'Mansplanations.... A Definitive Example (Remedial Version)

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Seems some of the wannabe frat boys are thumping their chests and pontificating around the beer bong about how using the term 'mansplain' " is "sexist", mean, "bitchy", etc. (...and yeah, I know... just more habitual, nut scratching bonobo behavior, but still...) 

The thing is, I doubt any of them REALLY get what "mansplaining" even means.  That is why I'm going to try to explain, by supplying this remedial version for them. (...and yeah, I know... wasted effort, but still...).

Let's start out with a definition....  sit down and be quiet, Terrance!  We already know you think the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is "akin" to the Devil's Bible.  No need to repeat yourself OR EVER say "Sorry, Amy again" (hopefully for as long as you live!)

man·splain  (manˈsplān)

(of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

This can be additionally defined as:

As Lily Rothman of The Atlantic defines it: "explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman"


As Rebecca Solnit ascribes the phenomenon as:  "a combination of overconfidence and cluelessness"

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Okay got that so far???  (...and yeah, I know... not a one of them got it, but still...)

So here is a perfect example of "'mansplaining"...

Good 'ol Koshersalaami, mansplainer extraordinaire, wrote a post attempting to "mansplain" (in his usual, passive-aggressive, roundabout, deniable way) a comment I made on another one of his posts (in which he did some mighty fine 'mansplaining in his own right).

In the comments of KB's (short for KosherBaloney) post I made the following comment:

"P.S.  Glad you gave AKA a big 'ol pass on what is akin to anti-Semitic remarks, btw.  Guess it okay as long as there is some deniability with his passive-aggressive chickenshitiness, huh?"

(a separate remedial class will be help on the phase "akin to" later on in this series, if required)

Which was in reference to this comment:

Comment by alsoknownas on July 26, 2017 at 8:01pm

I would get a row boat and quietly get away from Insania and whoever the hell it might be that is saying such antagonistic, unsubstantiated, relentless, loud kid in the social studies group shit to you.

(Note: standard AKA popping in to take chickenshittiness to a whole new level of passive-aggression)

But WAIT!  There's more!!!!

From there on out the wannabe frat boys proceeded to mansplain what I meant by that by referring to an entirely different comment taking the requisite Clintonista cheap shot at Jill Stein (see apparently not understanding what the fuck "akin to" means above).  

This "mansplanation" was expounded upon in almost a dozen follow up comments by KB and AKA, with the noted assistance of a couple of others (who aren't worth the effort to even mention)

The WFBs even carried it over onto a totally unrelated post by Doc Vega!

Comment by alsoknownas yesterday

Hey Amy !

It's been nearly a week since you called me anti-Semitic for joking about Stein's lack of experience before running for POTUS.

How's the remedial reading course coming along?

To which I replied:

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy yesterday

Hey, AKA !

 It's been nearly a week since you and your buddy were too fucking dense to understand what I was saying (no major surprise there) and decided to totally fuck it up by trying to mansplain it.

How's the remedial mansplaining course coming along?

(Included to verify that, because I care ::roll eyes::, I am even providing the remedial mansplaing course for them)

Followed by these stellar "clueless" comments:

Comment by koshersalaami yesterday

You mean about saying criticizing Jill Stein's experience was antisemitic? Explain that one to us

Comment by alsoknownas yesterday


You can't answer k/s because it was just another of your endless attacks without substance.

The faux-progressive voice you use while ranting about mansplainin', a sexist term that is laughable is merely another.

hey Doc...

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman yesterday

wait...ANY time a woman is told she's missed a point by a man the fella is "mansplaining"? Content and context have naught to do w whether or not "mansplaining" is deployed legitimately or as a simply clumsy, thoughtless cudgel? (I guess so.) ROFL

Comment by koshersalaami 21 hours ago


Of course mansplainin' is sexist. Speaking personally, the contention that I restrict my endlessly pedantic explanations to female audiences is slanderous.

If you don't believe me, ask Terry.

Comment by koshersalaami 19 hours ago

What do we call it when a woman tells a man he missed the point?

Let me guess: accuracy.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy 19 hours ago

Oh, lookie! All of the wannabe frat boys beating their chests and strutting for each other. How cute.

Comment by koshersalaami 16 hours ago

The guy who introduced "patronizing" into the English lexicon clearly made a mistake by giving the term a gendered root.

See what I mean yet???? (...and yeah, I know... denial ain't just a river in Africa, but still...)

SOOOOOOO, kiddies...  the bottom line is to:

a.) Stop assuming you freaking know what some one means or what some one knows.... and maybe... just maybe ask them.  

b.)  If you do ask them, do it in a manner that isn't so fucking paternalistic, condescending and patronizing.

c.)  Stop mansplaining and man-tro-sizing.  (...and yeah, I know... I just made that word up because I couldn't think of the right one, but still...)

d.)  In other words...  simply stop being a bunch of assholes!

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P.S.  Do I think the term "mansplaining" is sexist?  Yeah, probably.  Give me an alternate word that has the same power then.

