The heat has been beyond oppressive these last days. I tell myself it could be worse... could be in Texas witnessing the genesis of this century's dust bowl.

Here, at least we get some rain.

Even with the temps as they have been, we sit outside every evening before sunset. Cicada's cacaphony is the background music this week. The martins fly far above the trees doing their mosquito round-up, then later, just at dusk, the tiny bats who can turn on a dime flit around above us, much lower than the martins. I could never get bored with these scenes, the memories of which I will draw on to sustain my soul in the stark and frozen shortened days of winter.

Last night was extra-special. The sky to the west turned greenish-black. A delightful puff of wind pushed by the low cloud deck shook loose leaves from the walnut which twirled down slowly all around us. The temperature dropped five degrees in five minutes.

The first drops of rain coincided with that first moment of full darkness,  so we retired to the casa and opened all the windows. A breeze.. fresh (though moist) air!

You know the kind of thunderstorm that scared you as a child?

That was what followed.

I watched in open-mouthed amazement from our small covered front porch for a while, then got the idea that I might be able to capture the lightning on camera.

I doubted my chances for success due to the delay, but resolved to just click it over and over hoping for a bit of luck.


 no providence here.. those are street lights


 ah, but the next click! followed by KABLAM!!!


another attempt... dammet


 but the next frame!!! and another bowel shaking BOOM!





 a short movie in which you can hear as well as see... 


signing off,

tr ig, a city-bound hillbilly

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