Do is not a dear, darling, if Ray is not, a drop of golden sun. 

          First and foremost this is a song and dance act, in fact, divine comedy; Nature gets to pick the last laugh, and who laughs - last.  

          I’m just guessing as usual, no prophet...For sure.What these hills are alive with, is up to the beholder. I call them as I see them, I read them and weep. I believe I did some of my best work, ever, this week. 

          Raytheon5 is not a one man show, but it is based on one man:

                                       Raymond Pinnox

         Raytheon5 is for sale (note to self)  and inspired by OS, right here in this space. I am quite sure Ray will not mind my non-fiction creative homage to Kurt Vonnegut, as I attempt to peck out , professionally and creatively,  a thickening post of Cold War, or Permawar, history.

          Ray may or may not not be a drop of golden sun, but Me is a name I call  myself; a person who I have tried, tried, and tried again to grow into in a time and place that I did not get to choose. I say I saw Ray...see that light inside himself, as we not worked at counter intelligence, on the west side of Asbury Park; a place that was replaced as ground zero on 9/11/01. Perhaps a cosmic shift smacked down the flames that burned living souls right there, in me and Ray’s  works place; I’m no prophet, I’m a historian, looking back to 2000 when I, emerged from seven years of picture making back to do, what I still do, just not as much of, today.

          What was then the razor’s edge, is something else now, better, on both sides of the bay; trust me, victory. A Freedom towers, above, and a gay, Peruvian crossdresser below. This is a happy ending. (Note to self) 



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Comment by J.P. Hart on May 18, 2019 at 2:31pm

Mt. Everrest 6 June 2019, Frank Sinatra tribute. I was going to learn to fly, yessir. Dr. Wesson prevails. Best up over the top than tumbling---a cup 0' dice. Fiction as entertainment. Strongest rumor: genie-n-bottle. Peers, steers! Solar umbrellas, those shining armor shields. Good better best: EVEREST!
Aphoristic dome:
Chaos theory is a part of mathematics. It looks at certain systems that are very sensitive. A very small change may make the system behave completely differently. Very small changes in the starting position of a chaotic system make a big difference after a while. Wikipedia
Juxtaposition (fade) lowest point on Grand '01 Planet: Deep in the Mariana Trench, in the western Pacific – is a little short of 11km down.
Compare,beware,be active.
RBJ: your words are attractive, you know, carpe diem! Know thyself and nothing to excess.

mood: subterranean
mood 2]: we have lift off...!
mood 3]: eagle has ascended (billy-club like exclamation point avoided) L0;}

Comment by Robert B. James on May 18, 2019 at 10:11pm

Ah! Dr. Hart, the ting, be...rolled a teeny weenie degree, but for destiny...not on a cultural plane, ever, and that is the beyond that rulable flub, is where reality really resides. And as truly great art shows...doors, windows to the Tao, some will surely Thoreau. Mutations survive, and continue on, accidentally infinite, making  every outcome real, every time. 


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