monstroUS preposterUS John MCain the Thurd, response 30Apr2016ce

monstroUS preposurUS John McCain the Thurd, response 30Apr2016ce \/

30April2016:  terrorUSt$ exfraudinaire**, USS Forrestal pilot terrorUSt$ hero


There is so much multiply recycled tripe in Arizona U.S. Senator McCain’s non-response to the President’s weekly address topic - terrorUSt Republican Supreme Court hostage scene of justUS- that it does not deserve a fit response attempted in haste. 

But to start the deconstruction of said particular fraudster’s propaganda (just put out on c-span), his spiel on ‘the Middle East refugee crisis' as if only now* --"victims of the war-mongering elected governments of Syria and Russia"--  refugees from the Middle East are being created.

* certainly not beginning pre-1950s with ashkenazi Zionist terrorism against Palestinians and those consequent thousands of Arab refugees; and of course, in our collective national shame,  let US forget our Bush-Clinton-CheneyBush- creation of refugees in Syria from over two decades of USraeli terrorUSt sanctions and warfare on Iraq and North Africa.  Americans are too 1984ed to be be bothered by rank hypocrUSy permeating their culture,, how could we be? it’s the foundation of US.


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30Apr 2016 /\

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Comment by moki ikom on April 30, 2016 at 3:02pm

Republican candidate Don and i agree on Republican fraudster John.


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