merry xmas! 2017 closing economics news... tax bill passes

hi all, economics news last half year or so has been dominated by tax reform bill. in a word, yikes!

have been blogging on these topics for years, and every year it seems the headlines are more extreme. am trying to find some positive things to say. the public does seem to be more tuned into these issues than years ago, and maybe economics is starting to shift the political dialog into more egalitarian/ populist direcitons. there is finally some widespread acknowledgement about the extremes of globalism. "neoliberalism" is taking on negative connotations. people are starting to question some of the basic premises of capitalism and maybe thinking outside the box some. and boy what a box it is, more like a mental prison.

it would seem the political system is going in exactly the wrong direction some times.

my positive angle is that at least free speech and the contrarian/ opposition energy seems quite vibrant, diverse, deep, passionate. it seems like so many americans are just not tuned into details and tend to get conned, but that maybe more are waking up to some of the con game. its a long slow process, its been over a decade now since our last nationwide painful crash. also there are very distinct differences in generational thinking and maybe the new generation will have the energy/ power to push us all in positive new directions.

we're in a tight situation in a lot of ways in this country but maybe/ finally dialog and the internet-supported free speech is reaching "tipping point" levels...?

but there is a lot of grim sentiment here and one cant entirely chalk it up into the bias of my own distinctive/ idiosyncratic selections. honestly it feels like the US is losing some of its national cohesion under the extreme shearing forces of inequality. this country has changed a lot in my life and sometimes it feels not-so-recognizable.

would like to go thru some of the great highlights of this material and might do so with a later addition if my hits/ comments make it into sizeable numbers.

a. taxes/ plan
  • 1. It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life. - The New York Times
  • 2. Republicans Insist Tax Cuts Will Benefit Workers, But CEOs Have Other Plans | HuffPost
  • 3. Republicans Admit That CEOs And Donors Really Need The Tax Cut Bill To Pass -- Or Else | HuffPost
  • 4. Most Americans want tax cuts but say soak the rich | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Now we know Donald Trump’s plan to sell tax cuts for the rich - Vox
  • 6. 6 Ideas For A Truly Radical Tax System Instead Of Trump's Tax Plan For The Wealthy | HuffPost
  • 7. Will Trump Turn to Bannon's Tax-the-Rich Faux Populism to Save a Sinking Ship? | Alternet
  • 8. Trump: Bannon Is Wrong, I’m Not Raising Taxes on the Rich
  • 9. Obamacare Repeal Would Give 400 Super-Rich U.S. Households A Giant Tax Cut | The Huffington Post
  • 10. Bannon wants Trump to up the top tax rate even higher | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Why American Workers Pay Twice as Much in Taxes as Wealthy Investors - Bloomberg
  • 12. White House says we're going to PASS tax reform  | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Not your father's economy - POLITICO
  • 14. Why Don’t Most Americans Know They’re Getting a Tax Cut? - The Atlantic
  • 15. Corporations Are Trying To Sell The GOP's Narrative On Tax Cuts | HuffPost
  • 16. President Trump told friends tax bill makes them richer | Daily Mail Online
a2. criticism
  • 1. Robert Reich: Is Trump's Treasury Secretary a Fool or a Tool? | Alternet
  • 2. That Swamp: What Trump Really Meant Was to Drain the Pockets of Americans Who Make Less Than $500,000 a Year | Alternet
  • 3. Welcome To The Class War | HuffPost
  • 4. Trump Voters Celebrate Massive Tax Cut for Everyone but Them
  • 5. Trump Flip Flops Once Again, Now Allowing Hedge Funds Their $180 Billion Tax Dodge | Alternet
  • 6. Don't Be Fooled by Donald Trump's 'Tax Reform' Talk—It's Another Massive Tax Cut for the Rich | Alternet
  • 7. Robert Reich: 4 Reasons Trump's Plan to Shrink the IRS Would Do Big Damage to Society | Alternet
  • 8. Robert Reich: Trump Is Lying to Middle Class Americans Right to Their Faces | Alternet
