"Let’s fly away just up the road before school starts."

And so we did. Up to the Northeast, into the Cascades to My Lady of the Forest Lake. First thing when we arrive, my husband uses the facilities and the teenager and I begin a small journey . 

There were huge trees all around whose trunks exceeded my normal tree horizon expectations. And they were so very tall, but I hadn’t had time to look up yet. I felt a dance-y little feeling with the boring name of Anticipation. Auntie Payton was making my heart thrill at the thought of a long stroll. A sprawl with my pad, a day by a natural lake with very old and large trees. A day to allow us to more deeply take in the rugged, vast natural wilderness bordering our domain. 

I’m living in the fucking mountains (in a valley). How cool is that? Joy is appropriate. Respect. Awe. Because these are my new landscapes, the places whose winds will caress me, no matter how spiritual or mundane I feel. This is a liquid rolling landscape of mountains. They dance along the horizon leaning in crazy angles or with tall sharp domes which make me gasp. 

The Teenager and I rush to the shoreline. There is a group of people with their cute mutt sitting at a picnic table, not too far from the no pets allowed in this area sign. We veered to the right and walked along the rocky beach. There was gravel on the beach area, but in the water were smooth rounded chicken egg sized rocks.

Rocks. So many rocks. I love rocks. They stir me. Maybe this is why I now live between huge mountain ranges.

My heart is thrilling by now. I am on a rock finding mission. As I plant containers filled with perennials into the ground at home, I have this wish to surround them with rocks, making each pot its own small medicine wheel. 

I hesitate to begin again picking up rocks. For a while, in my early thirties, I was so in love with rocks that I gathered them everywhere I went in my short lived career selling land and timber. After gathering a yard full of mostly smallish rocks, I suddenly began to perceive the rocks as some kind of karmic symbology or currency. I decided I had enough baggage and quit bringing rocks home as if they were orphaned pets. I, instead, respected their right to stay right they had landed in their long lives. I quit kidnapping stones.

When I met my husband-to-be in his yard the first time,, I could not help but be favorably impressed that he used local yard rock to build walls, and walkways, stop erosion and any way he could use the natural building material. I’d found my man-rock, apparently. There is lots of karma that goes with that.

But now, living far away, with lots less rock baggage than I used to have, I’m anxious to gather more stones to surround me in the new digs. My cursory fifty foot walk on the beach promised riches. I looked landward into the forest and felt awe for the trees. The teenager sat in a huge beach chair and looked picturesque. 

Then we ran to join Papa and the picnic started. We choose the handicapped access picnic area, one made perfectly for a wheelchair with no seat at all on one side and asphalt access to that side. There was a huge stump near by. I hopped from a smaller secondary stump to the larger one, dancing in my spiffy new shoes. 

The Teenager demanded I stop before I disturbed angry hornets. “Are there hornets?” I ask while stooping to look down. I don’t see any hornets, but I do see a big hole in the stump. The stomping had sounded as if the stump was hollow. I jumped off and got the table supplied.

We gathered to eat. As soon as we opened our food, we were swarmed with yellow jackets. I jumped up with my food and took my chances with two or three of them instead of fifty. The Teenager did the same. Papa said, “If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you." 

I found the yellow jackets were rapidly making me lose my appetite. Then I heard my husband yell and I ran to him. A yellow jacket had bitten his tongue. He asked me to pull the stinger out of his tongue! The stinger looked like a briar, just like the damned tire poppers ones I’ve been digging out near the street. I pluck the wicked thing out. Our Girl Scout Teenager, ever prepared, pulled out the Benadryl.  Papa took two. I put the picnic stuff in the car and we scooted right on out of there.

On the way home, The Teenager said, “Nana, I told you not to jump on that stump."

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Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 27, 2015 at 5:00pm

should have popped a few more bennys and rented a bottle or twoof wine?

Comment by Arthur James on August 27, 2015 at 5:16pm


what two of wine?

J.M.E . jest goofy?

But, good goofy?


I love mama ideations...

reap & sow ... no sip any

sulfite sulfite... headache....

bad CEO comercial brew wine,

and just hop[ in bed early with?


Be well, and 

no lose Our


Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 27, 2015 at 5:31pm

too bad I am not manic, Arthur, just goofy while stuck in this timespace body

if heaven is: everything that ever happened as it happened, in an immediate way and

if we are immediately alive now

are we not in heaven


Comment by Arthur James on August 27, 2015 at 5:34pm



it best to

no make 

a hell of


and no 

be heaving

hell on Earth.


Comment by Carole Dixon on August 27, 2015 at 5:39pm
This is it, our lives, the past, the tail of the snake, the present, the face of time. Heaven and hell encapsulated in our time bodies.

No wine, no headache, no allergic reaction. A nap. A sore tongue, like a needle poked a hole thru it.
Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 27, 2015 at 5:47pm

a beautiful needle needling you

to health

Comment by Zanelle on August 27, 2015 at 7:43pm

Oh My!  This was a great read.  I was with you right into the mountains...I recently heard them described as trying to carve the sky.   You are in a lovely place and I miss that kind of land scape.  You made it!  You are there in all your glory...A kindred rock spirit.  I love rocks too.  Here in Hawaii they are all lava rocks.  Raw.  Then the yellow jacket ending.   YOW!!!  Amazing!

Comment by JMac1949 Today on August 27, 2015 at 8:16pm

R&L, Nothing like some time in nature to learn that compared to insects, humans are nowhere near the top of the food chain.  ;-D

Comment by Jerry DeNuccio on August 28, 2015 at 9:42am

Your bursts of lyricism captures well the magic of the sensuous surround you explore, and are balanced nicely by your descriptions of the more mundane aspects of your outing.  Sometimes we have to give ourselves over to awe, and sometimes we need to run for our lives to escape yellow jackets.

Comment by Carole Dixon on August 28, 2015 at 10:00am
Jerry, I love your comments!


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