Joni Mitchell, Nano Technology, and the Real Face of Mental Illness

I believe you, Joni.

To this gathering of writers, I feel I must ask, haven't you ever heard of DNA's humanly re-engineered similarity, GNA?
Well, I have.

And as for Morgellon's, it's already being researched.

It is not only a true syndrome, it is neither imaginary nor the sign that a person's sanity has suddenly fallen apart.

I believe you, Joni.

I am saying this here in that, were I a famous person, I might be curious as to the public's way of viewing any announcement I might have to make of such a personal or delicate nature.

(NOTE: All linked terms within this post will be blue, not green or red)

I have read about and heard of this disease, Morgellons, before. I have likewise seen a fair amount of heavy skepticism from certain areas online where this issue is concerned.

Joni, in painting herself in a style reminiscent of Van Gogh, was neither remarking on being as troubled with a mental infirmity as Vincent himself happened to be, nor sending a signal that her mind was breaking. She has a real sense of humor, and is also a brilliant, wise and creative woman. I do not see in any of her work any signs of the actual insanity currently being tossed around by some as the cause for her infirmity.

Furthermore, Vincent was a well known imbiber of the 1880's style of Absinthe, a known inducer of insanity, and may also have been brain damaged in his youth and/or affected by the lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals used in the making of his many works of art, in particularly when in the south of France. He painted hundreds of canvases, after falling in love with the light  there. But then, at that time, nobody knew any better, did they?

Hasn't anybody here heard of the field of Nano Technology?

Nanotechnology is the study and use of such tiny items that the mind reels at the thought of how tiny such things actually could ever be. We now have the capability of making things so small that the human eye cannot spot them without the aid of super technology. Such things are  less than a nanometre in size--meaning, one billionth of a metre.


Here is a quote from the website news release of April, 2008:

"...the first self-assembled nano structures composed entirely of glycerol nucleic acid (GNA) -- a synthetic analog of DNA. The nano- structures contain properties not found in DNA, including the ability to form mirror image structures."

Heavy metals. Nano tech.

At is but one view of the studies that are currently being shared here on the internet. I give their site full credit for the photo that I so rudely (and really illegally) swiped for the top picture in this post.

I do this for Joni. I do it for anyone whose health problems might well be laughed at or conjectured about without any true study involved. may seem like a load of nonsense for some, but once you try and parse it out, I think that you'll find the scientific tests being  run on California's water (and Oregon's, etc.) to be valid research.

Do you see this as a hoax?

Is it all just a lot of fuss and bother over nothing?

1,450,000 results from googling the term "Morgellons Disease" and it's just a hoax? This isn't insanity. It's not some Bigfoot sighting. What I'm about to offer here is a video of a talk given which may at first look a little on the kooky or nutty side, but I have to take it seriously at least some of the time, as I've been reading about it and learning that nano tech and bio tech go hand in hand, sometimes creating problems for the environment.

And for us.

For all of us.

Here's that video.

I recommend, for those short on time, skipping in to the following time signatures:

24 minutes

27--29 minutes

32 minutes

I like how the woman giving this talk will say things like, "I'm not sure." Or, "I'm going to give you my impression of what's happening."

In other words, she's not totally closed off to learning something different or new.

She likewise quotes from an MIT Technology Review

regarding aluminum toxicity.

Don't have time even for such brief glimpses into this full bodied and detailed talk, including real science regarding nano tech and bio tech industries, etc.?

GOOGLE IT. Or even start with HuffPost's article on the subject.

I believe you, Joni!

I believe Joni to be telling the public the truth. I believe her story of ill health is in no way indicative of deeper mental issues. According to some sources online and off, PG&E (see Erin Brockovich for more) has apparently been pumping heavy metals and other particles into California's air, especially along the coast, for years now. People are complaining all over the internet. Just because the CDC doesn't acknowledge this as an issue does not mean that it can't be real. After all, who stopped PG&E's prior infractions in time? Think of the lives lost back then!

Big money still holds sway, good people.

Big money hates it when we oppose it.

Big money loves to control the environment so that it can do as it pleases.

So I would suggest strongly some further study and work surrounding the whole idea of Morgellons and other problems. To assume that we already have all the answers based upon the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma, the guv'mint, and so on, is just a cop-out. 

No offense intended.

I'd much rather see the truly insane ones pointed out. There's a whole crowd of 'em in the upper echelons of power around the globe.

There is where we can find the really insane.

Research. I suggest that this be done prior to assuming anyone's insane.

Otherwise, all it is is conjectured thinking that may cause a great deal of unhappiness.

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Comment by Arthur James on April 4, 2015 at 1:03pm


sit on a

stack of


Comment by Poor Woman on April 4, 2015 at 1:10pm

I didn't mean to be snippy, aka. So I'm replacing that former comment with a hopefully better one.

This article isn't about Bigfoot. Many people think that's a hoax, and so I've chosen it to use for a comparison. I do not think that we have Bigfoot under the microscope the way that we do the tissue samples cited by the researchers above, both in video and in print.

I thank you for stopping by. I hope you really get the intent of my article wasn't to twit your Mt. St Helens friend who's apparently seen something I haven't seen myself, even.

I'd rather that this post stay ON TOPIC, please.


I will be in and out today due to some stuff I have to get done.

I hope this won't inconvenience anyone.

Peace to you

Thanks, all.

Comment by Gerald Andersen on April 4, 2015 at 1:34pm
I had never heard of this before reading Rodney Roe's post and your informative follow-up. Your point is well taken: the condition warrants research.
Comment by Poor Woman on April 4, 2015 at 1:50pm

Hi Arthur--I do not think that aka is saying "sit" but "swear" instead.


Comment by Poor Woman on April 4, 2015 at 1:51pm

Thanks, Gerald.

Upon further study, that is how I saw it once, too.

I now tend to believe it more often than not.

Peace to you

Comment by Arthur James on April 4, 2015 at 1:56pm


Poor Woman...

no _hit on a _ack

of bibles or stuff

books under stinky

arm pits. Ban causes

itchy underarms. I 

no use Ban. But do

wash as a cat bathes.

I use organic soap.

I go cook carrot soup.

Comment by Poor Woman on April 4, 2015 at 1:58pm

Hi again Art!

Enjoy your un-stinky (and most likely tasty) carrot soup!


Comment by koshersalaami on April 4, 2015 at 2:15pm
Your being in and out inconveniences me just terribly. Didn't Lorianne send you the introductory paperwork stating that if you blog here, you agree to have no life?
Comment by Poor Woman on April 4, 2015 at 2:23pm

Kosher LOL


Have you read my post yet?

Comment by Rodney Roe on April 4, 2015 at 3:27pm

I didn't realize that you had posted about Joni, as well.


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