moore defeated! more persistent rumors of other child predators run amok

hi all, saw loriannes post re site gyrations/ commotions, am really bummed about all that. would really hate to see this site go. but yeah, blogging is not what it used to be eh? and us oldtimers have seen a lot of history... go "down the tubes". it looks like anyway the "commentariat" has all moved to social media like facebook and twitter. yikes! just signed up to Medium to see what its about. hoo boy, their editor doesnt even allow html input apparently. @#%& blogging for bozos eh? honestly its a high quality site overall (very impressive) but think it would be very hard to build up any kind of audience there, not sure how much random browsers click on stuff. might run into trouble with the editors around there...

so it looks like the blogging is down on this site. is it gonna die not with a bang but a whimper? feels like it would be a real shame to see it die. also have seen a lot of problem with the commenting. hey, the whole thing is at least less than half as much fun without the commenting. argh! tried to comment on loriannes blog several times & the "captcha failed" interfered. argh! also would really like to see the "recently most popular" blog list fixed/ working again for browsing.

am timing this post with the roy moore defeat.[b2] hoo boy, this "sexuality boundaries" issue sure is hot in the news these days eh? with no signs of slowing down.

this post/ link collection was originally focused on child predator issues eg the feldman-haim claims [a2] and then added a bit more of the "sexual boundaries" content later as it continued to spiral.

my feeling is that maybe there is a longtime hidden intl child predator situation going on. have not studied it too much, but there sure is a lot of smoke out there in cyberspace on it... so is there a fire? this is a very old conspiracy theory that goes back a long time. met cathy obrien [g] ~2 decades ago briefly at a new age meeting/ booksigning in ~1997 or so, bought my copy from her personally. her information is quite eyepopping/ brainshattering. am including a few links, she has written recently.

hey, its great that the country is having a national dialog on child predators in this momentary attention span period, maybe partly triggered by some A list hollywood celebrities scrounging some new ethical spine and cojones. but how long can it last? cathy obrien said 2 decades she was a victim of sex trafficking in the US (uh, and to put it about as lightly as possible; that is almost the least of what she said!) and there was nada mainstream response. and that deafening silence continues. hey, nothing to see here folks, move along. also coincidentally blogged on exactly this subj a few mos ago (mid last summer, re Ronald Bernard story/ allegations), pre-weinstein bombshell/ initial trigger domino. "zzzz" sounded the sheeple.

