Income Tax Season Anything But Free Free Free Free

Tax filing deadline of April 15th according to the government is approaching but the television advertisements and constant reminders continue almost all year long as the public is incessantly brainwashed into submission. But, according to former IRS commissioners if the public were ever to revolt en masse the system would collapse. Would this not be a better alternative for a corrupt system to collapse rather than allow the Democrats and all the leftist factions who are attempting to force a systemic failure of our monetary system with their “Cloward Piven” tactics?

Media coven

We now know that many pivotal moments in history have been hidden or distorted by a revisionist agenda of megalomaniacs to ensure that the “Powers that Be” will be unchallenged in their efforts to use their draconian tactics in imposing their will upon the American society. Truth has become a sacred commodity. The US media has chosen to support an anti-Constitutional campaign of disinformation every bit as insidious as the Soviets ever unleashed upon their own peasant multitudes.

Evil unseen

Just as Norman Dodd was commissioned in 1953 to investigate the tax exempt educational trusts and foundations suspected of subversive activities such as the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Trust, and Rockefeller Foundation who supposedly financially supported higher education. In 1986 President Ronald Reagan ordered a study of the Federal Reserve and US Income Tax. Both of these commissioned investigations revealed a reality that exists despite the greed and deception of the powerful who will impose their stifling agenda upon humanity of taxation without representation and over regulation that our Founding Fathers sacrificed themselves for in order to bestow the blessing of freedom against big government tyranny for future generations of Americans. But, somewhere along the line that distinction was undermined!

Truth exposed

In 1999 on C-Span an impressive 2 part presentation on the illegal imposition of income tax upon the American people was unleashed on the TV audience with a bang. It was the most widely viewed C-Span program in the history of the channel. With a number of experts on the panel who presented evidence along with former IRS agents who had gone over the wall. The American people were finally being exposed to the truth pertaining to an illegally imposed unapportioned tax upon income that the Founders of the US Constitution never intended and took steps to prevent so that future Americans would not be saddled with the burden of supporting a huge federal government who was unaccountable for its spending.

Cloak of lies

Part 2 of the C-Span income tax presentation scheduled a day later was intentionally removed from the main air coverage and placed in a different meeting room without a camera that would broadcast over live air time. Although proposed as an accidental mix up, a promised re-airing of Part 2 on prime time was never followed up on as promised. Why? Let us just label this incident as another part of the government arsenal of intimidation as the IRS pursued some of the speakers of the presentation under the aegis of conspiring against the federal government in order to silence them and keep the “Big Lie” alive in the minds of the masses.

Forked tongue of authority

The Reagan commissioned study proved some surprising contradictions in what the people were told by the IRS and Congress and what was actually happening. First, that there was no relationship between the collected income revenues from taxes and the national debt funded by Congressional budgets that were in turn financed by the Federal Reserve and charged interest for the debt. Congress would simply compile its projected budget for whatever fiscal period was approaching and then present this to the Federal Reserve, who, in turn, would extend the appropriate credit for the Treasury to print currency necessary to cover the expenditures and circulate it through the network of FDIC insured banking network.

Fiscal deception

In other words Congress did not consult the revenues paid by Americans on their income taxes nor the huge inflow that resulted from all other commerce taxes that flooded into the federal government’s coffers. As the 1986 commission quickly figured out-the income tax revenue would never cover the gigantic budget accrued by Congress alone. Secondly, the Federal Reserve did not loan money to the US government by virtue of currency backed by assets such as gold, silver, precious metals, or oil reserves. The Federal Reserve simply fabricated credit from thin air and leant this credit to the US Federal government to spend on its bureaucracy, its overhead, the military, courts, and foreign aid.

Exposing the illusion

Basically the government simply decided how much money it would spend for appropriations and overhead and inform the Federal Reserve of what that amount consisted of. There was no budget managed according to the fiscal accountability of actual tax revenue. As a result the US government was spending billions more than the taxes it was reportedly taking in while the Federal Reserve was charging the government billions in compounded interest on credit made out of thin air by an agency not owned by the federal government or the people of the United States. The Federal Reserve was a private entity owned privately by several rich families who traced their roots back to the original European Central Bank that had existed for centuries even before the 13 Colonies were established by the King George monarchy of England.

The grim truth

What does this mean to the American taxpayer? This means that the government can go on spending as much money as it likes with no balanced budget amendment, while Americans pay their taxes to a separate private entity who risks nothing of its own assets in order to charge the federal government trillions in compounded interest with no allegiance to or ownership by the US government. This all equates to the US taxpayer literally being a monetary slave to a foreign entity that has taken control of the US banking system, its monetary supply, and the credit extended to all lending commercial, government, and private.

The ultimate insult

All this because we were entered into an invisible system of slavery, issued a social security number that would forever track every cent we ever made, everything we own, where we live, and like the tattoo on a prisoner in a concentration camp. Mark us for life as an uninformed participant in a corrupt order that was instituted long ago to convey the illusion of freedom under the constraints of unfair taxation and potential confiscation. The scheme had to seem legitimate, had to seem as though it were voluntary, and had to appear to serve a fiscal purpose for supporting government services, but that government has grown into an unaccountable monster supplied by an unholy alliance with a foreign cabal that operates like a thief in the night. Welcome to the truth. Welcome to your enslavement! You literally live under an illusion perpetrated by masters you never chose!




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