It's been awhile.........since I've thrown a temper-rantum.

What the hell happened to the stuffed suit muckety mucks running this show? Washington DC has become a RICO unto itself. Investigating the investigators? REALLY? And how do we know we can trust the investigator, investigators? The "judicial system" in this country is corrupt to the bone, and rotten from the head down. I've been to court before, and what I noticed is that people in court are automatically guilty, until, or unless they can prove beyond any doubt that they're not. I've experienced judges that quote from the vehicle code, but completely ignore any exceptions. An example would be "License plates must be affixed to the vehicle for which they were assigned. EXCEPTION: unless no license plated have been assigned to that vehicle". (As in, a new car with paper plates).

Then we have Jeff Sessions. What a worthless POS. He was on the boob-tube the other day, explaining how an "investigation" has to be "fact based". There is no evidence, or factual basis, that Trump "colluded" with anybody, let alone the Russians. Then the "investigation" (with no evidence) goes from the NON-CRIME of "collusion", to a "criminal investigation", complete with search warrants, early morning raids, seizures of property, indictments, bail, house arrest, jail time, lawyers, legal fees, job loss, and all the other amusements involved in the dysfunctional kangaroo courts we suffer under.

Meanwhile Putin is laughing his ass off watching the US Government destroy "democracy" from within. If his intent was to "disrupt" our political process....he succeeded.

The whole Mueller investigation is conflicted, and compromised. The wheels have come off, and the rest is going through spontaneous, rapid, self-disassembly.

But.....That's not the reason I'm here. I feel the need to pitch a bitch about what's going on closer to home (for me anyway).

I happen to have the misfortune of living in So. Cal. Our Governor thinks he's Kim Jong Un, or something. We already have the highest gas prices in the country. Kim Jong Brown thinks he can just impose 12 cents a gallon more in gas tax, and raise our vehicle registration $30/yr. just because he spent the money for infrastructure on "Sanctuary state" BS, and free legal fees for illegal aliens, and their families. We have veterans living on the streets, and Kim Jong Brown is more worried about harboring fugitives from the law, than he is about our great veterans.

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Comment by marshall bjohnson on December 22, 2017 at 7:47am

afflicted with apathy and cynicism, you cannot distinguish between the earnest and the status ca. you have hundreds of thousands of poor farm workers, hundreds of thousands of impoverished families and millions living paycheck to paycheck...justice comes from action- where is your action? what are you doing to help those less fortunate? complaining is part of the problem, it serves no one. discerning what right action to take for you in your community is the answer. no one wants your self-pity and resentment. grow up. grow a pair and do something beyond your own pettiness.

Comment by joebanana on December 22, 2017 at 2:40pm

Marshall, you don't keep up with current events much, do you? That's okay, it's probably not your fault, there are hundreds of thousands of misinformed, or willfully ignorant people here to keep you company. I'm not here seeking pity, and I'm about as grown up as I'm going to get. I'm just stating facts as I see them, and venting at the same time. It keeps me from punching my therapist.

My point was, this country's "judicial system" no longer serves a useful purpose. It has become harmful and dangerous to those it's supposed to protect. Including our veterans who risked life and limb to preserve the rights that the government trashes, and disregard's.

El Salvador has a more honorable judges, and less corrupt courts than we have here in the US. The top "law enforcement" agencies in America are no better than those they lock in cages, in some cases far worse. The FBI and USDOJ are nothing but RICO's, and it's going to take more than civil "action" to correct that culture of corruption.

But thanks for your insightful reply, and useful suggestions, I'll pass them on to the homeless veterans under the bridge.

Too bad Jerry Brown is more concerned with protecting people here illegally, than those who fought in wars to have those same protections, but don't.


Comment by marshall bjohnson on December 22, 2017 at 6:49pm

current events may give you agita but its nothing compared to the us history of genocide when it come to indigenous peoples- you and i are both on indian land no doubt- me on onondaga nation and you -well you'd have to know more than what you can digest on your tv nightly to know...white man's peace is diseased.

Comment by joebanana on December 23, 2017 at 5:57am

So, it's a racial matter, as opposed to a political corruption issue? The US government has a long history of taking things that don't belong to them by use of force. Now they have more sophisticated weaponry, better technology, and more of it. Armed government agents are a contradiction of basic Constitutional rights. The government can't arm itself against the governed, they're supposed to work for us.  By their logic, citizens have the right of self defense from being attacked by an armed gang of government sponsored militants who are often violent, and unrestricted from using whatever level of force necessary to inflict their will on the common man. The definition of a crime is, causing harm to others, or damage to their property. No harm, no crime, not hard to understand. That doesn't apply to the government. When SWAT raids the wrong house, and kills the occupant, and his dogs, for attempting to defend his person or property, rarely are they held to the same standards as a citizen would be. It's not just white people, but more of a human trait to oppress, and control others. By whatever means necessary. And, nightly TV is no place to seek any kind of meaningful knowledge. Everything is fake.  

Comment by koshersalaami on December 23, 2017 at 8:19am

You’re right about SWAT teams


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