ME featured on CBS news "moneywatch"

Those who have followed me here at OS already know that in late 2008 following the Bush bank bail out (the last Repub rip-off as they exited Capital Hill), I became an unwilling customer of Bank of America.

Unwilling, yes... wasn't my doing. BoA took over the failed criminal enterprise known as Countrywide, therefore becoming my mortgage "service provider."

The frozen and stagnant economy brought on by the banksters and their partners on the hill made life pretty tough for me, a self-employed home improvement contractor. Those few that still had money to spend on my services were hoarding.

Who could blame them? 401k's lost value or disappeared altogether. Massive layoffs and business failures. People without jobs can't pay mortgages; the same banks that caused the crisis fired up the foreclosure machine...

Long story short, I too lost my home of 12 1/2 years, after being told by BoA that my mortgage modification was approved.

Yes, they lied. Go figure! 

Like I said, if you have followed me, you already know my story in detail. I blog everything!

Forward to this last Saturday: I noticed an ad on the right side of my facebook page...


 ... then, hastily, as I didn't have much time, wrote this blogasking my OS friends to leave comments at the BoA sponsored facebook page (it didn't take but an hour from the time I started leaving comments before they banned my contributions, and I was angry). 

Sunday morning, I had an OS private mail from Erik Sherman of CBS News 'Moneywatch.'

Apparently my OS post, which had been shared to facebook by Linnnnnnnnnn, was seen there by Erik who is her friend going all the way back to High School (that's a long time... HI LINNNNN!). 

"Erik Sherman to tr ig

I read your post - do you have a screenshot of the ad, by any chance? I'm a freelance reporter and regular contributor covering business and high tech for CBS Moneywatch. I was thinking that this might be an interesting topic, but I've never seen the ad on my own FB account."
I replied thusly-- " THE AD itself is now on my blog. Yes, still there on the right side of my page..." 
Also vounteered to be interviewed... HA
Erik: "Thanks - I'll take a copy and, of course, give you credit. Interview isn't necessary."
No interview? Well poop...
... but this morning, Erik had written his article, and sent me the link.
Erik is on OUR SIDE! Please go read!!! Not only was I "given credit;" there are links to three of my OS blogs on the subject and I couldn't be more ecstatic.
From Erik's piece: " A blogger on Open Salon who calls himself tr ig noticed the ads last week. (Note, his post is not safe for work computer filters.) He doesn't like BofA, calling the organization "notorious community killers themselves."

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Comment by tr ig on March 27, 2015 at 7:16pm

This is the blog Erik saw, therefore ^this

 Building Opportunity from Bank...

Like · 122,995 people like this.

The advertisement says " Click "Like" if you believe community is important in America." This from the notorious community killers themselves.. sheez.

Notice, neither the link or the advert mention the name Bank of America. That might draw negativity. Mmmmhmm. 

It will not go away from the right side of my facebook page and I find that beyond annoying.  I have posted on their wall asking them to quit with their ad on my page and they keep deleting me. I've posted comments at their entries and they delete most of those too! I've posted this link, part of my story, true to life... on like forty of their entries, all deleted. Now I'm blocked from posting links...

.. Yes, me!

Search Bank of America on OS and you find pages of entries, none BoA endorsements. I checked. 

Just this week, an excellent entertaining blog from our Denise aka VR detailing how she is switching her accounts away from BoA to protest the declivitiousity of BoA. Yes, November 5th, yesterday, was BANK TRANSFER DAY and I do hope anyone who had an account at BoA, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. has now withdrawn their funds. 

I do very much suggest reading Denise's post and the links... BoA transferred some 73 trillion bucks worth of shitty Euro-derivatives to their US FDIC insured banks this week. The FDIC said "wait, whoa" but they were trumped by a higher branch of government who mumbled something about world banking stability.

Shall we be left holding the stinky unwashed nutsack... again? Yeah, probably.

Now, BoA attempts damage control by putting up a friendly little facebook page that speaks of "community." They NOW care about community? AS FUCKING IF! 

And what can we do? Well, in the big picture, not much. Vote their paid prostitutes out of office to be replaced with new ones?


We can do little, besides take our funds out of their dirty bank...

AND flood their facebook page with links to stories we wrote, or news stories from elsewhere, or, just telling them that they suck. 

For those of you who are facebook users, go to the link at the top of the page, and please, help me make the lives of the minimum wage paid slave moderators at that site miserable. Make them cry as they pack up, quit, and bicycle home to mommy.

Shame them with truth. Tell them I sent you. I warned them!




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