Michelle Pfeiffer Lived on Tomato Soup and Marlboros for Scarface

Michelle Pfeiffer Lived on Tomato Soup and Marlboros for Scarface:  During a recent interview, Michelle Pfeiffer revealed that during her career-making role as Elvira Hancock in the 1983 film “Scarface,” she subsisted solely on a diet of “tomato soup and Marlboros” to play the part of the cocaine-addicted character.  Are you kidding? She still looks emaciated to me.  What the hell is she living on now, 2 cans of soup and only a half pack of cigarettes?  For God’s sake, someone get her a frigg'n sandwich!


Study Finds Earth’s Mammals Have Shrunk Dramatically:  A new study in the journal “Science” predicts that in a few hundred years, the largest land mammal may very well be the domestic cow - placing the blame squarely on humanity.  Yea, well I’m not so sure about that.  All I know is - if we keep slamming down Big Macs, fried chicken and pizza at the current pace, it won’t be all that long till many of us end up way bigger than any of those cows they’re talking about.


Single Family Homes on the Decline:  As more people in the United States are choosing to live in cities, the predominant housing structure - the single-family home - is expected to experience a significant decline over the next decade.  Unfortunately, its beginning to look like many of those “single family homes” are now being replaced by cardboard boxes.

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