a. hollywood
  • 1. Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” Actress Speaks Out For The First Time/Alex Talks Kubrick Secrets - YouTube
  • 2. Liz Crokin: "Satanic Paedophile Rings Have Operated in Hollywood & D.C. For Years." » The Event Chronicle
  • 3. Mainstream Media Just Admitted Hollywood Infested With "Child Sex Trafficking" » The Event Chronicle
  • 4. Is Hollywood sitting on a pedophilia scandal? » The Event Chronicle
  • 5. Oscar-Winning Writer-Director Paul Haggis Suggests Hollywood Pedophilia Cover-Up
  • 6. Trump-Linked Pastor: Hollywood Is Full Of Satanists Who Drink Children's Blood | HuffPost
  • 7. How Hollywood paedophile ring behind child abuse 'as horrific as Jimmy Savile's' could finally be exposed in wake of Weinstein scandal
  • 8. Is Hollywood sitting on a pedophilia scandal?
  • 9. Police: 'Pedophile' Hugh Hefner Was Murdered - Your News Wire
  • 10. Los Angeles Launches Task Force To Prosecute Hollywood Sex Crimes | HuffPost
  • 11. Experts: Pedophiles in Hollywood even bigger problem than in Corey Feldman’s day | Fox News
  • 12. Transcript, Emails Show How Tabloid Reporters Helped Harvey Weinstein Get Dirt On Women
  • 13. Chris Cornell was About to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring Before he Died
  • 14. Joan Collins's son: 'My father was a paedophile' | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. Harvey Weinstein sued for sex trafficking by new victim | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. ‘Who’s Next?’: The Mysterious Blind-Item King Who Exposed Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer Before the Media
  • 17. Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Settlements | The New Yorker
  • 18. The Sexual-Abuse and Harassment Scandals Blowing Up on Broadway
  • 19. Crazy Days And Nights busted Weinstein and Lauer | Daily Mail Online
  • 20. Taylor Swift Is No Silence Breaker
  • 21. The 5 Most Shocking Things About How Weinstein Got Away With It | Alternet
  • 22. Salma Hayek says Harvey Weinstein harassed her for years | Daily Mail Online
a2. feldman-haim
  • 1. Why Didn’t Anyone Listen to Corey Feldman’s Warnings About Pedophilia in Hollywood?
  • 2. Corey Feldman Does Not Need $10 Million To Name His Hollywood Abusers
  • 3. Corey Haim's mother calls Corey Feldman 'a scam artist' | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. Corey Feldman named pedophiles to police in 1993 | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Corey Feldman's plan to expose Hollywood pedophiles | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Corey Feldman details horrors of Hollywood pedophile ring | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Corey Feldman told cops he was molested and named his abusers but they did nothing | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Corey Feldman Tells Dr. Oz He Is Trolled by Pedophile Abuser
  • 9. Corey Feldman Says Actor John Grissom Molested Him In The 1980s | HuffPost
  • 10. Corey Haim’s mom insists Charlie Sheen didn't rape her son | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Sean Astin says he is standing by friend Corey Feldman | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. Actor Corey Feldman Arrested After Speaking Out About Hollywood Pedophiles » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 13. Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys
  • 14. LAPD confirms they are investigating Corey Feldman case | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. Happening: Police Locate Corey Feldman Tape Identifying Hollywood Pedos » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
a3. film
  • 1. Hollywood Executives Specifically Tried To Kill Documentary Exposing Pedophiles - Watch It Now! | The Daily Sheeple
  • 2. See the Groundbreaking Film that Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 3. Producer Reveals How Hollywood Tried To Ban Documentary Exposing Pedos » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
a4. spacey
  • 1. Kevin Spacey's father was a Nazi child rapist brother says | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Abusive childhood turned Kevin Spacey 'into a monster' | Daily Mail Online
b. govt
  • 1. Busted! Politicians, Police Caught in Huge Norwegian Pedophile Ring » The Event Chronicle
  • 2. The US Launches Biggest Ever Anti-Child Trafficking Unit, Media Blackout
  • 3. VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble | Veterans Today
  • 4. VIDEO: Pedophiles Rule the World » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 5. Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 6. PEDOGATE, Child trafficking, and MK Ultra
  • 7. The Strange Case of Ted Gunderson | Veterans Today
  • 8. PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A. | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary
  • 9. Every Democrat Presidential Candidate in 25 Years Had Pedophile Ties | Frontpage Mag
  • 10. Were Any U.S.-Backed Afghan Troops Punished for Raping Kids? That’s Classified.
  • 11. Tony Perkins Knew a GOP Lawmaker Sexually Assaulted a Teen—But He Kept Quiet, Emails Reveal | Alternet
  • 12. How the Sex Scandals Might Accomplish What Donald Trump and Brexit Couldn’t
