Why care about anything else? Making up fictional facts is fun!

One of the most telling examples of this was late in my father's life when he started to develop Parkinsons and his body would freeze sometimes, leaving him basically immobile. He never wished to come clean on this, of course, but one time he was filling the bath by himself and the next thing you know the house was being flooded as he stood by frozen. His wife was infuriated by the huge mess she had to clean up and let him hear about it - until my father had had enough. "Well, how do I know you didn't do this?" he shot back. Comical and outrageous at the same time. Thank God he wasn't commander of the world's largest army.

Conservatives are miserable, because they are living a lie pretending not to be liberals. But the worse you feel the more you yearn to feel good about yourself. "Facts just have to be this way!" We all know the truth is liberal and will win in the end, but until that time comes, much suffering will be committed upon those who tell the truth - and those who turn a blind eye to lying. Dishonesty has cost me more than anyone can literally know (except maybe one). I won't be part of any of these jerk-off "resistance" movements. It takes all I've got to rid myself of my own dishonesty - and doing that is the greatest resistance of all.

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Comment by cheshyre on January 30, 2017 at 9:53pm

I need to learn to drink.

Comment by cheshyre on January 31, 2017 at 6:03am

This is 100% real - this time :)

Comment by JMac1949 Today on January 31, 2017 at 6:27am


Comment by Keith Joiner on January 31, 2017 at 7:18am

The first round is on me. I promise not to ask 'Who's your Daddy?'


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