Is There A Conversation About Legislating Bodies?

Oh.  I just realized that title is a bit of a double-entendre, but that may be what I mean.  I feel like I want to talk about the whole idea of legislating what people can/can't do with their bodies, but I don't know where TO do that.  Certainly not on Fb, that would only foist it at the few people I know there!  They didn't do it!! 

There are so many questions, and dead-end alleyways, I guess I just wonder why there is no counter-legislative push about all this hoop-dee-do about responsibilities and liabilities.  

This news blurb just popped up, and MAN, I get fired up!  No pun intended!  But -- how can women be held solely responsible for any pregnancy, wanted, or not?  And how come an assist can be punishable by life imprisonment?  What about a suicide?  Isn't that illegal?  What next? - Prosecute a corpse?  What about tattoos?  See what I mean? 

And what about the Constitutionality of separating Church & State?  If ideas or opinions about how people use, or inhabit, or even abuse their bodies is formed from a sense of morality, or belief, - isn't that some kind of 'religion' or 'church?'  Isn't there some legislative body that can bring some kind of logic to all this?

See what I mean?  I get fired up about it!  How come there is no co-responsibility?  I mean - one miracle is enough, right?  We can't ALL be Miss Mary, of the miraculous One.  Ya know?  And that only comes from one Brand of belief system; how is that freedom?!  Come on, people now, gimme some feedback here.



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Comment by Robert B. James on May 14, 2019 at 10:35pm


Comment by The Songbird on May 15, 2019 at 6:44am

I know.  Fruitless.  I should bless my own logic instead of puzzling others'. 

Comment by Anna Herrington on May 15, 2019 at 7:38am

I remember as a tween and into adulthood the conversations happening among the adults/parents in certain friends homes back in Atlanta, conservative religious homes, Southern Baptist homes especially, where there was a distinct plan talked about in churches about having large families in order to have political power within a generation that could outvote the horrible trend liberals were touting, abortion rights, civil rights - that won't do - and here we are. A simplified version of what's going on, or an aspect of what's going on, a pie slice, but the concerted effort to get to today has definitely been planned for a long time. Trump was icing - or the dolt obstructing with his hamhanded ways - that, I don't know.

I absolutely think there has been a coup. Their actions are pretty clear, no need to follow democracy's laws, no one to stop us. How long the facade of otherwise will manage to stay up....??

And yeah, noone likes my pessimistic, in my observation pretty plain to see, view. and I hope I am wrong... in that I mean, I hope they will be stopped.

On another note, I had an abortion in Georgia. Age 19. Almost 40 years ago. Clinic right next door to a high school, not my high school, but still...right next to a high school. I will always remember and be slightly haunted by the sign in 'the room.' 

~ Blasting Zone ~

That's what greeted terrified, determined, resigned women and teens (at least half to two thirds of the women were closer to late 30s than teens, early 20s) who went for help. Most had spouses/boyfriends with them, all just sitting, stressed-looking and staring at the floor.

Most people were somehow kept there so that at least a group of the day's patients left at the same time, right when the school bell rang and kids from the high school doors were letting out right there on the other side of the chainlink fence. The clinic staff was all white men plus two older prune-lipped white nurses, prune-lipped in shame, judgment, sadness, unconcern, I don't know..... but I do know, southern white men - and plenty of women - are not all alike by any means but there sure have been a lot of superior-attitude type bastards and bullies and demeaning types masquerading as humans around, there, for a looong time.

Comment by koshersalaami on May 15, 2019 at 12:58pm

We’ve been looking at the idea of voluntary secession for a while. Maybe the Alabama decision should make us consider forced secession. 

They won’t admit that this is about legislating your body. They want you to think they’re protecting the rights of helpless fetuses, whom they define as human beings. But of course it’s about legislating your body - once you’re pregnant, you’re legally a brood mare in Alabama at the moment. If you’re rich and conservative and live in Alabama, your knocked-up daughter will get her abortion out of state. Above the law and all that. 

There are of course a number of things wrong with their stance. For one thing, as many have pointed out, their concern for children outside the womb is nothing compared to their concern for “children” inside the womb. Some will tell you that “abortion stops a beating heart.” The meat - or fish - on their plates once had beating hearts, so hearts are obviously not the issue. Is biology? I very much doubt they’ve ever studied fetal development. Organisms with ten cells? Organisms with tails and gills that bear a resemblance to tadpoles? All part of fetal development. 

So they think a fetus is a human being. This is going to sound like a callous question, but it’s germane: How many of them have ever attended a funeral service for a miscarriage? Perhaps more importantly: How many of them have participated in some sort of grief support for couples who have had miscarriages? 