  • 13. Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights On Pedophile’s Sex Plane » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 14. First Of The Elite Washington DC Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty To Child Rape | Neon Nettle
  • 15. Female Reporter Broke Epic Congressional Sex Scandal—In 1850
  • 16. Here’s Why Democrats Forced Al Franken to Do the Right Thing—And Why They May Come to Regret It
  • 17. Did Democrats Just Fall Into Roger Stone’s Trap?
  • 18. Why It's Harder To Take Down Sex Abusers In Washington Than In Hollywood | HuffPost
b2. moore
  • 1. This Alabama Man Spent Five Years in Prison for Enticing a 14-Year-Old
  • 2. That Time Roy Moore Refused to Convict a Child Molester Who Abused a 4-Year-Old | Alternet
  • 3. Beverly Young Nelson Alleges Roy Moore Tried to Rape Her When She Was a Teen | Alternet
  • 4. Alabama's Largest Newspapers Call Out Roy Moore for Sexual Abuse of Children and a 'Pathological Fixation' on Sex | Alternet
  • 5. Roy Moore Was Even More of a Threat to Teenage Girls Than Previously Thought | Alternet
  • 6. Donald Trump 'furious' with Ivanka for Roy Moore comment | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Roy Moore Is Deplorable, and Donald Trump Condoning His Sins Is Unforgivable
  • 8. Doug Jones Locked Up Men Who Did What Women Say Roy Moore Did
  • 9. Roy Moore’s GOP Stands for ‘Grand Old Pedobears’
  • 10. Why Doesn't the Corporate Media Say Roy Moore Is Accused of Teen Sexual Abuse in Their Headlines? | Alternet
c. trump
  • 1. Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven't The Media Covered It? | HuffPost
  • 2. Trump Rape Accusers Turn On Each Other
  • 3. Rape lawsuits against Donald Trump linked to former TV producer | US news | The Guardian
  • 4. Here's How That Wild Lawsuit Accusing Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl Hit The Headlines
  • 5. Trump Campaign Chair Charged with Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking | Veterans Today
  • 6. 'Reincarnated' Woman Sues Hefner for $3 Billion |
  • 7. Why Aren't We Investigating the Sexual Assault Charges Against Trump? | Alternet
  • 8. How to Get Away With Sex Assault in Trumpland
  • 9. 75,000 and Counting Demand NBC Release Damaging Trump Tapes from ‘The Apprentice’ | Alternet
  • 10. 'The Art of the Deal' Author Tony Schwartz: Trump Is 'Worse Than Weinstein'—and 'Much More Will Emerge' | Alternet
d. bohemian grove/ moloch
  • 1. Alex Shoumatoff on the Bohemian Club | Vanity Fair
  • 2. Inside Bohemian Grove | FAIR
  • 3. Masters of the Universe Go to Camp: Inside the Bohemian Grove
  • 4. Re-Discovered Photos Emphasize Bohemian Grove Sacrifice Obsession
  • 5. The Cult of Moloch
  • 6. Moloch - Wikipedia
  • 7. Who was Moloch/Molech?
  • 8. My Summer Job at the Bohemian Grove, Serving Milkshakes to the Shitfaced Global Elite
  • 9. Bohemian Grove Creepy Conspiracies, Theories, and Stories
  • 10. WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING: CHAPTER SEVEN: The Franklin Cover-Up / Bohemian Grove Connection
e. misc
  • 1. 'Unprecedented' Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican | Neon Nettle
  • 2. The Ultimate Exposure of Pedophile Rings in London, Hollywood, and More
  • 3. Larry Nassar pleads guilty to molesting gymnasts under 13 | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. USA Olympic Dr. Pleads Guilty to Massive Child Rape Scandal
  • 5. Largest Child Porn Bust In History Ignored By Mainstream Media
  • 6. 238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust
  • 7. Pedophile Who Raped Baby Found Dead in Cell with Penis Chopped Off
  • 8. News Men’s ‘Flirty Business’ Is Awful for Women Reporters
  • 9. The New Book of Revelations — America After Weinstein | Alternet
  • 10. Judge Protects Billionaire Pedophile, Won’t Allow Damning Evidence in Child Rape Trial | The Daily Sheeple
f. pizzagate
  • 1. John Podesta - #PizzaGate - Child Sex Trafficking - Satanic Occultism - The Deep State's Use Of Pedophilia As A Means Of Compromising Individuals And Controlling Them
  • 2. Journalist Liz Crokin: "My Editor Fired Me For Writing About The Podesta Emails & VIP Child Abuse In The US." » The Event Chronicle
  • 3. Pizzagate, The Deep State and SOULutions – Cathy O’Brien » The Event Chronicle
  • 4. PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary
g. obrien
  • 1. Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security: Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips: 9780966016536: Books
  • 2. Trance: Formation of America: Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips: 9780966016543: Books

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Comment by koshersalaami on December 15, 2017 at 3:23pm

We're blogging fine here. The system had technical difficulties for about a week. We had an issue with a blogger who ended up getting suspended and things are way calmer here now. 

Comment by vzn on December 15, 2017 at 9:15pm

in her post lorianne mentioned "AJ" getting suspended who coincidentally has written lots of rambling comments on my blog. is that who youre talking about? think that pinning all the site commotion on one mentally-borderline dude is questionable, maybe scapegoating him (but dont disagree with his suspension)...


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