  • 9. Want to Know What Happens with Large-Scale Tax Cuts? Just Take a Look at Kansas | Alternet
  • 10. Trump's Trojan Horse Tax Cut | HuffPost
  • 11. Trump's Tax Plan Is An Act Of Political Domination By The Rich | HuffPost
  • 12. Estate-Tax Repeal Is the Original Phony Populism
  • 13. Donald Trump’s Big ‘Tax Reform’ Plan—the Rich Get Richer, You Get Screwed
  • 14. The weird theory that turns Trump's tax cuts for the rich into a middle-class benefit - Vox
  • 15. Greg Palast: Trump's Tax Cuts Are More Evidence America's Greedy Billionaires Have Staged a Political Coup | Alternet
  • 16. Robert Reich: American Oligarchs' Day of Reckoning Is Nigh | Alternet
  • 17. Paul Krugman: Trump Is Quite Willing to Pretend That Tax Cuts for the Rich Will Help Everyone | Alternet
  • 18. The Numbers Are In: Trump's Trillion-Dollar Tax Cuts Will Take a Stunning Toll on American Society | Alternet
  • 19. 'This Is Not a Tax Bill, This Is a Declaration of War': Nationwide Protests Erupt After GOP Tax Vote | Alternet
  • 20. Trump Team Resurrects Voodoo Economics Pushing Tax Cuts and Ludicrous Growth Projections | Alternet
  • 21. Don't Look Now, but America's Tax System May Collapse Soon - VICE
  • 22. Donald Trump Just Pulled Off the Greatest Long Con in History
  • 23. Trump Just Kicked off a Global Tax War | Alternet
  • 24. Trump's Credibility Is So Low That Americans Don’t Believe They’re Getting A Tax Cut | HuffPost
a3. repub
  • 1. The GOP Tax Plan Is a Giant Middle Finger to Hundreds of Millions of Americans Who Aren't Rich | Alternet
  • 2. Republicans Love Welfare—for the Rich. It’s Called the Carried-Interest Loophole.
  • 3. Republicans Are Growing Antsy the White House Has Already Doomed Their Plutocratic Tax Bill | Alternet
  • 4. The Republican Tax Plan Is Even More Devastating to the Poor Than Previously Thought | Alternet
  • 5. The GOP Tax Plan – This Is What Domination Economics Looks Like | HuffPost
  • 6. The GOP Is Proposing a 250 Percent Tax Hike on Millions of Americans | Alternet
  • 7. 9 Reasons to Stop the GOP’s Giant Tax Gift to the Wealthy | Alternet
  • 8. Workers Wary of GOP Flimflam Tax Scam | Alternet
  • 9. Republicans Are Starting to Panic Americans Are Onto Their Tax Cut Scam | Alternet
  • 10. The GOP Tax Plan Tells Us Everything About Who Matters In American Democracy | HuffPost
  • 11. The GOP Embraces Trump's Corrupt Business Model in Tax Plan: Take People's Money and Screw the Public | Alternet
  • 12. Robert Reich: 5 Reasons the GOP Tax Plan Is a Cruel Joke | Alternet
  • 13. How the GOP Painted Itself Into a Corner on Tax Reform
  • 14. Paul Krugman: The Entire Republican Party Is Rotten to the Core | Alternet
  • 15. The GOP Tax-Pocalypse: Trump Shows GOP That the Truth is Now Irrelevant to the Republican Base | Alternet
  • 16. Bernie Sanders Warns GOP That America Is Waking Up To Giveaways For The Rich | HuffPost
  • 17. The GOP Tax Bill Is Social Darwinism in Action | Alternet
  • 18. Robert Reich: The GOP's Whole Economic Model Is One Giant Scam | Alternet
  • 19. The Republicans Are What We Thought They Were
  • 20. Five Ways That the Republican Tax Bill Is a Giveaway to the Super-Rich
  • 21. The Final Version of the G.O.P. Tax Bill Is a Corrupt, Cruel, Budget-Busting Hairball
  • 22. That GOP 'Middle Class' Tax Cut Might Be A Big Fat Trojan Horse For The Rich | The Huffington Post
  • 23. Another GOP Tax Plan for Millionaires | Alternet
  • 24. Republicans Get Their Tax-Cut Holy Grail: Is It Poisoned? | Alternet
  • 25. For Christmas, The GOP is Decimating the Middle Class | Alternet
  • 26. The Republican tax bill got worse: now the top 1% gets 83% of the gains - Vox
b. corp
  • 1. Paradise Papers reveal Apple set up offshore to avoid tax | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. How Apple Takes a Bite Out of All of Us by Ducking Billions in U.S. Taxes | Alternet
  • 3. 3 Greedy Ways Corporations Are Cheating America | Alternet
  • 4. Tomorrow Belongs to the Corporatocracy - The Unz Review
  • 5. Apple has a record $250 billion in the bank | Ars Technica
  • 6. Trump Is Taking Corporate Power to Historic Extremes | Alternet
  • 7. Corporations Are Showering D.C. with Huge Amounts of Lobbying Dough , $840 Million in the First 3 Months of 2017 | Alternet
  • 8. They Investigated Apple’s Factory. Ivanka’s Got Them Arrested.
