If memory fades, or slips away,
you can reject or embrace it,
as a curse or a blessing to play.

If you say you’re just old,
you become what that Is;
but only by the conjecture you decide that fits.

Intuition becomes astute
by the waning of memory;
your brain cuts to the chase by what you perceive.

Maybe it just doesn’t need blather,
slathering reason or justification
for behaviors that others choose to relate with.

As scenes repeat, Motives and Wants come to life
in the same way the impetus of neediness
cries out to wrong, or to right.

Intuition skips the lipstick of each syllable, each word,
and floats above what is Asked,
to what is real, and what’s absurd.

Sudden.  Brisk.  Abrupt.  Crisis.
Immediate.  Need.
Come, fight this!

A perp has the jump; always.  Forethought.
Even if by seconds,
the opening was sought.

Adrenaline comes in a instant;
opportunity is only seized
when the element of surprise preys upon the unseen.

But Intuition is feeling, and reacts as its trained.
Immediate, or distant,
it chooses to avoid or engage.

Distilled by results, discernment refines
ways to navigate the world
by having learned the signs.

As motives come clear, you find how to project
your Own wants and needs,
by what you attract, or deflect.

So start there.  Not elsewhere.
With Intention in mind,
Belief and Behavior will become intertwined.


Graphic:  "I Heard What You Saw,"

by Pamela Dzaet

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