More Unsettling Tales and Theories on Sasquatch

With 11,000 reported sightings on the North American continent alone, some promising DNA evidence, and clashing theories on who or what is behind the phenomenon, we will take a look at the enigma. Almost every major culture in the world has references to some kind of man-like beast covered in hair and possessing super strength and paranormal powers. From the Yarin of China to the Yeti of Tibet, from Sasquatch in Canada, to the Skunk Ape of Florida, and let's not forget the legendary Fouke Monster in Arkansas, these are just a few examples of a common entity that exists across the globe.

Who or what?

While some Native American tribes think of Sasquatch as a spiritual being that is a guardian of the forest other Native American tribes consider Sasquatch to be cannibals who raided their villages when the men were out hunting with both children and women being abducted! Modern anthropologists consider perhaps there is a missing primate in the evolutionary chain others simply dismiss Bigfoot as being the misidentification of bears who occasionally walk on two legs for short distances or simply the paranoid imagination of the human mind, but it appears that something is most definitely out there.


In the 1960's a number of lumberjacks working in remote regions of the North American forests of the Pacific Northwest began reporting strange sightings of upright walking hominids covered in hair with human-like features but neither ape or homo sapiens. Since 1967 and the Patterson Gimlin film shot in Bluff Creek, California, a sensation has gained popularity to the point of being a permanent fixture in pop culture and western conversation. One biologist was quoted as saying that if Bigfoot was a hoax than it was the largest scam ever perpetrated by generations of conspirators across continents with sophisticated methods and manufactured evidence. Yet, we do know of hoaxsters who have manufactured false footprints, fake testimony, and tales of amazing events. So, what is the truth?


The following unsettling tales might illuminate just what the truth is behind this paradox that refuses to reveal its origins. There are thousands of stories told by witnesses from all over the US, Canada, and many other countries. These accounts may seem disturbing but those admitting their experiences are sincere and also have corroborating family, friends, and even employers that back up their accounts.

Unwelcome visit

One owner of a large farming operation reported that an employee was so stunned by his experience that he left the job, failed to collect his outstanding paycheck, and moved out of town from his apartment. As the story goes, in the wee hours just before dawn the young man on the remote stretch of crop acreage was starting his harvester and firing up the headlights. As the huge machine lurched into action the worker noticed a dark figure to the left of the field where crops have been processed and full length stalks awaited cutting. That dark figure was a large human like entity but covered in hair! The harvester driver frantically tried to drive away the Bigfoot who chased down the equipment and jumped onto the foot railing trying to get into the operating cab.


Even worse and more disturbing is what happened next. According to the young man, he heard the voice of this seemingly non-existent beast who said, " Are you scared now Robbie?" The driver knew only one person in his entire life who had called him Robbie and it was his deceased mother! If this account is to be believed one would have to conclude that the Bigfoot had paranormal powers and intended on antagonizing the young harvester driver for some unknown reason. The worker was so terrified he jumped off the machinery ran to his car, drove away, and when he got to his apartment, gathered his belongings and left town. The owner of the farm had to track down the young man through the family references he had given with his work application to find out what had happened.

An ignored little boy

Another man tells of moving out to a country home with his divorced mother as a child. He says that from the time he was a small boy in his own room he would see what he had thought was a gorilla through his window at night. When he would tell his mother about it she ignored him as though it was all in his imagination. After several times of seeing the face of a creature glaring through his window, it also began to exert force on the window frame causing the boy to cry and call out for his mother in the night. Yet, when she would come into his room she would think he was having a nightmare and the dark figure moved away from the window into the

Paralyzed in fear

One weekend morning the young teenager slept in late while his mother went to town to buy groceries and run errands. The boy awoke to the presence of the Bigfoot in his bedroom! Apparently the boy's mother had forgotten to lock the door when she left. Paralyzed with fear the young man could only lie still as the creature made facial expressions as it stared at him even mocking his own horrified look! The creature seemed to take pleasure in further interacting with the boy but by getting enjoyment out of scaring the poor child. When he thought he could no longer endure his frightening encounter any longer the wild ape man finally left and exited the house. When his mother returned she could tell that her son had been scared out of his wits and after hearing his story finally decided to move out. She went around to the window and noticed damage and impressions on the ground realizing her son had not been imagining some make believe beast.

Morning surprise

From the North American Midwest comes another tale of a farm employee beginning a day of work in the early hours of the morning. Driving a large fertilizer truck on a field of crops, the worker comes to a stop and gets out to adjust the machinery in the back of the truck. He has left the door open on the driver's side being that he is out in a open field with no other workers around. As he readies the equipment he notices movement out the side of his eye. It seems a dark figure had entered the cab! Startled and angered at the same time the man walks to the driver side expecting some bum or homeless person looking to steal something when a huge ape man, as he describes it, bursts out of the cab even hitting the steering wheel with its elbow and being further panicked by the loud horn! The thing that only lingers in our darkest nightmares ran past the frightened farm hand and across the field to the woods adjacent to the crops! Not too stunned to notice that the creature moves with uncanny speed he is left breathless and shaken. He immediately drives to his employer's office and quits his job, too traumatized to continue working there further!