  • 9. This Is How the Biggest Companies Cheated on Taxes in 2016 | Alternet
  • 10. Why It's Getting Harder (and More Dangerous) to Hold Companies Accountable | Alternet
  • 11. Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than China did - MarketWatch
  • 12. Amazon Eats Up Whole Foods as the New Masters of the Universe Plunder America
  • 13. America's Amazon Problem | HuffPost
  • 14. Banks Are Spending Billions To Make Rich People Richer | The Huffington Post
  • 15. If Washington Won’t Rein in Corporate Greed, Your State Might | Alternet
  • 16. These Three Firms Own Corporate America | Alternet
  • 17. Why Whole Foods Represents the Failures of 'Conscious Capitalism' | Alternet
  • 18. New Documentary Exposes the Shocking Conditions of Apple's Most Exploited Workers | Alternet
  • 19. Rigged. Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing. - USA TODAY
  • 20. Workers from Ivanka Trump's shoe factory reveal conditions | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. How the Student Loan Industry Is Helping Trump Destroy American Democracy | Alternet
  • 22. How Obama's Failure To Prosecute Wall Street Set The Stage For Trump’s Win | HuffPost
  • 23. Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way - The Atlantic
  • 24. How bosses are (literally) like dictators - Vox
  • 25. Why Corrupt Bankers Avoid Jail | The New Yorker
  • 26. How Capitalist Central Banks Have Been Creating the Next Financial Crisis | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
  • 27. London's "Land Banking" Ventures Expose Startling Wealth Inequality
  • 28. Robert Reich: Google Is Proof Positive That Big Money Is Poisoning Our Politics | Alternet
  • 29. Bezos Amazon Empire Gets No Serious Scrutiny from the Media, Including the Washington Post, Which He Owns | Alternet
  • 30. Workers: Building Teslas for Elon Musk Is Hell
  • 31. Gary Cohn Is Giving Goldman Sachs Everything It Ever Wanted From the Trump Administration
  • 32. Goldman Sachs Is Hijacking Our Government For Profit and More Inequality | Alternet
  • 33. Many Cities Will Do Anything to Get Amazon's Attention in Their Desperation to Fix Their Economy | Alternet
  • 34. 5 Reasons You Definitely Don't Want Amazon's New Headquarters in Your City | Alternet
  • 35. Companies That Challenged Google’s Monopoly See Antitrust Critics’ Firing As A Threat | HuffPost
  • 36. Debt Company Makes Sheriffs Rich by Jailing the Poor, Lawsuit Claims
  • 37. How Banks Helped Launder Money For Organized Crime And Got Away With It
  • 38. A 21st-Century Form of Indentured Servitude Has Already Penetrated Deep into the American Heartland | Alternet
  • 39. Caterpillar’s HQ Move to Chicago Shows America’s Double Divide |
  • 40. Two of the Biggest Threats to the Stability of the World Economy Are Hiding in Plain Sight | Alternet
  • 41. Hightower: Wall Street Is Pulling a Big-Time Car Loan Scam on Thousands of Americans | Alternet
  • 42. Weinstein and Nicole Kidman named in Paradise Papers leak | Daily Mail Online
c. inequality
  • 1. Our Staggering Class Divide Starts With Childrearing | Alternet
  • 2. How Did America's Wealth Inequality Reach This Level of Toxic? | Alternet
  • 3. Toxic Inequality: How America’s Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, and Threatens Our Future: Thomas M. Shapiro: 9780465046935: Books
  • 4. Debating Whether Capitalism Shrinks Inequality - Bloomberg View
  • 5. Capitalism Will Shrink Inequality. In Fact, It's Happening. - Bloomberg View