It isn’t about women. It isn’t about giving a shit about forcing a woman who has been raped to nurture her rapist’s fetus until born. Men don’t have any experience with that. 

Comment by moki ikom on May 16, 2019 at 3:15am

Fair and effective birth control without entailing abortions could be real sooner than we might think.  Fetuses  conceived in or out of wedlock can be assured by law that they will be born into a society whose government mandates that the father of the fetus-turned-offspring either financially support his offspring or the father gets sterilized.

The chances of Trumpler-kinds' White Jesus being born for a Second Coming are enhanced by banning abortions, especially white females' abortions.  Trumplers could give a rat turd for non-white female fetuses, in fact they pray such fetuses are aborted, somehow,, but, if saving white females' fetuses must be accompanied by saving all fetuses, that'll just have to be, for now,,  Jesus was White His first round and He will be White this Second Time when He saves the world for US.

Comment by The Songbird on May 16, 2019 at 3:59pm

Thank you so much, you guys.  This has been a lot of food for thought, and different perspectives is kinda what I wanted.  It seems much larger now, but - smaller too.  

I agree that the foundation of Democracy itself, or staying true to the Constitution is not exactly the motive, but it just gives me such a headache, the constant push/shove, sparrin' over things that don't actually exist - until the resistance rears it's ugly head.

Boy, Anna - to actually have such things said?! And at such a young age?!!  Yipes.  I was raised Catholic, but so much was a 'given' that question rarely occurred.  But I was a one to do that, and simply by hearing kids of other Faiths say the same thing.  If ours is exclusive, how can they be saved too, and - why wouldn't we WANT them to be!?!  To not question is the answer, and the Piety is certainly cream-filled.  Kids don't tussle with such things really, and I suppose that what few kids that were in our school were of Spanish, African or Native descent simply added to some assumption of Inclusion; don't know.  But I do remember all of their names.  To get a generation gathered up quick to out-do/out-vote/out-whatever .. the whole idea has had me reeling!!   I only knew some Southerners by the happenstance of being thrust down there when my daughter was but a newborn, but boy howdy, was that ever an eye-opener!  I think I learned the gift of cattiness there, by what I heard.  I just never wanted to be mean-spirited about it.

Kosherino, your further depth about just WHICH babies were bein' bred is also horriffic to me.  It's like a Conspiracy Theory, those What If!? horrors that people dream up instead of just being.  But then - you know me and my Universal Ideas and crap, so -- that is a heartbreaking thing to think, let alone say.  But - there it is.  To be forced, fringed, defaulted is the same thing that actually goes on along the surface.  Sidelong glances and innuendo certainly don't cover it for me, but - only because I had to become aware of it, by what receivership I go.  Taunts, 'nicknames,' the "hierarchy" of what is Ya'll, You'un, and I exploded when I heard You'un-es!  I disrespected mah elders, and you'd have thought the fire was bein' lit to toss me in.  It's ridiculous.  But then again - I came up in the inner city, and exclusivity only wrapped around me when we 'had' to git outta Dodge, only to have the cold emptiness of sameness take its place.  It was never home to me, it was completely same, sterile, cookie-cutter, uniforms for school included then, and it took years for me to assimilate these dichotomies of my own lifetime having distilled this person-perspective I am.  And I do agree about the fighting of the good-fight, being internal, with little regard for the .. ahem .. offspring, once entered.  Kinda goes along with what Anna said - another number to add to the ranks that will be assumed to be on that Right-Side of righteousness.  But - it also ain't necessarily so, and I always like your view - some outer realm, but incorporated into your own perspective.  And - living it, not expounding it!!  Are you like a Libra or something, dude?  Juuuust kidden, but I hope you know what I mean. Balanced in the betweens. 

And Moki -- I hope you're right.  That some "legislative body" or what ever it takes at least begins some logic of co-responsibility; if there's going to be some foisting goin' on, oh, do let's acknowledge that it takes two to tangle.  And the Second Coming fella too - he's the ephemeral question that can't be answered, but also the unequivocal pit of the logic that creates the righteousness in the first place.

For me, I think to kinda sum up, it's like a keyhole, ya know?  Everyone has their little keyhole that they just can not resist peeping through, taking what ever microscopic view they need to point, admonish, stress a difference in order to correct it, and I'm Here To Tell Ya!  The only real problem with the keyhole -- is that it denies periphery.

Thanks, all for the periphery!!!  

