manafort indicted on money laundering/ tax evasion! faces 80 yrs. all the trump connections, copious links

hi all, manafort is a shady character, but at times he seems like the least shady character in this whole big mess. one might say the (Neo) Swamp™, but that would be ironic.

manafort has connections to the prior corrupt yanukovych govt of ukraine. hes a fallen president, and widely agreed to be corrupt. but my question is, is this "regime change" (in the anodyne talk of washington) merely/ really a falling out among thieves? or a turf war by two world mafias? the ukrainian revolution seemed to be pushed by right wing extremists. is it a peoples revolution or a revolution, like the syrian crisis, fueled/ instigated by western interests?

the US is friendly with all kinds of shady dictators and regularly looks the other way. yanukovych while "bad news" was freely elected. much like the iranian govt that the CIA overthrew decades ago. or as in many other countries.

it looks like the Deep State doesnt really care if a world leader is freely elected or a dictator. thats just window dressing. the real question is whether they "cooperate" with Deep State manipulation. beneath the window dressing, both russia and US want leaders that can be "manipulated". the public "cover image" varies in each case. they may be a dictator, they may be elected, they may be put in place with a revolution or miscellaneous "regime change". Libya was the latest major example.

it looks to me like Mafia 1 (western) did not appreciate manaforts effective working for Mafia 2 (russian) and is using the FBI to take him out. it seems to be something like a "cleanup/ afterthought/ run up the score" operation after Mafia 1 already took over most of Ukraine from Mafia 2 in the "ostensibly populist" revolution a few years ago.

its great that the charges of money laundering are so close to trumps own operation (wrote about all that in depth ½ yr ago last may), and it makes one wonder if the Feds are zeroing in on his own "creative accounting". it looks like Trump is "ground zero" for all kinds of shady money laundering activities. the only question really is, how complicit is he? as that SNL video of ivanka goes. "complicit".... takes on a whole new meaning after a shiny new indictment is handed down. (a real Trump milestone triggering/ worthy of a major blog effort...)

but manafort with all his tens of millions of dollars still seems like a nearly sideshow character to me. there is one rumor in Ukraine hes a CIA agent. it doesnt sound entirely implausible to me. defn some kind of agent...

the real center characters are Sater and possibly Mogilevich. there are scattered refs to them in following links.

another amusing angle to me is how the FBI worked from a washington soccer moms blog to discover Manaforts laundered real estate deal. huh! shes indeed a real hero but why is a volunteer doing more than the FBI to takedown dangerous criminal figures? and one wonders if the FBI only moves in if the criminal stench wafting in front of the public gets too strong... FBI will likely conceal how instrumental her own role was out of professional embarrassment. if a sort of cold blooded agency can be said to have any such human-like feeling.

manafort is sure to hire the very best lawyers money can buy. they will be able to drag out the process quite indefinitely, presumably, just with legal moves. this reminds me of someone else that could be said of, who recently got released after his ~1decade jail sentence: OJ Simpson. also maybe a bit coincidentally they are nearly the same age.

the magnitsky-browder act is in the headlines/ news a lot lately. but again as with everything in our modern Deep State world, nothing is as it seems. after further inquiry it again just appears to me to be another case of Mafia 1 vs Mafia 2 except that here there was enough villainy carefully choreographed in front of congress to generate official sanctions.

browder has done a brilliant job of putting on his white "hardworking businessman" hat and contrasting it with putins sinister dark hat. but really how much difference is there between these two greedy oligarchs? it only seems an order of magnitude or so with Putin now rumored semiplausibly to be the worlds richest man. aka Consigliere vs World Godfather #1. and what the heck really went on in Browders highly lucrative russian "hedge fund" anyway? and what a coincidence! there are CIA rumors there also!

it looks to me like as usual congress didnt ask any hardball questions or question the fineprint much on that one. it was just "kick russia (aka Mafia 2) where it hurts, the exact reason/ rationale/ justification doesnt really matter too much." and our supine, asleep-at-the-wheel media is happy to assist in not looking very closely or thinking about it too hard. "the devil is in the details"--- so then why bother!

intl politics sure can be byzantine cant it? if its hard to follow, just read more of the MSM and worry more about eg football players who kneel during the national anthem and what Trump said about it.

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f. magnitsky-browder
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g. crime/ russia
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