  • 6. Trump's Blatant Assault on the Poor and Middle Class | Alternet
  • 7. Why people prefer unequal societies : Nature Human Behaviour
  • 8. Hightower: How Can We Stop the 1 Percent From Robbing Us? | Alternet
  • 9. It’s the Wealth Gap, Stupid: Inequality Drives 'Economic Anxiety'—Both Real and Perceived | Alternet
  • 10. The New Class War - American Affairs Journal
  • 11. The ‘Tale Of Two Kensingtons': London's Borough Of Extreme Rich And Poor | HuffPost
  • 12. Why Poverty Is Skyrocketing in the Suburbs - Pacific Standard
  • 13. Why It Makes No Sense to Separate the White Working Class from the Black Working Class | Alternet
  • 14. Living the American Dream in a Trailer Park | Alternet
  • 15. The Human Carnage From Billionaires Trying to Carve Up the Planet to Build Their Empires Is Astounding | Alternet
  • 16. Outclassed: The Secret Life of Inequality | Inequality | The Guardian
  • 17. Does Seattle Have the Solution for America's Crippling Income Inequality? | Alternet
  • 18. Silicon Valley’s Techno-Capitalists Have a Low-Wage Worker Revolt on Their Hands | Alternet
  • 19. Sometimes the Poor Make It Big; Usually They Stay Poor | Alternet
  • 20. Education Can't Solve Poverty—So Why Do We Keep Insisting That it Can? | Alternet
  • 21. US middle class gets richer, but wealthy do even better | Daily Mail Online
  • 22. The City of Boston’s High-Tech Plan to Tackle Income Inequality | WIRED
  • 23. Is There Biased Fact-Checking at the Washington Post on Sanders' Legit Assertion on Super-Billionaires? | Alternet
  • 24. Poverty Is Down. So Why Is Crime Up?
  • 25. Math Suggests Inequality Can Be Fixed With Wealth Redistribution, Not Tax Cuts - Motherboard
  • 26. Why Conservatives Blame Poverty on the Poor | New Republic
  • 27. Extreme Poverty Cut in Half? Only in the Minds of the Capitalists | Alternet
  • 28. The Elite Is Not Who You Think It Is—It Might Be You | Alternet
  • 29. To Many, America’s Racial Wealth Gap Remains Invisible | Alternet
  • 30. American Hyper-Capitalism Breeds the Lonely, Alienated Men Who Become Mass Killers | Alternet
  • 31. Global Bankster Mafia Caught Rigging Markets to Destroy Middle Class » The Event Chronicle
  • 32. Are Students an Economic Class? | Alternet
  • 33. The Economic Fantasies We Share with the Characters We Watch on TV | Alternet
  • 34. Desperate note from Chinese 'sweatshop slave' found in purse bought in Walmart
  • 35. Why Can't White Supremacists Confront the Fact That the Source of Their Economic Problems Are White Economic Elites? | Alternet
  • 36. How Latin America Bucked the Trend of Rising Inequality | Alternet
c2. middle class
  • 1. How Middle-Class America Got Fleeced - Bloomberg View
  • 2. The middle class is shrinking just about everywhere in America - The Washington Post
  • 3. The Great Betrayal of Middle America
  • 4. The Underappreciated Downside Of Those Factory Jobs Trump Wants To Save | HuffPost
  • 5. The Recession Hasn't Ended - The Atlantic
c3. rich
  • 1. Top 1 percent owns nearly 40 percent of all US wealth | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Inequality Out of Control: The Average 1% Household Is Over $2.5 Million Richer in the Past Year | Alternet
  • 3. Rich Americans live up to 15 years longer than poor peers, studies find | US news | The Guardian
  • 4. Lauren Greenfield Reveals America’s Obscene Wealth, in Pictures | WIRED
  • 5. Now Five Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World's Population | Alternet
  • 6. Rich People Problems takes the Crazy Rich Asians series global.