Nice scenery

A woman has been working as a property manager and housekeeper employed by a management company that specializes in luxury condominiums for tourists and travelers. They run one property on a bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean from the coast of Oregon. The windswept landscape constructed on a terraced slope with a few bay window units built with natural cedar siding and is a favorite among customers who routinely stay for weekends or vacations. New to the property the woman enjoys the weather and general environment as she cleans the units to get them ready for the next guest, but something disturbing is afoot. The condos all connected by sidewalks on a slope all face the ocean and the provide a view of the property as well as the coast a couple hundred yards below.

Unexpected visit

It is customary for her to leave the doors opened as she cleans in order to get fresh air circulated and freshen the interiors of the condos. From the highest unit she notices what she thinks is a tall man entering one of the lower units. it is not unusual for an occasional visitor to stop by and out of curiosity ask to see one of the floor plans. As part of her job she will show a unit to a potential customer, but what happens next is far from routine for her. After finishing making a bed she follows the walkway down to the lower terrace and to the unit she thought the visitor was entering, but she also notices that no car has been parked.

Uncanny encounter

Somewhat alarmed now she begins searching several condos she left the doors opened to when she looks out the window to see if she can spot the intruder. Then she identifies just who she thought had been an unexpected visitor. Indeed, there was someone or something! It was a huge 8 foot tall biped half man half primate, but there was a second one, smaller like a juvenile! She stares in literal shock as the two interlopers from the darkest dream explore the property! She makes a frantic call to the local sheriff's department, trembling and nearly fainting. The woman pushes the door closed to the unit she is in and prays that the two entities don't try to force their way in as she notices they are both broad shouldered and massive. They would have no problem breaking down the door as far as she was concerned.

Sudden resignation

On the verge of collapse, she awaits the deputies arrival, and hopes that the two towering Bigfoot intruders are gone. As the serene Oregon coast line enchants nature lovers, a menacing presence hovers unseen in the dense forests that border the beaches. After asking the sheriffs to search the area, the woman immediately notifies her employer of her resignation! She is far too traumatized to continue working there. The deputies tell her that they have received many calls over these scary encounters that contradict our normal ideas of routine experience. Yet, authorities refuse to acknowledge publicly that something sinister is going on.

Compelling queries

Is Sasquatch just a figment of the human imagination that seems to need "Boogey Men" for camp fire tales that thrill and entertain? Is Bigfoot an undiscovered primate, a distant cousin of mankind's evolutionary past? Could Sasquatch be an example of known US Army and US Air Force primate experiments over human diseases and their drug treatments? Has some hybrid species managed to escape these secret installations? Others think that perhaps these enigmatic creatures were brought to earth by extraterrestrials as a slave work force abandoned eons ago but still surviving in remote regions? Then there are the Native Americans who attribute shape shifting abilities to these imposing entities? Perhaps such mysterious events as unexplained disappearances can be attributed to these shadowy beings that lurk in the nocturnal forests of our worst nightmares.

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Comment by Ron Powell on April 11, 2019 at 3:05pm

Photo shopped or the real deal? Or does it really matter whether imagination and reality frequently cross paths in a warped mind?

Comment by Ron Powell on April 11, 2019 at 3:26pm

Before you get your undies in a knot, consider this: If these photos were real, wouldn't/shouldn't the 'photographer' be shooting bullets instead of pictures?

However, I'm sure someone, somewhere, would consider these frames 'evidence' or 'proof' of something...

Comment by Ron Powell on April 11, 2019 at 3:30pm


Is there a reason why you posted this three times?

Comment by koshersalaami on April 11, 2019 at 3:39pm

Is there a reason you wrote three comments for this post?

Comment by Doc Vega on April 11, 2019 at 3:56pm

Ron I posted three times for sheer impact! I want to get my point across that in the shadows of your garage, in the park where you let your dog shit, in the placid countryside you drive through there are THOUSANDS OF BIGFOOTS WAITING FOR YOU! Well, no not really/ The site froze up and I was trying to get a response.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 11, 2019 at 3:58pm


Comment by Doc Vega on April 11, 2019 at 4:02pm

There's really something I'm lacking when a Bigfoot can get a girl with a nice ass and I'm living alone, Jeez could it be animal magnetism?

Comment by Steel Breeze on April 12, 2019 at 5:15am

i would've thought todays tech (satellite,thermal imaging,etc) could have settled this by now....

Comment by koshersalaami on April 12, 2019 at 5:41am

I think if you approach girls on the basis of their asses you may have provided a clue to your problem.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 12, 2019 at 6:10am

Kosher I am very polite, funny, and respectful, but I have long hair and I don't shave me head, have no tattoos, don't ride a motorcycle, live out in the country, and have quit going to bars, which sucked anyway but at the time I was drowning my pain. Oh, and a I forgot I do not drive chick mobiles like BMW, Porsche, Corvettes, so I'm just a shit out of luck guy whose family moved on, whose wife moved on, and one thing I will say about conversation with women, they are not interested in science, politics, concepts, or history. Why? Because those subjects don't center around them. You should listen to what women talk about in public and you will see how much differently men and women think. It's discouraging to say the least. According to the Bible God made Eve from Adam's rib as his companion, in my case tormentor.


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