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It is...

It really, Really, REALLY is...

It is time... to acknowledge that Churches and religious organizations are knee deep in politics and strongly "preach" their doctrine TO our government.

It is time... to enforce the "establishment clause" of the first Amendment just as rigorously as we do the "freedom of speech clause".

~ ALSO ~

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It is time to take away the sweet-heart deals and tax breaks that Churches and religious organizations have enjoyed (and flaunted) for so long!

Do you realize that the Catholic Church alone has more cash and assets than Walmart?  Do you realize that the Catholic Church is worth over $200 BILLION dollars and that the Mormons are right behind them???  

Do you understand that, here in the US, the Catholic Church spends an estimated $170 BILLION/year. (To put that in context, General Electric Corporation has a revenue of around $150 Billion/year.)

Are you following me here?  Do you see that what should be the total taxable income of all religious entities in the US is in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS???  (Just to put THAT in context, "US religion revenues"/yr. is roughly the same as the top 5 companies IN THE WORLD... COMBINED!)

They get away with this scam because they "allegedly" don't get involved in politics.  I don't know a single thinking person who believes that.  NO ONE DOES!

Sure, they occasionally throw in a "disclaimer" or two, but can you honestly tell me that this guy isn't preaching the Gospel of Donald Trump?

^^THAT^^ guy rakes in MILLIONS!  He should be required to pay taxes on the income just like the kid flipping burgers at McDonald's does!

"NO FAIR", you scream! Right? 

Churches/religious organizations help people and do good deed!

Okay...  Let them write those "good deeds" off as charitable items just like you, I and every damn non-exempt company in the US does. 

They STILL would be paying a billions in taxes per year! (based on their incoming revenues & out-going expenses.)

So, there are only two reasons given for NOT taxing Churches/religious organizations (and any 501(c)(3), as well):

1.  To to keep them from "preaching politics from the pulpit" so to speak...  they do it ANYWAYS!  That "excuse" is dead as the proverbial door nail.

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2.  Because they more efficiently utilize the money for worthy causes...


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My proposal is to tax every last one of them,

to include:

  • "Corporate" income tax (clergy pay income tax now... but the expense of their "upkeep" is not added to their income like everyone else)
  • Property Use taxes
  • State and municipal taxes and fees
  • Any other fee, charge, cost, etc. that every other person & company has to pay!

Then let them continue to do what they already are doing!

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Comment by Ron Powell on September 1, 2018 at 7:40pm

"The power to tax is the power to destroy."

So the saying goes...

I would scrutinize and penalize churches found in violation of the Constitution and remove exemptions on a case by case basis...

In order to institute a blanket policy of taxing religious entities, we would have to amend the Constitution...

Good luck with that...

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on September 1, 2018 at 8:51pm

It most likely would end up being argued again in front of the Supreme Court and the Constitutionality of taxing Churches might be defended by TRYING to evoke First Amendment protections, but I sure agree with Justice Douglas, when he said,

"If believers are entitled to public financial support, so are nonbelievers. A believer and nonbeliever under the present law are treated differently because of the articles of their faith… I conclude that this tax exemption is unconstitutional."

BTW, I sourced the above quote from this link.  There is a very good pro/con argument there.

Comment by Ron Powell on September 1, 2018 at 9:28pm

I concur in the Douglas approach....


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