Insecticide Makes Bees Lazy And Causes Die-Offs

Insecticide Makes Bees Lazy And Causes Die-Offs:  Researchers have known for a long time that popular insecticides such neonicotinoids could hurt bees, but now they’re learning how - as new data shows the insecticide frequently makes bees too lazy to do the necessary duties they need to do for survival.  Meanwhile, Trump’s acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler is disputing the insecticide claims, saying he believes the bees are just a bunch of lazy, no-good bastards who’d rather just pick up some honey on sale at Trader Joes than go to the bother of making it themselves.

Breastfeeding Duration Linked to Better Language Skills:  U.S. researchers say that breastfeeding a child for six months to a year is associated with better language skills later in life.  Yea, I suppose - assuming you consider “hey lady, nice breasts” to be better language skills.

Gas Pumps Are the Direst Public Surfaces:  According to a new study by Kimberly-Clark, gas pump handles are the filthiest public surfaces in America.   Which is precisely why I almost never lick my fingers after I finish pumping gas into my car.

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