KIE LIH Killing is easy, Living is hard......

In light of Marilyn Sands post on Last Posts....

And in Recognition that any post On OS could be your last....

 Anyone who wishes to discuss Science Vs Religion ( and how we've screwed up our world.... 

Must first read the LIfe the Universe and Everythng ( Plus all the other "Hitchhiker;'s guide Books... and realize that the Author, Doglas Adams, died a  "Satisfied Atheist" under the influence of Richard Dawkins.. ( affectionately known to his Friends as "Dickie the Dawk......


 anyway, since can no longer get things from Youtube to Imbed in OS... heres the video url.....

Watch that

Read the Douglas Adams Series

Come Back....

We'll talk.....



 One of the problems I have with OS is that it's so damned hard to say anything without hurting someone's "Feelings"

The realization comes that at heart I am a Cat.... I kill and eat things for a living....
"Love to eat them Mousies...
Mousies what I love to eat,,,
Bite they tiny heads off...
Nibble at they tiny feet........"

      by  B. Kliban

And in holding a "Communication" among people who's "Feelings" are so damn easy to hurt......

It's an act of Christian Charity to not just kill and eat them on the spot.......

Asin the Charlie Hebdo cover ( Mohammed (weeping ) says"... "It's hard being loved by idiots......

That said, Dammit, I'm TRYING to commune icate, that there might be Communion..... ( Mutual Strengthening...

Killing is EASY
It's Living that is hard.......

........ and that's what leftists are worried about. ( not the deaths, but rather that people will have an epiphany and realise that such behavior is the ultimate result of playing the "YOU hurt MY feelings" card.... ( So I  am, not just JUSTIFIED in killing you, but ENTITLED to kill you as my duty to “Fundamentalist Liberalism”.)*


A caller to the Limbaugh show just opened an intriguing can of worms, by connecting those particular dot patterns (Remember the dot pictures you did as a kid?)



Say it ain't so.....


( in 300 words or less- turn in your essay books in one hour or less-

God it's fun being given SAT practice test topics


*Fundamentalist Progressivism? what are you people calling yourselves these days?'s funny... I'm listening to my wife in the background.... actually my wife's television show.... something about "outrageous Births... mainly "What to do when 911 doesn't answer.... and you are forced to help someone give birth....

I never have...had birth or helped give it... But I learned how to do it... IN Boy Scouts.... I HAVE helped save a few lives by being first on the scene of an accident and taking over with my boy scout first aid... Funny how we don't train for that stuff anymore...

Life is a lot easier to take LESS seriously when you've been trained to handle such everyday situations,not by calling 911and waiting for the Professionals, not depend on "The Government"... but rather those trained, trusted ( and loved) members of your community who happen to be called ( By "God"? By Circumstance?) to rise to the occasion and HELP. ( BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT "HOW""... seems we Once did that sort of thing......

PS... that's why "Killing is easy... I was taught how.... I was ALSO taught NOT TO...... as a result, I've been in many, many, situations where I COULD HAVE, even "Justifiably....?Is it ever?) Killed someone.... But I've never HAD to....( Because I knew how to fight without NEEDING to kill...


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Comment by Token on February 27, 2015 at 8:29am

... actually, I misremembered the Josie Wales "uote... it's "Dying is easy for men like you and me, it's living that's hard..

So I will claim and copyright "Killling is easy, Living is hard" as the slogan of my new religion ( as suggested by Jmac) and abreviate it KIE LIH ( with props to Jmac for the abbreviation.....

Comment by Arthur James on February 27, 2015 at 11:57am


I behind...

I invited new



Donna Carbone

to feel happy and

free to express her

ideas. lorainne?

She okay? She

Use to say:



to Our Salon.

Now? it Closed.

It a Deleter Joint.

But, FBI view too.


no kill. no join


snoop lobby.

no sell soul.

no buy bad

bowl of bad

weed in DC.?






it soon bed

time. let's do

hope boogie

boy snoop

not snore

under bed?

Comment by JMac1949 Memories on February 27, 2015 at 12:50pm

R&R ;-)


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