BTW, for all of you covert sexist people offended by the overt use of mansplaining that think I should not use it (but your covert patronization and condescension is just fine)...  If you see a black person surrounded by whites calling him/her a "nigger" time after time after time...  do you give him/her shit for calling them "fucking whitey"???  (and, of course, give all the white people a pass???)

Thought so...  I figured you did!

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Comment by greenheron on August 3, 2017 at 3:34pm

Womansplaining about mansplaining. xy persons who practice it are often the least open to honest self-examination. It’s a bit like talking to a wall, if you will. I’d guess not many men are going to read Solinit’s book, although if you care about why women are upset about this, it’s an insightful read.

If a man doubts the existence of this dynamic, of the assertion of male knowledge as if women have no credibility, all he needs to do is ask a woman if this has ever happened to her. Has any woman not experienced it?

It requires humility to realize you might know less than another person, and to be just as open to learning as you are to teaching. 

Several questions you might ask yourself before you start typing.

1. Is this a subject a woman would most likely know more about, feminism for example?

2. Do you assume you know more, without first asking her what she knows, or even if she wants to know anything about the subject?

3. Do you talk over/interrupt/word-drown a woman without giving her an opportunity to share what she knows on a subject?

4. If she does, do you explain what she really means/thinks?

Comment by greenheron on August 3, 2017 at 3:44pm

Worth mentioning, Solnit begins her essay ('Men Tell Me Things') by recounting a party conversation with a man who insisted that she read a book that was garnering attention and positive reviews, summarizing relevant aspects of it for her. Although he had not read the book, only a review, he spoke to her with authority about it, even as she tells him three times that she is the book’s author. 

Men find this anecdote difficult to believe. Women sadly know it's true.

Comment by Ron Powell on August 3, 2017 at 4:24pm

"If you see a black person surrounded by whites calling him/her a "nigger" time after time after time...  do you give him/her shit for calling them "fucking whitey"???"

The equivalent of this happens to me here, though not quite as often as it did in the beginning...

So, I get it.

However, wouldn't it have been appropriate for you to have identified the source of the definition you give here?:

"Mansplaining is a portmanteau of the word man and the informal form splaining of the verb explaining and means "to explain something to someone, characteristically by a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing".[1][2][3][4]Lily Rothman of The Atlantic defines it as "explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman",[5] and feminist author and essayist Rebecca Solnit ascribes the phenomenon to a combination of "overconfidence and cluelessness".[6]"



1) A sexist slur created by feminists to invalidate someone's opinion based on their gender.

2) A form of character assassination, generally (but not always) used by women toward men, in circumstances where there is no other logical response to a given statement in an argument, except to concede the loss of said argument.

-----The Urban Dictionary

Am I "mansplaining" when I suggest that it's always good form to provide the source of a direct quote?

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 3, 2017 at 4:25pm

Here's what makes me crazy...  the same people that do the most "mansplaining" are totally tone deaf to the condescension and patronizing tone of their own words (and woman who has ever head that "tone" knows exactly what I'm talking about), yet are the exact same ones who are most upset about the term being used on them.

It's like KKK members getting mad because they are called white separatists for burning crosses in people's yards, ffs. 

Comment by greenheron on August 3, 2017 at 4:32pm

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 3, 2017 at 4:34pm

Uh, Ron...  nice try at trying to catch that red herring, but use a hook next time.  

Of the three quotes I used two state who said them.  The third is obviously a dictionary definition (that did not come from such a blatantly bogus source as Urban "Anybody can stick in whatever they freakin please" Dictionary.

So, in other words, want to know where you can stick your "However, et al"??? 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 3, 2017 at 4:38pm

That BAV totally rocked, GH!!!!  Loved the hell out of it!

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 3, 2017 at 4:42pm

Heh, ya know AKA...  you are always going on about how you never post where you've been asked not to...  that THAT is such a total pile of horseshit (because, even though you whined like a semi-ween puppy about other people doing it you) just shows what an absolute, self-entitled hypocrite you really are.  

Comment by greenheron on August 3, 2017 at 4:46pm

Rebecca Solnit:

“The problem is a kind of overconfidence men sometimes have that they assume they know and she doesn’t - a problem when it’s actually the other way around. The essay resonated because so many women have had this experience, and the cumulative effect is to undermine and override knowledge and contributions to the conversation or the project or the world a woman might have. It also seems to be the conversational way in which a man insists on his right to take up more space and that a woman should take up less, or that he has the right to invade her space - she should listen; he should talk; he possesses, she lacks.”

Ron, telling a woman that she should look up the wiki definition of her own every day experience is kind of like telling you to look up the wiki definition of racism.

Amy, I'd give a toe if I could hang out with Maxine for an hour!  

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on August 3, 2017 at 4:50pm

LOLOL...  Now I'm pissed!

Good 'ol WFB Alsoknownas sent me a chat message (he's blocked there now, so its all good) in which he called you "Green'splain".  

I want to be called "Amy'splain" or even "Bitch'splain" now!  (not that I doubt they are thinking the last one already).


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