  • 7. 1 Percenters Wash Their Money Through Arts Funding—and Artists Are Calling Them Out on It | Alternet
  • 8. 3 of the Most Outrageous Ways the Richest 1% Avoids Paying Taxes | Alternet
  • 9. This Country Is Rigged in 1,000 Directions to Protect the Wealthiest—Including the Idea That Most People 'Earned' Their Way to the Top | Alternet
  • 10. The One Percent Plans to Ride out the End of the World in Style | Alternet
  • 11. Enough With the Top 1 Percent: The Top 20 Percent, the Upper Middle Class, Is Hoarding the American Dream | Alternet
  • 12. Robert Reich: A Handful of Ultra-Rich Families Are Bleeding the Country Dry | Alternet
  • 13. How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 2: 99.9% Of The Global Population Lives In A Country With A Central Bank » The Event Chronicle
  • 14. U.S. Billionaire Bonanza 2017: Three Men Now Own More Wealth Than the Bottom Half of the Country Combined | Alternet
  • 15. The Top 1 Percent Owns Over Half Of The World's Household Wealth | HuffPost
  • 16. Incentive for Terrorism: America Has Taken Nearly 70% of the World's Wealth Gains Since 2012 | Alternet
  • 17. The Mega Rich Are Getting Mega Richer: A Former CEO Exposes the Corruption Behind Their Obscene Paychecks | Alternet
  • 18. New Data Reveal the Depressing Truth About How Wealth Is Amassed in America | Alternet
  • 19. CEOs Use Virtual Reality to Simulate the Experience of Being Homeless, Face Instantaneous Backlash | Alternet
  • 20. Couple who won $328 million jackpot live ordinary lives | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. Ultra-Wealthy Young Concertgoers Duped, Stranded and Growing Hungry on an Island in the Bahamas | Alternet
  • 22. Why the colossal failure of Fyre Festival is a warning for all of Western Civilization
  • 23. The Hedge Funder Who Secretly Bought $1 Billion in Puerto Rican Debt Is Also a Secret Backer of Charter Schools | Alternet
  • 24. The Crooked Playboy Who Courted Naomi Campbell, Threw a Birthday Bash for DiCaprio, and Rented a Yacht to Beyoncé
d. politics/ policy
  • 1. The Greatest Story Too Rarely Told: America Is an Oligarchy | Alternet
  • 2. Is America Past the Point of No Return? | Alternet
  • 3. The Age of Neo-feudalism: A Government of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Corporations | HuffPost
  • 4. Did America Ever Really Work? – Bad Words – Medium
  • 5. There's a Pernicious Economic Theory Creeping into the Heart of the Democratic Party | Alternet
  • 6. How the Republican Party Has Conned America for Over 30 Years | Alternet
  • 7. America's Plutocrats Are Running for Political Office Across the Country: Can Our Democracy Survive It? | Alternet
  • 8. Why Privatization Is a Disaster for Any Democratic Society | Alternet
  • 9. Donald Trump's 21st Century Fake Populism | Alternet
  • 10. Robert Reich: How Clinton and Obama Failed to Defend the Middle Class | Alternet
  • 11. Robert Reich: There's Nothing Centrist About Trump's Latest 'Pivot' | Alternet
  • 12. Donald Trump Will Backtrack on Virtually Any Policy If a CEO Tells Him To | Alternet
  • 13. Capitalism’s Invisible Hand Doesn’t Generate Public Good | Alternet
  • 14. Goldman Sachs Is About To Swallow Donald Trump | The Huffington Post
  • 15. It's Official: How the Koch Brothers Killed Trump’s Job Plan | Alternet
  • 16. The Great Job Exodus Is Upon Us: Trump's Promise to Save American Labor Is Already a Bust | Alternet
  • 17. Elizabeth Warren Rips Obama and the Democrats for Selling Out to Wealthy Elites | Alternet
  • 18. ‘It’s the Economy, Stupid’: The Economic Voodoo That Seduces Americans to Vote Against Their Own Interest | Alternet
  • 19. The Democrats' 'Working-Class Problem' Is Worse Than We Think | Alternet
