"Making some CENSE out of FRANKEN"...and not just at Christmas!

     As a former Stand-Up Comic & a woman, the last time I checked; I can definitively say the majority of Comics are of the male persuasion.  And, after being surrounded by their musky essence & testosterone prowess a good long time; it's true - the power over the adoring female in the audience comes into play.

     In their defense; all Senators weren't Comics & not all Comics are predators - 99.9% just want to get their own sit-com!

     For men - standing in front of a mic is a Chick Magnet; as we women fall in love through our ears - you know...sweet nothings, a sense of humor, 1/2 Off Sales!

     Yes, even we Funny Girls who wait in the wings & the seated gigglers swooning over a quick wit & clown shoes - make their idols seem bigger than life & more lovable than they really are.

     Whether it's 'boys will be boys' or the reason they get up on stage in the first place - at the end of the day...& the midnight show - the guys get off  before their last punch line hits the potted plant!

     Case in point, Louis C.K. & Al Freakin' Frankencense - today's 'Bad Boys of Comedy'!

     Don't get me started on Bill Cosby; there's a special place in hell...yada, yada, yada.

     I can only hope we can now begin to see there are various degrees of preverts in all professions - some you can escape from & others you can never forget.

     Oh, I could go thru all the Comics of yesteryear who may have copped a feel or played tongue tango for a quick thrill - but like Franken; may have only been using them as a prop! 

     Unless it is a pattern...then all bets are off!

     No excuses - but you have to remember; we who write & perform tend to not just think outside the box ; but around & underneath the box for jokes & bits - whether they're sophomoric or not.

     I'm not saying that's what Al Franken did; but I'm sure he didn't expect to be a Senator some day & be scrutinized to wear a 'P' the rest of his life for being a jerk for a mindless minute.

     For me, the perfect Trifecta would be if Roy Moore gets kicked to the curb first, followed by Trump & then take out Franken!  But, just as in Horse Racing; our President cannot come in 4th - or we'll never see the end of him!

     "Me too".  "Me too" is no surprise!  If your body hasn't been brushed-up against by a Neanderthal in your lifetime - you must live in a cave or a Nunnery!

     In the future, let's hope we've made some new moral adjustments & treat all our body parts with respect.

     As for me - now what am I gonna do with my 10 years-in-the-making TED Talk:

     "Guys - Make Her Fall in Love with your Funny Bone"!

     Oh well...I guess in Comedy & in life - it's all about timing!


Happy to say this article can also be seen in "Humor Times Magazine" but with more commas & exclamation points! 


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Comment by Ron Powell on December 2, 2017 at 1:15pm

Whether future senator or not the photo of Franken shows a lack of respect and disregard of dignity that should not be excused or justified. ..

Franken is supposed to be smarter than this:

Comment by marilyn sands on December 2, 2017 at 2:04pm

Thanks for dropping by...

Yes Ron, of course - I agree totally with you.

As Robin Williams once said, "God gave men both a penis & a brain but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time"!

Comment by Foolish Monkey on December 2, 2017 at 3:24pm

the franken thing really knocked me for a loop.  I wasn't sure how to take it until I actually heard the woman speak and describe and then I knew - he's an asshole.  just like every other asshole any and every damn one of us could testify to having met and had to grapple with and spit out after they shoved their tongue down our throat.  that's the thing - I've NEVER met a woman who hasn't had to deal with some man's sense of entitlement of their body or body part.  EVERY woman I've ever known.

when it comes to the gamut of "slipped tongue" to "aggravated assault and rape", we've experienced at least one of it.  and it sucks.  and it's no wonder ME TOO has taken off.  we've all been - something'd by some entitled jerk with a penis. 

Comment by Foolish Monkey on December 2, 2017 at 3:28pm

he disappointed me.  I'm a real franken fan - for years.. I read all his books and ADMIRED him, his political outlook (he used to do a show on sirius I think, then there's his cool, his great sense of humor and that ability to pull it all together and make sense.  now....as far as I'm concerned, he's done.

who ARE these men?  what are they thinking when they choose to act out on a woman's body without consent.

Comment by Anna Herrington on December 2, 2017 at 4:19pm

I sat in a room full of mixed genders of all ages last week and to a man, they were the only ones seeming shocked at any of these allegations - at least the tide is turning for these individuals - and hopefully it will continue to any predator/pedophile/harasser/worse and a turn in history will be made.

None of the women were shocked at all. We'd all been grabbed, groped, had penises displayed for us to 'thrill over' at inappropriate moments, multiple times in our lives.... the luckiest of us, *only* that.

Congrats on making a tough subject 'light' - and for making it into Humor Times!! Nice!

Comment by Foolish Monkey on December 2, 2017 at 4:38pm

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  thrilling over some errant penis!!  hahahahahah  jesus, I have thought that through, and god knows enough of us have laughed and talked about what in hell are these men thinking when they take their dicks out willynilly!  it's like am I suppose to say OH BRING THAT BIG BOY OVER HERE! or something like that?  do they really truly believe that women want them to unzip and display?  it's would be funny if it wasn't so weird and creepy and even dangerous.  when they've gone that far shit can get dangerous and scary. 

Comment by marilyn sands on December 2, 2017 at 6:37pm

Thanks Foolish M!  You made me laugh!  If we live long enough - and I have...we women have first hand experience with the way males treat us & their private parts.  Today - there are more single people (because of divorce & later marriages) so there are many more opportunities for interaction & a colorful sex life.

To be serious for a minute - men have a unique responsibility to not force their manhood on anyone - no matter how old the female is.  And, it should always be consensual - whether it's making love or viewing it.  Be aware of our mixed signals.  Women today have become freer with their needs & should also have boundaries.  So, each sex should step back & decide how we want to conduct our sex lives.  

Comment by marilyn sands on December 2, 2017 at 6:54pm

Thanks Anna!  You're so right.  It's possible that some men just think that 'Sex Mores' don't change over time.  We've become too objectified, for one thing.  But, thank goodness many women & men still believe - it's a tender expression of love, not casually tossed away; until they find the next roll in the hay.  As far as the 'Exhibitionism' element we're seeing exposed these days - that is sexual deviant behavior & should be addressed by the law.

Comment by Token on December 3, 2017 at 11:42am

all that really needs to be said about Franken is that he was a wrestler.

Think about it - there are no people on earth less respectful of "personal space". I say that as a 2 year member of the Ohio State Wrestling team.... Before that I had never been a member of an organized wrestling team, I was able to gain a spot on the OSU team (as a wrestling dummy) from my experience in Judo. I say that not to disparage the wrestlers, I'm proud to have been a part of that group, but the difference in how Judokas and Wrestlers respectively, think of and treat their opponents , is hair raising.)

Comment by marilyn sands on December 3, 2017 at 1:17pm

Hi Token - As Johnny Carson used to say, "I didn't know that".  I know more about Boxing than Wrestling & I'm sure you were good at it.  I guess that's 'All hands.'  And, it's important to wear a Cup!  ha ha 


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