Comment by Anna Herrington on May 17, 2019 at 6:57am

Songbird, I was definitely an eavesdropper as a kid while in other kids' homes, the conversations among adults were usually SO different than the conversations among adults in my home. Diametrically opposite, if I were spending the night in a friend's home whose parents were Southern Baptist. I was just trying to figure out the world and just got more confused and enlightened, both, over the years with how different adults could think and be. .... and in hindsight, I didn't exactly relate to many kids and what they were into... adults were more interesting. (If that's the part you were referring to  : ))

Comment by The Songbird on May 17, 2019 at 7:59am

Hi, Anna -- Yes, I was, and in fact, that's what initialized my own sense of question.  Catholic kids get a LOT of days off -- Holy Days, you know.  And when all the other neighborhood kids go to the public school, it's pret-ty boring!  So, I'd go to school with them, and besides, get to wear my own clothes, and be 'the new girl' for a day!  I have no idea if conversation turned to belief BECAUSE I was there or not, but let's face it - Catholicism has long been a self-made higher power.  But no one ever gave me any answers either, as to which "chosen" ones were actually going to BE chosen?!  - They would either hit me, or tell me that that was "A Divine Mystery," which is also pret-ty intimidating to a kid of 7-9-11, years old to think ya gotta die to find out.  A self-fulfilling prophesy, if I eva'h did see one!  

On another note, Gloria Steinem was on Anamapour last night, and made a remark that tied up a lot of things I've thought, and observed, over the years, but didn't really have a word for.  She said that within two generations, whites will no longer be the majority race in this country, and they're feeling that pressure.  But it goes alongside about what you said, about keep them new recruits comin', and also what Kosher said about having to take the chaff with the whey.  

When have you ever seen a gang of blacks, en masse, makin' a big stink out of a group of people -- because they're white?  You haven't.  Of course there are movements, but it's never a direct confrontation about something that can't be fixed.  If anyone has the greater grace, it's the black peoples themselves.  Same with all this synagogue attacking -- hit and run, more chickenshit behavior, but you never see any vigilante groups of badass Hebrews kvetching in the streets either.  Same story -- look at the (growing) roster of mass-shooters.  All the same guy - some whacked out white kid.  It's always some whacked out white guy, all the way down. Why?  Someone told them so!  Who? -- Some white guy!  

But it was good to hear the words spoken, especially by someone who holds regard, not some hothead.  She did say that the career of the Alabama Governor likely hung in the balance of that signature, but that it may personally haunt her forever.  I'm not one to just give "cred" to people because they're female, but - that too was an interesting point.


Comment by Anna Herrington on May 17, 2019 at 9:04am

I once went to see John Trudell speak and play and never forgot what he generously said, re white people...

He remarked on history and how for hundreds of years in Europe, we were killing each other off over religion, so much so that we sailed off for new lands looking for religious freedom (the official story, anyway) and then we showed up here and treated who we found just as we'd treated each other back in Europe.

Then he asked: and why did anyone expect both a persecuted people and an oppressive people full of dysfunction for hundreds of years back in their homeland to show up over here and suddenly be enlightened??

Then he went on with okay, enough's enough, essentially went on with, way past time to change, and many have, but....

I always appreciated that he went there. And yeah, WAY past time.

RIP John Trudell.  An evening, a human, I'll never forget.

Cue Sharon Jones and the DapTones: Matter of Time. always cheers me up  : )

Comment by The Songbird on May 17, 2019 at 3:36pm

Wait!  John Truedell is gone?!  Oh, noo!  I - didn't know!  I too saw him, small club we all hung in, and being a "poet" so to speak, so, so loved his spoken word, accented by Quilt Man, but - what he said!  I'm sure his brand of logic simply dovetailed with my own, and I embraced him instantly.  Still one of my fave artists, and I am so sorry I didn't know of his leaving.  I will burn some sage for him anyway - surely he'll know.  

Those words are indeed true, that ingrained "doing it my way" without ever trying something new, to the point of blindsiding by the very aplomb of the people you end up attacking in return.  I refuse to believe that this is human nature, but society's.  As a Native man himself, he is surely evidence of how things can, and DO - work.

I also love Sharon and her Daps, I did know of her by a deejay pal in Baltimore, and - of her goin' on ahead.  I love her poignancy too, a same-view, but also from a different culture.  One foisted IN-to, more than OUT-of, like the other, but it adds up to the same equation.  

Whiteness seems more and more to me to be a conglomeration of cultures that have been appropriated, rather than nurtured (or, a-hem, cultured) on their own.


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