  • 20. Paul Krugman: Trump Is About to Launch His First Major War, and It's as Ill-Conceived as You'd Imagine | Alternet
  • 21. Trump's Policies Are Already Sending Jobs to Canada | WIRED
  • 22. As Trump Touts 'Made in America' Week, Indonesian Workers Toil Away Making Ivanka Trump Apparel | Alternet
  • 23. The Power of Words and the War on Democracy | Alternet
  • 24. Bernie Sanders Warns of 'International Oligarchy' After Paradise Papers Leak | Alternet
  • 25. Google Just Proved That Monopolies Imperil Democracy, Not Just The Economy | HuffPost
  • 26. The curse of middle-aged capitalism
  • 27. It’s the Economy, Democrats, but Inequality Is Not the Issue -
  • 28. President Trump’s claim that low-skilled immigration placed ‘substantial pressure’ on U.S. workers - The Washington Post
  • 29. Robert Reich: Crony Capitalism Is Rotting the Country from the Inside Out | Alternet
  • 30. Donald Trump Is The Fast-Food President | HuffPost
  • 31. The Mooch, The Donald, And The Goldmanization Of Government | HuffPost
  • 32. Donald Trump and His Team of Gangster Capitalists Have Been Waiting for a Disaster Like Hurricane Harvey | Alternet
  • 33. How Canadian Mounties Will Come to the Rescue of American Workers | Alternet
  • 34. French Workers Are Being Steamrolled by Macron, but They Could Learn a Thing or Two From India's Farmers | Alternet
  • 35. The American Dream Moved to Canada
  • 36. The Rock-Star Appeal of Modern Monetary Theory | The Nation
  • 37. Socialism, Land and Banking - The Unz Review
  • 38. Killing the Host – Digital Book
  • 39. What Do the Grenfell Tower Fire and Hurricane Katrina Have in Common? Disaster Capitalism | Alternet
  • 40. Elizabeth Warren's Pet Project Has Already Returned $12 Billion to Swindled Families—So Naturally Republicans Want It Dismantled | Alternet
  • 41. The One Word Guaranteed to Make the Corporate Pundit Class Squirm | Alternet
  • 42. White People Lack Empathy Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum, New Study Reveals | Alternet
  • 43. The Rise of the Thought Leader | New Republic
  • 44. The Daily 202: 10 reasons Democrats think the tax bill will be a political loser for Trump’s GOP in the midterms - The Washington Post
  • 45. The GOP Won Its Tax Cut For The 1 Percent, But The Battle To Stop It Will Help Progressives Win The War | HuffPost
d2. prescription
  • 1. The Democratic Party Must Part Ways with Wall St | Alternet
  • 2. Progressive Senators Are Going Big for Employee Ownership of the Businesses They Work at | Alternet
  • 3. Here’s How Donald Trump Could End America’s New Feudalism
  • 4. One Simple Thing Donald Trump Could Do That Would Make a Huge Difference—But Will He? | Alternet
  • 5. How Privatization Could Spell the End of Democracy | Alternet
  • 6. Capitalism Is Not Our Only Choice | Alternet
  • 7. America Must Resist Protectionism Because Globalization Benefits Us All | The Huffington Post
  • 8. Citizens Against Monopoly | HuffPost
  • 9. Prioritizing Economics is Crippling the U.S. Economy
  • 10. The Design Flaw at the Core of Humanity's Malaise | Alternet
  • 11. Finally, a Breakthrough Alternative to Growth Economics | Alternet
  • 12. Are You Tired of Banks, Credit Cards, and Debt? Consider a System of Trading Time Instead of Money | Alternet
  • 13. Preliminary Steps Toward a Universal Economic Dynamics for Monetary and Fiscal Policy | NECSI
  • 14. Why Long Work Hours Don’t Work for People or the Planet | Alternet
  • 15. Back to Work | New Republic
e. trends
  • 1. Life in a ‘Degrowth’ Economy, and Why You Might Actually Enjoy It | Alternet
  • 2. America Is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People | Alternet
  • 3. The Shocking Reality of a Future of Shrinking Jobs | Alternet
  • 4. A Massive Global Crisis: 201 Million Can't Find Work and Governments Aren't Fixing It | Alternet
