In My Dreams


The night is a silken escape

Trapping me in a dreamy landscape

Another world where I can run

Dreaming of a time when there was fun,


In my dreams where wives never leave

A place where fate grants a reprieve

Where children remain in touch

When in reality not so much,


In my dreams my bed of stars

As far away from sorrow as the planet Mars,

A place to be where I can be free

Where my dreams can take me,


In my dreams no emotional scars

A true escape I can view from afar

Where I can drink from a wishing well

And forget this living hell,


In my dreams a world of my own

Without the bitter fruit of seeds I've sown

Where I'm not forced to live alone

Where love can still be shown,


In my dreams tears on a window pane

Made of nothing more than gentle rain

Where lovers don't abandon you

And the words of your spouse are true,


In my dreams never enough it seems

To offset these heart breaking schemes

So what's the deal with these useless dreams

All the hopes and fears of all these years,


The misty places and familiar faces

Far beyond hopeless rat races

My bed at night the last resort

In my dreams my celestial fort,


Where I'll be able to search forever

Where love was once an elusive treasure

I can finally find this hidden pleasure

A lasting happiness that can't be severed.








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