Ejido Wonderful has always been funny, not ha-ha funny, but strange funny. Once upon a time I was crawling on an art tour of Eugene, and I came upon a refrigerator that had a map on it. It was a map of the world, but it had all of these strange lines criss crossing everywhere.  And sometimes these lines would intersect.  Some of them intersected at Eugene, and another three sets of lines intersected at Ejido Wonderful.  I asked the lady of the house what the map was, and she said that the lines on the map were ley lines.

In case you didn't know, ley lines refer to channels of mystic energy that represent channels of power.  I assume they extend out into outer space.  To me, such stuff is in the healing crystal zone. God knows, there's plenty of that stuff in Eugene.  And I am not very woo-woo.

By living in two areas of the world with cosmic intersections, I guess this means that I am Mr. Mojo. That might explain some of the crazy-snart things I do.  But I digress. I could tell you all about the cosmic things I' ve seen and experienced in Eugene, But we are talking Mexico here.

For one thing, Ejido Wonderful has always been a UFO hot spot.  The little woman has vivid memories of watching a column of bright blue light come off of the ocean, hover over a palm tree and make it shiver before moving inland.

Or there was that time when we were going home from Mulege and experienced the green lights.  Our family has had more than one encouter with these hombres. In this case, she thought she saw our neighbor as a green hologram standing beside the road.  I only saw a swirl of radioactive green light as I drove down the highway because my eyes were on the road.

The little woman was so convinced that she saw David, that she actually called him up to ask if he'd been hitchhiking that night. Of course the answer was,'No.'  But what came down the highway was a topping on the dessert as it were, and when I saw it, I said, 'We're being read."

Coming at us in from the north on the two lane blacktop was a beaten up old 1960s Ford Econoline van that had only one light working.  But the light was in the center of the truck, and was as big as a giant pizza plate.  It was also the same green light as the shape-shifter on the side of the highway.

I may have talked once before about the time I finally got my pyramid roof onto my house after a two year delay of figuring out how to implement it. #2 Son is a mechanical genius, and he came up with the solution, installing the thing with a crew of fellows that he knew locally. Now I don't want to brag, but how many people out there have ever had a roof job inspected by multiple flying saucers?  For 45 minutes, they would zoom down from the heavens from different directions, look at the project, and zoom back up as fast as they came down.  According to #2, this happened over and over again.

They took one photo of one of the saucers, and it looks exactly like the UFO in Disneyland's California Adventure. They were cute little saucers with a bunch of hemispherical bulbs on the top of the dish.  I don't know what  the Disney corporation knows about flying saucers, but they certainly channeled one of the UFO incidents that have happened down there.

Now, people who are supposedly in the know say that there are at least 17 different species of space aliens that interact with earthlings.  The greys are a dime a dozen, it would seem.  Perhaps half of the state of California has experienced encounters with these guys. But then in my opinion, greys are so military-industrial complex.  Other space aliens are far more interesting.

Sometimes, very rarely at night, one will spot a UFO down here. Many a time, it's nothing more than a stray light that refuses to obey the laws of physics.  But there are plenty of times when more exciting things happen.

One morning just before dawn, I woke up with the house vibrating.  It sounded like someone was having a rave and they were getting into their trance mode.  A monotone would hum back and forth, and it made the whole house vibrate.  I didn't think of it at the time, but this is pretty unusual to have a two story stone house vibrate like that.

I got up mildly pissed.  Many a time I've been disturbed from a good sleep by some yo-yo playing their banda music at 110 decibles. And so I went downstairs to play with my computer. Sometimes, I'd lean my head back on the wall, and I'd feel the vibrations.  Getting tired, I went upstairs to bed, going out on the balcony to see who the jerk was disturbing the villager.  The sound appeared to come about a quarter of a mile away to the south, and suddenly, there was a giant boom! From the place where the sound came from, a basketball made of pure white light blasting straight upwards into the heavens.  Never again did I see the light or hear the sound.

Coming back this year, I shared a bowl with my daughter in law, Lupita.  She recounted some of the ghost and UFO stories she'd encountered living down here.  There was the little boy in a space suit with two antennae who appeared as a real 3-D thing before it suddenly vanished. It would appear that Ejido Wonderful has been experiencing actual, living gargoyles hanging out on its roofs lately. But perhaps the most interesting stories she related was about her experience fishing late one night.  Out of nowhere, there was an 18th Century pirate ship that appeared on the water.  Lupita could hear the pirates working on the ship and talking, and then the whole ship disappeared in a puff of smoke.

And then there is my wife. She's in charge of the building projects down here. I have to admit that she stumped me with an ironwork project she commissioned last summer.  She enclosed the west half of the second story in an iron cage. I didn't like it as it gives our house that nasty kind of Beirut civil war vibe, but who am I to complain?  Finally she told me that this project was done for her own peace of mind due to the flashlight encounter we had several years ago.

We were both sleeping peacefully, but I was suddenly awakened by a blood-curdling scream from my wife next to me in bed.  I immediately got out of bed (buck assed naked) with a giant black metal flashlight to inspect the second floor deck.  Of course, I discovered nothing. What my wife told me was that she was suddenly awakened by a figure of a man shining a flashlight in her face. Since it would be impossible for a human to suddenly appear and disappear on our second floor patio so easily, I could only conclude that the dude had somehow gone through some time-space continuum warp to enter our moment. Who knows how many hundred years in the future he actually was?  And for one brief moment, he visited us in the 21st Century.

Perhaps there are some physics that mortal men know nothing about that are still operational in the universe. Ejido Wonderful sure has more of its shares of space oddity.

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on December 18, 2016 at 8:11am


Comment by alsoknownas on December 18, 2016 at 10:00am

Oh my.

I've told you haven't I that in real life we know some of the same people? One is going to be here Tuesday.

I left Eugene in '75. I visit it rarely. It's a strange place too.

Comment by old new lefty on December 18, 2016 at 10:22am

Sorry for the goobers for the first readers. I was using my computer on battery power that was running low. So I sawved what I could before shutting down.

Comment by nerd cred on December 18, 2016 at 7:55pm

Did you ever think that maybe you are a little woo woo?

This is the sort of thing that makes me think Stargate and SG1 etc might be true stories.

Comment by old new lefty on January 3, 2017 at 5:53am

I'm certifiably crazy, but not woo woo. Life is strange enough. Who needs television?


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