Miss Five has a large selection of things to play with and lately the houses full of little toy mice are her favorites.  We talk about things over her head as she plays and it is interesting to see it all come out in play.   She had a tsunami hit the houses and lots of her little dolls had to sit on the roof to escape the water.  Then an earthquake came and we shook the table and the little people had to be secured.  Finally a big bear came into the picture and threatened everyone. 

   It turned out the bear wasn't so mean after all and in a freak accident he took a dive off the two story deck and ended up in the grass.  I went down to rescue him but he missed being thrown back up on the deck twice and finally splashed into a bin of water.  He was a mess when I finally walked him up the stairs and Miss Five took over.  I had been thinking she was just a ME ME ME kid but it turns out she has a very caring side.

     She wrapped the bear in toilet paper bandages and made a pillow for him.  All the other animals and dolls gathered around at the hospital and she gave him lots of medicine very carefully.  Then the bandages needed to be changed as the orange ribbon had bled into the toilet paper and it was a mess.  Orange blood.  Soon, with new bandages around his entire bear body he was paraded carefully past everyone to show how well he was being taken care of.  It gave me hope that this little girl might grow up to help someone.

        When my girls were young I would eavesdrop on their play and it was like a soap opera with so much drama it made my head spin.  Those dolls went through hell and back and the play took on far more importance than just a kid thing.  It was preparing them for the real world.  My girls handle the big stuff now and are very competent.  I am so proud of them for being helpers in this world. I just wish it all wasn't so hard.

       We have all been warned that there are things that happen in crisis.  Smooth riding is nice but then the shit hits the fan and all around us seems like a nightmare.  We work through it and solve problems.  We keep a smile on our face when our hearts and bodies are breaking.  We try.   I do.  Stuff happens and since we were all little kids we have been steadily preparing for the real world where we have to step up and do the right thing, care for someone, grieve, and be brave.  It is not an easy ride no matter who you are.   Playing helps.

                    I think of the little children who are leaving Syria on foot.  I wonder at our role in making their lives miserable.  Assad says we are responsible because we backed the wrong people.  We wanted him out.  The little kids fleeing for their lives don't know about blame.  They just miss home and watching it all explode is hard.  I wonder what the play is like in refugee camps.  I bet it is intense. 

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Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on September 16, 2015 at 11:47am


Comment by koshersalaami on September 16, 2015 at 11:49am

Good connections

Comment by JMac1949 Memories on September 16, 2015 at 2:11pm

Sounds like, that with Miss Five's care, the bear will recover.  Excellent post.  R&L

Comment by Anna Herrington on September 21, 2015 at 10:03am

Having a Miss Four over here, I'm really enjoying how your Miss Five views the world - how lucky for her to have Grandma closer! 

...and the Syrian crisis has gone on so long and just seems to be worse and worse... so heartbreaking! then I think of the kids from Mexico who pour/ed into the US, who still aren't out of enclosed camps and I think, "where has the news gone about them?"

There will be more mass migrations across the globe, I believe, not less, as time goes on. According to a Nat Geo recent article, there are 5 mass migrations currently happening. Syria seems to be getting the attention - and they are such a beautiful people, it's somehow doubly heartbreaking to see these beautiful children looking so terrified.....


Our 'Miss Four,' Ani, is now getting aware of doctors and ambulances. hard to have that sweetness of innocence young ones have sometimes get run over by the world.. part of the human journey, I guess. 

I admit, I miss having you 'right down the highway,' even while loving these peeks into your new world.

  : )


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