  • 5. 3 Ways Climate Change Will Have Unequal Economic Impacts Across U.S. | Alternet
  • 6. Student Loan Debt In 2017: A $1.3 Trillion Crisis
  • 7. Many Americans are too drugged-out to work - Axios
  • 8. Are Index Funds Bad for the Economy? - The Atlantic
  • 9. The Price of Unused Vacation Time: $224 Billion - At Work - WSJ
  • 10. Don’t Be Scared About The End Of Capitalism—Be Excited To Build What Comes Next
  • 11. Job Growth Cools, Unemployment Rate Falls To 4.5 Percent | The Huffington Post
  • 12. Sending Jobs Overseas
  • 13. The Despair of Learning That Experience No Longer Matters - The New Yorker
  • 14. America, Home of the Transactional Marriage - The Atlantic
  • 15. Labor Unions Are Stepping Up To Fight Deportations | HuffPost
  • 16. 10 High-Tech Ways Billionaires Plan to Survive Doomsday | Inverse
  • 17. This Visionary Sci-Fi Author Sees the Destruction of Human Civilization: Predatory Capitalism | Alternet
  • 18. God Bless Us, Every Robber Baron | HuffPost
f. close
  • 1. Barnes & Noble holiday sales sink as coloring-book fad fades – The Denver Post
  • 2. Teens And Mall Culture: The Fading Love Affair? : NPR
  • 3. The death of malls is going to reshape the teen experience in America
  • 4. 12 Major Retailers Closing Stores Like Crazy | MONEY
  • 5. Blame Amazon for the Retail Slump | MONEY
  • 6. A Third of American Malls Will Close Soon | MONEY
  • 7. America’s Malls Are Losing Their Anchor Stores | MONEY
  • 8. Amazon didn’t kill Macy’s. Macy’s did. - Recode
  • 9. Amazon just got slapped with a $1 million fine for misleading pricing - Recode
  • 10. 'A Land Grab by the Ruling Elites': Trump's Tax Plan Derided for Benefiting the Rich | Alternet
  • 11. The Long, Hard, Unprecedented Fall of Sears - Bloomberg
  • 12. Brick-and-Mortar | Wolf Street
  • 13. Next Asset Bubble Cracks: It’s so Big even the Fed is Fretting | Wolf Street
  • 14. Commercial & Residential Real-Estate Bubble once again a Risk to “Financial Stability,” and Fed’s Rosengren is Worried | Wolf Street
  • 15. Silicon Valley Begins To Crack Visibly
  • 16. Toys 'R' Us could go bankrupt within weeks as it struggles to pay debts
  • 17. How Primitive Electronics and Expensive Video Games Turned Toys'R'Us Into a Consumer Juggernaut - Motherboard
  • 18. A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire -
g. millenial
  • 1. Blaming the Boomers for Growing Poverty in America Is Just a Media Distraction in Service of the 1% | Alternet
  • 2. New Survey Shows Bernie Is Right: Young Americans Want To Reverse Runaway Inequality | The Huffington Post
  • 3. Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
  • 4. Millennials and Capitalism Just Don't Mix | Alternet
  • 5. The Screwed Generation Turns Socialist
  • 6. The High Cost of a Home Is Turning American Millennials Into the New Serfs
  • 7. The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
  • 8. Survey shows millennials prefer socialism to capitalism  | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. Millennials Have Had It with Capitalism, New Survey Reveals | Alternet
h. cities
  • 1. Is Your City Being Sold Off to Global Elites? | Mother Jones
  • 2. The Great American Fallout: How Small Towns Came to Resent Cities | Alternet
  • 3. A Free-Market Failure In The Heartland | HuffPost
  • 4. Detroit’s Underground Economy: Where Capitalism Fails, Alternatives Take Root | Alternet
  • 5. Manufacturing Has a Future in Ohio—Just Not the One Trump Thinks
  • 6. NYC mayor wants tax for the 1 percent to fund subway fix | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. The American Dream Is Fading Everywhere, But Almost Nowhere Faster Than Michigan | Alternet

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