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Linda posted about our recent lunch.

 Lunch a second year in a row confirmed what I already knew–that Linda exudes a warm spirit that embraces others with real huggggs. She’s funny, quirky, overflowing with stories that are as colorful and eclectic as the fun clothes she wears.

All of which is to say that as far as I can tell she is the very same person who appears in the words and pictures of her blog, All these qualities endear her to me. I am honored to call her a friend. 

 I also appreciate her discretion. I told her things in confidence that did not appear on her post about our lunch. 

 That would be more than enough for me. But like some other sweet things, she comes with a frosting: she is for me an inspiration. 

 Linda and I are the same age, which I won’t reveal. Lets just say we are no spring chickens. We both took up writing late in life and have taught ourselves. We’re both eager to get better at it. And we both want to be read.

How Linda goes about writing and finding readers inspires me. She blogsevery day. She blogs in the morning and edits her book in the afternoon. All of this writing is practice.

It’s obvious from reading her for the last year and a half that that practice is paying off – her writing gets better and better.  She loves to write and does it whenever she can, making no excuses.


She’s brave. She has ventured out from the (mostly) warm and friendly waters of Open Salon to explore other venues.  She struggled for a year to establish a strong presence on the Zoomers site.  She recently started writing for a venue run by a longtime professional who mercilessly edits her work. It was painful, but she did it so she could learn.


She lets criticism and rejection roll off her back.


Unlike many of our generation, she has been fearless in pursuing social media as a means for disseminating her writing. It too is paying off – she’s getting more and more readers. 


And there’s much to fear in her pursuit: entanglement in arcane technologies, which waste the little time we have left at this late age. (She’s cracked the wizard’s code of HTML.) And the evil trolls who lurk at every corner of the net, waiting to savage our words and even our persons.  Having met Linda, I would strongly advise them not to mess with her.


Linda doesn’t expect to make much money with her writing – it’s not why she does it. But I wouldn’t bet on that. Her work ethic, her persistence, her desire to become a better writer are qualities that have already taken her far. And I have no doubt, will take her farther.


 One last thing. Linda seemed quite spooked by my description  of the long hours my father worked as a writer, and the toll it took on him.  I want to assure her, she has nothing to be afraid of, provided that:



  1. She uses nothing stronger than caffeine to fuel her writing.


  1. She does not allow her writing to get in the way of her relationship with her family.


  1. She doesn’t become TOO famous.  I know all too well that fame is more of a curse than a blessing.






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Oh I envy you your lunch with Linda!! She is just great in my book too!
I too envy your lunch with Linda, she is such an amazing person and a great friend when she adopts you into her loving online family.
There are blogs on OS that I avoid because the people have said things that were hurtful to her and took her away from us for a while. I love seeing her back here although I read her other blogs, I wish that she were here as much as she used to be. 
what a wonderful lunch you describe
rated with love
I love Linda and truly believe that we were soul sisters at one time. She does too. I wish so much that I could meet her in person. Lucky you. r
OMG... This was so nice.. I feel so honoured to be called a friend of you and Judy.
I bow to you wise one and thank you so much.
What a cool and completely unsurprising assessment of Linda, I'm glad you have gotten to lunch two years in a row. 
That Linda has drive and vision and a huge heart is clear in every post she writes, every hug she offers, every private word of encouragement I've gotten from her, I'm guessing many have gotten from her...
I keep threatening I'm going to get down to the Bay Area to see her, she's been lucky so far I've not gotten that far : )
If you ever make it further north to Oregon, or I actually got to SF when you're around, I'd love to meet you too!
She is one of the good ones that's for sure!!

I knew she would be just as nice in person. She is one of a kind and a good friend!
I think I may be the one who 'mercilessly edits her work.' But it must be said: Linda has the energy, the zeal and the personality of 10 writers. I edit her so I can keep up with her. She inspires me and is way more fun to read.
Nice to read about this Luminous. Both of you are among my favorites and there's something charming about a meet-up that goes well. Maybe it's the reassurance that our online personas aren't so different than the flesh and blood manifestation at the keyboard.
She raved about lunch that day - particularly the company. Thanks for writing this lovely piece.
ya see john?? E. C. aka Crabby came here to make sure my comment was written okay hahaha
Love this woman..:)
Linda shares her fine spirit in even the dustiest and most cobwebbed corners of this ethereal platform.
My knowledge of Linda tells me she is a wonderful person and I admire her drive to write. It is so nice to hear that others feel the same way and appreciate her too. She is one in a million!
Me, too. Envy you. Linda is the bomb. Thank you, Muse!
Linda's writing is honest. I admire her passion and focus. Her stories are always revealing lessons we can all draw upon.
How cool! I would have guessed that she is just as kind and interesting as your description.
You are clearly a man with discerning abilities; Linda is the daughter I didn't have and I would savage anyone who doesn't think she's a gem...her readers view her and know her through her writing, and you are so right about that being a true reflection of the person she is...funny, quirky...you said it all so well. And she's gobsmacked that you appreciate her writing!
I would give my last dime for the chance to meet both of you. Linda inspires ambition and tenacity. You probably have stories to tell that would take days to hear. I'm so glad you are friends.

Eh..hem! I can't get arrested, trying to meet up with Linda for coffee, lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktails or what not and I live pretty doggone close to her, from time to time. And a daughter near her...yep! Looks like a chick fight is ensuing here over the lovely Lady Linda and the desire to know her and be in her wonderful company. I'll just have to try harder...and I will! And she very much deserves this very flattering and thoughtful post about knowing her as you do. Lucky duckie!
A great tribute to a Nice Lady.
Original & Omnipresent in every way. 
(Approved by FRed(tm) daBrit Siamese).

"Press send NOW please FRed(tm) and don't forget to rate this too. I know I know Boy, you're infamous in the City of London too but even your extortionate annual bonus doesn't exclude you from doing the tough jobs."
Love meeting fellow OS'ers. You are two people I would sure like to meet.
Luminous, I'm glad Linda, Mrs. Muse and yourself had a second lunch. Linda may have mentioned we had a fun lunch together too. Love to meet all you guys sometime in SF, if as the song says, "the fates allow."
Linda was the main thing, but I should have mentioned the food too: sushi at Eiji on Sanchez - the best in SF, and cheap, too. And eclairs at Tartine in the Mission. Mmmmmmmm.
I wish I could have been at this lunch - sounds like a wonderful time, with wonderful people! Thank you for writing this about Linda - I think she is a true writer because she writes out of love and a need to express herself, sincerely, purely, from the heart. Plus, she's such a nice person!
Lovely story of a great Open Salon presence.
Muse- Beautiful words for Linda "Linda exudes a warm spirit that embraces others with real hugggg" I haven't met Linda yet but there's never been a doubt in my mind that her huggggsss weren't sincere- Glad the two of you hooked up- it seems both you and Linda are great friends and writers too!
I would have loved to have been there. thanks for sharing...

Better than a thousand hollow words,
is one word that brings peace.
I think we're all envious of your lunch with Linda. She seems like an inspirational woman, writer, mother, fashion beast, et al. I'm not sure there's anything she can't do!
Thank you for this summary, Luminous. I'd love to meet Linda as well as you and your lovely wife one day too. You've given sound advice to my compatriot. It's a pleasure to "know" you both through this medium.

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